The “Hype” on Harry:He has lived up to it and the wait will be worth it(Whom will Harry Giles join?) Michael Fields has a feel for it

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It is safe to say that any college coach would love to have Harry Giles want to play on their team. He is the #1 ranked high school basketball player in the country.

The rising senior is taking his amazing talents to one of the greatest dynasties in high school basketball, Oak Hill Academy. The local superstar has spent his previous years playing at Wesleyan Christian Academy in High Point.

The question is: “Where will Harry go”?

He has narrowed down his choices to five schools. These universities are: Wake Forest, UNC, Kansas, Kentucky, and Duke. No person really knew when Harry would make a decision.

He gave us a little clearer picture of that Monday. He announced when his official visits to the schools would be. Here is Harry’s schedule:
September 18: Wake Forest
September 25: North Carolina
October 10: Kansas
October 16: Kentucky
October 31: Duke
(via CBS Sports)

It is safe to say that we will have to wait until November or later to see where Harry goes. It is worth it though. This man has lived up to the hype!!

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  1. I personally believe he is headed to either Kentucky or Duke. Wake Forest is the hometown gift while rebuilding the program. UNC must get pass the violation concerns. Kansas does not play enough schools on the east coast or locally (a concern for family wanting to see him play). Kentucky and Duke seem to be the quick routes to the NBA and both normally have immediate openings for starter minutes for players like Harry. Both will be featured national for primary time games 10-15 times per season. My money is on Duke because Coach K is the boss of coaches and he has the ear of more NBA players and ADM than anybody else.

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