Father/Pitcher Jim Scott has left his announcing post at NewBridge Bank Park:”Daddy Jim” has a family now

from Jeff Mills at the News and Record:www.greensboro.com….

GREENSBORO — The voice is hoarse from sleepless nights and a day of yard work in pollen-filled humidity. The voice quivers at times, choked with emotion.

Jim Scott is no longer announcing Grasshoppers games nightly at NewBridge Park. The June 29 birth of London Elizabeth Scott still makes tears well up in Scott’s eyes. “Are you kidding me? I have a kid,” Scott, 52, says. “I’m a father. … Every day, you discover something new that makes you shiver.”

“I’m a father first and foremost,” Scott says. “I’ve been part of baseball for 45 years, ever since I was 7 years old, every summer at the ballpark. As much as I love baseball, I love my family even more. It’s a whole different kind of thrill.”

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