High School Football from Thursday with Southwest Guilford at Page scrimmage

This was a controlled scrimmage and the teams went into their regular practice sessions at Page, working on team drills before they broke up into Varsity and JV groups and at that stage of the practice they did 7 on 7 passing competition, with the passing game being the point of emphasis…

Passing, passing, passing and more passing and defense to go with it and then the teams switched it up and did the same type of approach, but this time they started doing 7 on 7 running games with both running the ball, running the ball and running the ball some more…

QB’s on the spot were Will Jones(#15) for Page and Jaren Rainey(#5) for Southwest Guilford and both of the young signal-callers had good efforts back there in the guns and not under center….Nobody seems to be under center these days….Page showed good running series and they also proved that the could pass the ball against the SWG defense….

Both teams have All-State nominees at wide receiver with the Page Pirates #14 Diondre Overton, who used to just be a basketball player, but now he is one of the top football players in the USA…Overton pretty much now goes by ‘Dre and he not only plays WR, he also plays DB at times on defense…Jeremiah Brown, #8 for Southwest Guilford was the other receiver on the field and he is also an All-State nominee and he can get the job done….

SWG has another receiver, #7 and I think his name is Mantriel Reeves and that kid plays both offense and defense and that kid has a motor that never stops….Page has some pretty defenders too with Jeremy level being a top-level DB, while SWG has two very large players up front on the defensive line and they are tackles and both are in the 280-300 pound range and for both Page and SWG, wit exception of those two big SWG men on the line, the Cowboys and the Pirates are not all that big….Could be bigger, there is no doubt about that….

Page has Javon Leake and Micah at RB and both have quality Varsity experience from the work they did back there last year for Page…Up front Page has Will Hardin(LG), Nick Mackovic(C) and James Ellis(TE) among others to lead the blocking for the backs, Jones and Overton….We will see and know more about the Page players after tomorrow’s?Friday’s scrimmage at Dudley….

Lots of good people over there watching today including Coach Randy Norris, Coach Doak, Ken Mackovic, Lindley Ivey, Jalen Gavin, Rusty Lee was in there somewhere, Coach Hardin, who is headed to Cooperstown, N.Y. for a baseball tournament on Friday…Good to see Coach Weeks, Coach Gillespie, John Spain and Coach Rainey out there today as well…*****The Smith family was also there today….*****


  1. James Summers should’ve attended too. He won’t be on the field with his former teammate this season, so he could’ve enjoyed the Page/Southwest scrimmage.

    Smith has placed more players in colleges/universities more than Page. High Point Andrews, Northern Guilford and Dudley have more players in the NFL than Page has on scholarships in colleges. Workinger just received his football scholarship out of school for four years.

    Pirate pride?

  2. Hearing James Summers might be working and attending at Pitt Community College this Fall with the intentions of giving it another go at ECU in the Spring of 2016..

    Pitt CC right in the backyard of ECU…

    The young man is still trying, he is still hanging in there…

  3. Sometimes ignorance needs no response however I’ll make an exception, Mr. Roe are you must be a former whirlie because you make absolutely no sense Page is the school that started these traditions and I beg to differ about the nfl/college stats,Northern is a great school building a great tradition, Smith/Dudley also great schools p.s. ( headed by FORMER PAGE PIRATES) gotta learn from the best so Roe enjoy the season and give facts to your ignorance next time,everyone reading let’s have a great year

  4. Pirate Alum .. You guys always find a reason to bring up Grimsley in a post that has NOTHING to do with them .. He clearly gave all the credit to smith what does Grimsley have to do with that

  5. Pirate Alum,

    Pretty sure coach Davis is from South Carolina and did his collegiate studies at NC A&T before arriving at Alma Pinnix. Spot on with KP though. 1 for 1 ain’t bad. Cheers!

  6. Deflection is a culture of Page. Aforementioned, Northern, Dudley, and High Point Andrews have more players in the NFL than Page has enrolled in division 1 and 2 colleges/universities. Instead taking swipes at Grimsley and claiming KP and Davis coached at Page, please read the post and comprehend the info.

    Again, most of the players from the 2011 State Championship are not enrolled in college. I will give names when I read the deflection.

    Pirate Pride?

  7. Ted Roe, please tell me the last time Smith won a state title? Pretty sure it wasn’t as recent as Page.

    Deflect THAT.

    Sounds like you got a bad case of Pirate Envy.

    Sucks to be you, dude.

  8. John: Smith has placed more football players in college than Page in the last three years. That was the initial argument. I can name key athletes from Page’s 80, 83, 84, 85, & 11 state championship teams who have not stepped foot into a college. Page wins games, but the program does not nurture those athletes into student athletes. Page mirrors UNC in regards to divesting in the overall sphere of the athlete.

    Page won a title in 2011. Workinger just received his scholarship in his last year of eligibility. Northern, Dudley, Smith and High Point Andrews have more students in college than Page. James Summers, Jalen Gavin, Savon Wall, and a sleuth of others are watching scrimmages with Andy.

  9. Just from what I know on my end, Jalen Gavin will be in school at East Carolina University next week and plans to be on the football field with the Pirates in Spring Practice for 2016, James Summers has enrolled at Pitt Community College and hopes to be on the field and in classes with ECU in the Spring of 2016 and have not had any contact with Savon Wall for a year or so, but was just thinking about that kid the other day and when he worked up at CiCi’s Pizza on Sunday nights and used to talk to him then back when he was in school and playing football over at Page….

    It is good to try and keep up with all of the kids when they move on after high school and we hope they all get the chance to attend college and make it in school and in sports….

    Kids from Smith, Page and all of the schools…

    Just saw Sam Hunt over at Dudley last night and he is doing well and plans to be on the basketball court for the N.C. A&T Aggies this upcoming season and we spoke on and off the field with David Moore last night at Dudley…

    David played football for Grimsley in high school, played college ball at Guilford College, then played at Greensboro College, played for the Carolina Heat, a semipro outdoor team, probably played some arena football, had a child, worked at Dominos, worked at Bojangles and always kept up his dream of working and being around football and now David Moore is helping and giving back over at Smith…

    It doesn’t have to be the school you graduated from, just keep on working at it and if you have a dream to stay in the sports the dream can become a reality…

    David Moore is a very good example of a kid staying in the game and now he is a young man staying in the game and trying to help the young football players….

    No need to ever stop….Nike said it well many years ago, “There is no finish line”….Got to keep going…

  10. David Moore is a quality young man all the way around. He is kind of coach you want your kids involved with.

  11. ROE I apologize to each school you’re correct I’m a deflector lmao there just no need to throw jabs at former players from page Jalen Gavin James summers etc because if those guys never line up on a field again they’ve done plenty in their high school career more than likely more than you lol I also apologize for the grimsley comments those kids are very talented excited to see Davis Stimpson Dillard etc grow into a winning program p.s. Davis is from SC and KP is at smth common denominator PAGE PIRATES

  12. Haven’t been on here in a while, wanted to thank you guys for quickly reminding me why.

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