Report on Dudley-East Forsyth high school football scrimmage

from one of our Dudley fans at the game/scrimmage:

East Forsyth 14 Dudley 7

Dudley East Forsyth scrimmage was FAST and HARD hitting! Both Defenses dominated but if they were keeping score East won 14-7. Both teams had an offensive TD a piece and then Hooker threw an INT that was returned for a TD. Both teams look pretty good and are Huge and Fast!


  1. I was very impressed with both teams defense units. The offense really couldn’t get much going. East Forsyth is HUGE across the O-line even compared to the Panthers. Both teams should be pretty good this season. I wish we could see them play a real game it would be a hell of a contest.

  2. Saw Dudley vs EF scrimmage. EF looked strong at defense. Dudley did too. Heard a few of the receivers at Dudley were injured, one played at 50%. Hooker threw a beautiful TD pass. Seems like both teams have to fine tune several things. Each team scored one TD & they were on half fields. I wouldn’t count an interception as an automatic score. Just a scrimmage. Back ups looked good too.

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