High School Football Practice Videos from Midnight Madness with WG, Page, Dudley, SG and Ragsdale

*****Have loaded current video and if you have any other videos or photos from the practices, send them our way and we will post….*****

Made that trip/trek across the county to all of the Midnight Madness practices last night/this morning and we take our first look at the First practice for the Western Guilford Hornets as the gather indoors at Proehlific Park on Horsepen Creek Road..

CLICK BELOW for Western Guilford

Midnight MADNESS at Page with lots of fans and lots going on all over the place…CLICK BELOW for Page practice

Midnight Madness over at Dudley with a good crowd on hand….CLICK BELOW

That Dudley kickoff team deserves a second look….CLICK BELOW

Southern Guilford football getting that line together moving off the ball….Click Below

Southern Guilford working on those pass patterns CLICK BELOW….

Southern Guilford working on offense as they work into the wee hours of the morning…Click Below

Pulled into Ragsdale HS parking lot, just as they were finishing up and with that our night/trek/trip was over…Practice was over at Ragsdale and the fans, coaches and players were heading out…Ragsdale practiced on the baseball field and we caught the crowd as they were filing out….Hope to catch more of Ragsdale soon, and may have to reverse our trip and being the MADNESS ROAD in Jamestown next year…Click Below

It was a wild night and a good run/trip and again, if you have videos or photos from your practice send them our way…I believe Ragsdale was on the baseball field due to work on the football game field and no lights on their practice field….Day One/Night One is done….