Greensboro Colts in action today at 1:30 in COLT Baseball World Series at Lafayette, Indiana

*****Kevin Westlake ground ball scores Jacob Brown from third, 15-5 GSO wins….*****
*****Jacob Brown brings in two more GSO runs and now 14-5 Greensboro….*****
*****Another Greensboro run and GSO now leads 12-5, with still two men on in the top of the 6th Inning…*****
*****HR for GSO by Desmond Hargrove and GSO is up 11-5….Top of the 6th…*****
*****Now 10-5 Greensboro as they head toward the bottom of the 5th Inning….*****
*****End of 4 Innings and GSO 10, Los Gatos 4…*****
*****Now GSO 10, Los Gatos 4 in the bottom of the 4th….Another HR for Los Gatos…*****
*****One run for GSO in the bottom of the 3rd and looks like it was Camden Williamson with the big hit and GSO now leads 10-2 as we head toward the Top of 4th Inning….10-2 GSO…*****
*****Bottom of 3rd Inning and 9-2 GSO…*****
*****HR to right field in the top of the 3rd Inning and the Legends are on the board.*****
*****End of 2 Innings and 9-0 GSO….GSO going 9-5-0…*****
*****Base hit Westlake, Brown has scored, 9-0 GSO on top.*****
*****Jacob Brown with a Triple to begin the bottom of the 2nd at the plate for GSO.*****
*****Headed toward the bottom of the 2nd and still 8-0 GSO…Chase Ebert pitching for GSO*****
*****End of one Inning and GSO is up 8-0 on three hits…Need to get the name of the kid that hit that HR/Brody Holloman with the BIG Home Run……*****
*****HR to left field and GSO up 8-0….*****
*****Video went a little bit hay-wire, but another GSO run and GSO now leads this game, 5-0…*****
*****Bases-loaded Double/hit by Logan King, GSO up now 4-0….*****
*****1-0 GSO with one run walked in….Bases still loaded….*****
*****Bases loaded for GSO in the bottom of the 1st with 0 outs…*****

Greensboro vs. Los Gatos, California today/Wednesday at 1:30pm….Double Elimination tournament and team that loses today at 1:30 is gone and the winner plays(Puerto Rico) for the Title later on this afternoon/evening…

CLICK HERE to see and hear the game by internet stream…
CLICK HERE for full Tournament Brackets…

Greensboro Colt Baseball Team
Parker Strader-Northeast Guilford
Brody Holloman-Northeast Guilford
Jacob Brown-Northeast Guilford
Matthew Nusdeo-Western Guilford
Nick Goard-Southern Guilford
Jacob Edwards-Southwest Guilford
Patrick Callaghan-Southwest Guilford
Tommy Zente-Southwest Guilford
CJ Neese-Grimsley
Logan King-Northern Guilford
Jalen Pruitt-Dudley
Camden Williamson-Dudley
Desmond Hargrove-Dudley
Ellis Stokes-Dudley
Travis Hunt-Eastern Guilford
Kevin Westlake-Page
James Watkins-Page
Chase Ebert-Eastern Alamance

Head Coach Reid Holmes
Assistants:Brett Garrett, Coach Pruitt, Coach Rierson….

Team Administrators:Donnie Stowe, Miguel Paula, Bernie Myers, Jack…..


  1. Andy – Thanks for all you do for local sports. It is awesome to be able to go to one site and to be able to find all the information needed to keep up with local sports. Thanks again.

  2. It is a fun challenge to try and keep up with it all and do a good job with the things and the key links that we post…

    Every day is a new game and you are only as good as what you did 5-10 minutes ago…

    The train is leaving the station and you better get on board…

  3. Fans Wishing the Greensboro Team good luck today:

    Good afternoon, wanted to make contact to wish the Greensboro team Good Luck today for their games. It has been 50 years since the 1965 Greensboro Colt Team brought home the championship, which my husband, Mike Nunn was a part of. I just wish our newspaper here could have covered these games in Lafayette, what a story. Mike and I are keeping tabs on the games via internet. Wishing the team all the best for a big win. Bring it home, we are pulling for you. Enjoy!!

    Thanks. Safe journey.

    Lynne Nunn

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