Quite a “Road Trip”:Made it to all five Midnight Madness Practices tonight/this morning

This was one heck of a criss-cross trek across the county from the Western Guilford Midnight Madness football practice at Proehlific Park and then the Page practice, then on to Dudley and then down to Southern Guilford and back over to Ragsdale, in Jamestown…

Will have video to share in the morning and there were BIG crowds at Page(Page was almost like a Carnival atmosphere), plus large crowds at Dudley and at Southern Guilford too….Not sure about the Ragsdale crowd, they were all breaking up as I was arriving and practice was pretty much done there at around 1:30am, but I got there and did make all five stops tonight….Western was pretty much on their own, with no fans on board inside at Proehlific Park, but they were getting in some good serious work….

You’ll see the video later on this morning and for now, for the five teams that went at it at Midnight, their football work is done until Monday and they can enjoy their weekend…

Video on the way and we see you later on this morning….

*****Saturday morning practices after the sun comes up and I don’t see anybody practicing on Saturday afternoon…*****
Eastern Guilford 8am
Northern Guilford 8am
Smith 8am
Southwest Guilford 8:30am
High Point Christian 8:30am
Grimsley 9am
High Point Central 9am
Southeast Guilford 9am
Northeast Guilford 9am
Northwest Guilford 9am
High Point Andrews?????

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  1. Also caught/viewed two baseball games before hitting the five football practices on Friday…..

    from Reggie Gallaspy on Twitter on Friday:

    Monday night is the last night that I’ll be on social media until the season is over. I don’t need any distractions to take away my focus…

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