We have found another preseason High School Football Poll:This one in from CarolinaPreps.com

Dudley, Southeast Guilford, Southern Guilford and High Point Andrews are in and that’s it…..These are just a few of the teams that you will find in the CarolinaPreps.com preseason high school football polls….4-A, 3-A, 2-A and 1-A Polls….But, no Northwest Guilford, no High Point Central, no Page and since those teams didn’t show, you just let it all roll on, right???

Many are saying these polls don’t mean anything, so if they don’t mean anything, why do people continue to create them and why do people like us continue to post them????

Because as a society we love to see our teams in print and if they are not on the list we love to get angry and the real reason the polls continue to be popular, is that fans love to compare….They love to compare their team or teams to all of the other teams…That is why polls work…..Just ask Donald Trump about polls today and ‘The Donald’ will say, “Bring Them On”…..

And here you go, CLICK HERE for the CarolinaPreps.com 2015 Preseason High School Football Poll….Chris Hughes and his team at Carolina Preps are big football people and that is what they major in, so check them out and check out the polls…..