Northern Guilford Football – Off Season Video

John Wagoner submitted the following video:

“A look at how the Northern Guilford Nighthawks football team prepared for the upcoming season as they defend their 2014 3AA State Championship.”

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  1. I may not be a Northern Guilford Fan but I am football fan and I believe you have to work and prepare to succeed. Love or hate them there is no denying that they put the work and time in to be champions. If you don’t want Northern in the End Zone then keep them out, but you better be prepared to out work them or don’t cry about being beat by them. “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL”!!!!

  2. Most every team in the area works just as hard as Northern. the problem is not every other team in the area has graduated 15 division 1 players in 5 years. most of which moved in to your district I wouldn’t necessarily call that home grown talent.

  3. Let’s stop pretending that Northern is the only school that has talented players move into there school each year.

  4. As someone familiar with the program at Northern, I can assure all of you desperate to accuse them of cheating really have nothing to be worried about. At this point, players from out of the NGHS district are coming TO northern looking to play not the other way around because of the championship reputation they have built. Northern doesn’t recruit

  5. Hey Just a thought maybe take time and have just a thought before you respond.

    Yes we know Roscoe is not recruiting anymore. The Rules the NCHSAA put in place such as the 365 rule hurt his recruiting pipeline….it hurt Tre Marsh because the Northern people didn’t understand the rule a couple years ago and had him transfer in without moving from Dudley’s District. Almost like they didn’t understand the 8 quarter rule a couple years back. The Recruiting was done back with Keenan Allen, James Scales, Maurice Harris, Cam Harris, Gabe King, Chris McCain, Rocco Scarfone, Mook Reynolds and a few other guys that helped win a couple championships. That’s why there is only one D-1 Horse left on the Roster. That is the same reason why Roscoe will retire after this season. They won’t win a Championship this year he’ll lose his last big time player and He knows that team next year will be complete trash and that will put a damper on his Record.

    Hurry and read this then respond I get Censored a lot for speaking the truth! Might need to change my name to Just Censored for all my Northern Fans! I will be signing autographs at those losses this year!

  6. Maybe you should change your name from Just Sayin to Just A LOSER!! or Just Jealous!! or Just Smokin Crack!!

  7. Just a thought, I’m praying for you man. You clearly have an aggressive vengeance against a high school football team and I know there’s some underlying reason for this but I won’t get into all that. I, as a rational individual, understand that every team goes through cycles of success and maybe Northern will hit a dry spell coming up and maybe Roscoe will leave who knows. I do know this, Northern had a great run over the past six years and no one can take that away from them; not even all those hateful comments can take away the rings. If this is what you’re devoting your time to “just a thought” I know there are literally thousand of professional teams which aren’t comprised of high schoolers for you hate on, dig up dirt about and trash on a daily basis

  8. note: all of the “just a thought” references should be “jus sayin”

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