Major decline of high school sports participation in North Carolina:Football shows the biggest drop in numbers

The number of high school students participating in sports in North Carolina is NOT on the increase, the numbers are actually going down and there has been a sharp decline over the past several years…

High School students are choosing not to play or participate in sports/athletics and the biggest decline in numbers has been found on the football field.

Football numbers have been dropping due to concerns and issues surrounding concussions and overall safety associated with the sport of football..The increase in concussions has really sent up a red flag in recent years…

You will find this research interesting and you can read and take it all in when you CLICK HERE…..


  1. Andy, have you considered new academic requirements by school board to have affected those numbers?

  2. I don’t think the academic requirements have that much to do with it. the current requirements have been in place in guilford county for several years and most sports showed an increase in 2013-2014. I think it’s just a sign of the times, with kids choosing to do things other than sports once they reach high school and start driving. unfortunately most sports have reached the point that in order to compete you have to work year-round and many teen-agers are not willing to make that commitment, especially the ones who know they are not playing at the next level.

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