North Carolina Coaches Association All-State Baseball:Steed(SEG), Camden Williamson(Dudley), Deatherage(WA) Routh/Webster/Clemons(Randleman) Artis(SEG) honorable mention and more

North Carolina Coaches Association All-State Baseball

North Carolina Coaches Association All-State
Classification 4A

Player of the Year: Josh Hiatt {Providence} Pitcher/Shortstop

4A All-State Team				           4A Honorable Mention		
Cameron Brantley Outfield Ardrey Kell		           Dean Looney	Outfield	Butler
Aaron Pilkington 3rd Base/Pitcher Ardrey Kell		   Tate Pennington  Pitcher	Butler
Kobe Phillips	Shortstop/Pitcher	Butler		   Caleb Bissette Pitcher/3rd Base Fuquay-Varina
Bryant Packard	Infield/Pitcher	DH Conley		   Justin Williams	Infield	Independence
Camden Williamson	Outfield	Dudley		   Zach Little	Shortstop	Lake Norman
Austin Harris	Pitcher	Fuquay-Varina		           Alex Royalty	Pitcher 	Millbrook
Kier Meredith	Outfield	Glenn		           Anthony Fucci 2nd Base	Mooresville
Drew Ober	3rd Base	Hough		           Colin Scmidt	Pitcher	New Bern
CJ White	Outfield	JM Robinson		   Colby Vance	Shortstop	Pine Forest
Josh Ladowski	Outfield	Lake Norman		   Austin Leonard	Pitcher	Providence
Andrew Papp	Pitcher	Leesville Road		           Andrew Fishel	Catcher	Providence
Jack Conley	Catcher	Leesville Road		           Logan Harris	1st Base	South View
Tommy Bullock	Shortstop/Pitcher	Mooresville	   James Jacobs	Shortstop	South View
Spencer Smith	Catcher	Northern Durham		           DJ Artis Outfield	Southeast Guilford
Andrew Moritz	Outfield	Providence				
Jake Holtzapple	3rd Base	Providence				
Logan Welch	Pitcher/Shorstop	RJ Reynolds				
Bailey Steed	Pitcher	Southeast Guilford

North Carolina Coaches Association All-State
Classification 3A
Player of the Year: Max Wotell {Marvin Ridge} Pitcher

3A All-State Team				            3A Honorable Mention		
Bobby Hampton	Pitcher/Outfield	CB Aycock	    Kyle Cagle	Pitcher	AC Reynolds
Tyler Keenan	Shortstop	Cleveland		    Cory Watt   Shortstop	AC Reynolds
Matt Bridges	Pitcher	Crest		                    David Daniels	Outfield	Fike
Bradley Keller	Catcher	Crest		                    Michael Horrell Pitcher/Infielder	Ledford
Brandon Winstead	Pitcher	Fike		            Brad Debo	Catcher	Orange
Colton Henthorne	Shortstop/Pitcher Hibriten	    Thomas Tatham	Pitcher	Pisgah
Alston Scott	Pitcher	Lee		                    Jake Madole	Shortstop	Topsail
Bryse Wilson	Pitcher	Orange				
Caleb Baucom	Pitcher/1st Base	Piedmont				
Angel Zarate	Pitcher/Outfield	Rockingham County				
Logan Hales	Pitcher	Terry Sanford				
Justin Walke	Pitcher	Terry Sanford				
Sam Zahran	1st Base	Terry Sanford				
Danny Wilson	3rd Base	Topsail				
Clark Cota	Outfield	Topsail				
Tyler Vaughn	Shortstop	Triton				
Brandon Riley	Outfield	Walter Williams				
Blake Deatherage	3rd Base	Western Alamance

North Carolina Coaches Association All-State
Classification 2A

Player of the Year: Matthew Barefoot {Midway} Pitcher/Outfield and Tanner Routh {Randleman} Pitcher

Chris Cox	Pitcher/3rd Base	East Lincoln				
Noah Linhart	Pitcher	Hendersonville				
Justin Sparks	Catcher	Hendersonville				
Kyle Hawley	Catcher	Midway				
Donell Donell	3rd Base	North Lenior				
Luke Jackson	3rd Base	North Lenior				
Nick Wilson	Catcher	North Surry				
Tyler Sutton	Pitcher	North Pitt				
Trevor Clemons	Catcher	Randleman				
Caleb Webster	Shortstop	Randleman				
Ty Adcock	Catcher/Pitcher	South Granville				
Justin Bullock	Pitcher/Utility	South Granville				
Justin Brown	Pitcher/3rd Base	South Granville				
Cal Raleigh	Catcher	Smoky Mountain				
Justin Freeman	Pitcher/1st Base	West Davidson				
Will Smith	Pitcher/Outfield	West Stanley				
Hunter Martin	Pitcher/Outfield	West Stanley				
Evan Adams	Catcher 	Wilkes Central

