Adam Clay new head football coach at Western Guilford High School

+++++More on Coach Clay from Joe Sirera at the News and Record:CLICK HERE

Adam Clay new head football coach at Western Guilford High School….Played football at Greensboro College and has taught English at Western for 6 years and will continue to teach…..Has been a Western Guilford assistant football coach for the past six years and has also been an assistant basketball and baseball coach for the Hornets….

This word from Western Guilford athletic director Chris Causey….


  1. Let’s give this man a chance and reserve judgement until the end of the 2015 season…

    Western going with a Midnight Madness Practice at Proehlific Park tomorrow night so there is some excitement spreading within the program as the new season approaches…

  2. Good luck to Coach Clay and the Hornets.

    Just wondering, who were the other applicants for the job?

  3. You don’t want to bring a coach like Chuck Henderson in and then if he doesn’t have success, the whole Henderson name is tarnished in the Western Guilford community and you don’t want that…

    Doug Henderson is the biggest sports name in the history of that WG sports community and you have to be very careful how you tread there, or at least that is the opinion of some…

    Good to see WG get a fresh start with Coach Clay…

  4. Andy,

    I’m not sure if someone posted something and it was deleted. Do you know who all applied? As a former Hornet player it would be nice to know if the job was a desirable one. I know the timing of the hire wasn’t ideal.

    I’m very happy for Coach Causey as he moves into the A.D. role. I agree, lets give the new coach support and time to implement his style of play.

  5. Do not know who applied….Only heard that they had applicants from the current staff with Coach Causey and others from the outside…

    Name-wise all I have seen has been speculation so far….With the time-frame that was available, Western made a good move keeping the job in-house with someone who knows the kids and knows the program, plus someone who is on staff and with the kids during the day, during academics time and a teacher that must teach on a high level, in the English department….

    Just what I know and have heard….

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