Classification 1A
Player of the Year: MacKenzi Gore {Whiteville} Pitcher

Tyler Beyel	Shortstop/Outfield	Camden County				
Hunter Jackson	Catcher	Cherryville				
Alston Mosteller	Pitcher	Cherryville				
Randall Long	Pitcher	Cherryville				
Daniel Brinegar	Pitcher/Catcher	Elkin				
Justin Greene	3rd Base/Pitcher	Mitchell				
Luke Tipton	Outfield	Mitchell				
Nathan Gardner	Shortstop	Perquimans County				
Parker Brann	Pitcher/Outfield	Roxboro Community				
Sawyer Lee	Pitcher	South Stanley 				
Vance Deese	Catcher	South Stanley 				
Allen Coor	1st Base	Spring Creek				
Chad Spurgeon	Shortstop/Pitcher	Spring Creek				
Kiki Kornrgay	Outfield	Voyager				
Austin Garrett	Catcher	Walkertown				
Gavin Herring	Pitcher/Outfield	Wallace-Rose Hill				
Turner Brown	Shortstop	Whiteville				
Connor Grainger	1st Base	Whiteville


  1. Congratulations to the kids that made it they deserve to be there, but one question how did three kids from the Mid-State 3A make it and not the “Player Of The Year” and “The Pitcher Of The Year” in Mid-State 3A not make it. Andy how do you get voted on for the All State team?

  2. the coaches that vote have to pay money to be a member of the organization. it’s a bunch of crap. i mean some teams had 3 members of the allstate team. It’s a joke.

  3. First of all we ask you not to mention someone else’s name unless they have left their name here in a comment…

    The Coaches that are members of the association would be voting on the players that make the All-State Team is my assumption and the process would be similar to that of what they do with All-Conference in that you can nominate your players from your team, but you can’t vote for your own players…..You would have a certain number of votes to vote for players from the other teams and you would have to be a voting member to vote…

    We see a number of different All-State Teams and congrats to those who made this one if your players didn’t make it this time around, get with your coaches and do something about it in the future….

    Randleman had three players on the team, they finished second in the state and were well thought of around the state in the 2-A ranks…

    Many times these things do get a bit political, but you have to get political enough with to survive and keep on going, if that is what you choose to do….

  4. Let me start by saying I am happy for ALL those that made All State I believe all are deserving. But from what I’ve been told each coach has to pay a fee to be apart or to even have a chance to nominate and vote. I don’t agree with the process but it IS the coaches or AD’s responsibility to take care of this. I will never understand how POY’s in a conference cannot make All State and others in that same conference can. Andy you said there were other ALL State teams can you tell me how to find these

  5. The AP always has an All-State team and it has to be out there somewhere and we will do some looking…

  6. thanks Andy!! There has to be a better way for this process. The one here is only for the ones whose coaches will take the time to get it done right for their players. In the end the kids are the ones who get the punished or left off after a ton of hard work and good play have been put in

  7. Danny,

    Do you actually think the coach at EG cares? Cmon man, wake up. He rolls the balls out in February and says let’s play. Can’t be mad othet players in your conference make it and your boys did not because your coach has not a clue. Just my opinion!

  8. I don’t think anyone is mad because of any of the kids that made the team, all the kids that made it deserve to be there and worked very hard to get there. The problem is coaches that are there like you said just for the season and you don’t see or hear from them as soon as the season is over. If I was a coach why wouldn’t I want my players to be rewarded for their accomplishments. At the Colt championship game Sunday there was several coaches that had came to watch their players from the high school season and a lot of the coaches can be spotted thru out the season in the stands watching their players but there are the few that you never see, that would have been find 20 years ago but to be successful now you just about need to been in your sport year round.

  9. @Mike I am not upset or mad because those kids made it as I said all kids are deserving. I was just trying to point out the system is flawed in my opinion. If you are a POY they should be automatic. Just my opinion and my opinion won’t get you much lol.

  10. Wow! when all players are not eligible it sort of takes some of the shine off of the accomplishment. but it is the NC Coaches Association team so I can see where they would require coaches doing the nominating and voting to be members. one question I have is why would a varsity baseball coach at a 3-A school not be a member. seems as though several of our local schools are members – just look at the amount of local representation. but I do agree, POY in your conference and not even honorable mention on an All-State team – stupid! common sense would be for all first team all-conference players and all POY’s to be automatically on the ballot whether their school or coach is a member or not. but that would be too simple…

  11. @interesting I agree with the statement that first team All Conference and especially POY’s should be auto bids. My thinking is if the conference POY’s which were voted on by all the coaches in that conference and those coaches are the ones that know these players best so if they see those players to be worthy of POY’s out of that conference then to me those not only should be auto nominated but I feel they should be automatically on that team and from what I have heard recently that in the past that POY’s were automatic All State but for some reason that changed this year. I do not want to discredit any young man on that list they too deserved it or they wouldn’t have been voted on

  12. The two best players I saw in high school baseball this year was Luke Robinson and the Brown kid from Northeast. Who runs these selections?

  13. @Mid State, no doubt the 2 players you mentioned are good players but how may games are you going to?
    IMO POY should not be automatic All State, they should look at the conference they playing in, strength of schedule and what the player did against better teams.
    Get to a few more gamea Mid State.

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