High School Football for a Saturday Night:Grimsley over Ragsdale 16-10/Mallard Creek mauls Independence 58-6

This is the score that we are seeing on tonight’s game at Grimsley High School:
Grimsley 16, Ragsdale 10
*****Anybody got any numbers on this one? Who scored, who played well, who got the job done?*****

Final from down in Charlotte:Mallard Creek 58, Independence 6
*****Better beware of the Mallard Creek Mavericks….*****
(This was supposed to be the big one in down in Charlotte tonight.)


  1. Whirlie defense was strong tonight. Much better ball control this year. They looked ready to win. O line and D line are much improved. In my opinion, Ragsdale’s backup QB did a better job than starter.

  2. Beware of Mallard Creek? Don’t think anyone in the 4AA is overlooking MC. They have about 16 players with D1 offers if any school is within 21 points of them this year their coach should be fired!

  3. Most of the fans around here don’t follow Mallard Creek…The fans just up with the teams in their backyard…

    That is why we try and bring attention to some of the top teams around the state…

  4. So we had the score right the first time…We don’t miss many…About like Harrison Kiser from Page and his kick, he don’t miss many….

  5. from the Charlotte Observer on the Mallard Creek-Independence game:

    The Mallard Mavericks beat Independence 58-6, handing the Independence Patriots one of the worst losses in a school history that includes seven state championships.

    And until Mallard Creek coach Mike Palmieri subbed in his reserves near the end of the third quarter, the Mavericks’ defense allowed 122 passing yards and minus-8 rush yards.

    Read more here:http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/high-school/article31945413.html#storylink=cpy

    Still looking for some write-up work on Grimsley-Ragsdale…Myabe Mike Ellis has some news and numbers on that one that he can send us…

  6. Mallard Creek vs. Butler this coming Friday night and makes for another big one down in Mecklenburg County….Up here in Guilford you have Northern Guilford at Page, Dudley at Ragsdale and Southern Guilford at Grimsley among others on Friday and you have Northeast Guilford at High Point Central on Thursday…

    Pretty sure it is Northwest Guilford vs. Western Guilford this week and NWG ran through the Smith Golden Eagles like Donald Trump running through the 2015 Republican Convention(One year prior to the official 2016 convention)….Mr. Trump may be deported by 2016 convention…

  7. How sad that news and record has one game to report for Sunday grimsley vs. ragsdale and nothing to be seen on score or anything in paper, sad sad sad

  8. Here’s an idea if you want an article on your team play on Friday like everyone else. The Sunday paper was exclusively for the wyndham and professional sports.

  9. ANDY, I wasn’t trying to talk junk I was just saying that everyone knows who Mallard Creek is and its totally ridiculous that Charlotte let’s all those D1 athlete’s transfer to one school. That’s not HS Football to me. These kids now a days are more like LeBron and less like Jordan. They all want to team up and make super teams for a ring over beating everyone and showing your the best. But hey I guess thats the generation we live in now.

  10. Really you are probably right, it would be a good thing if of the counties and the schools did it the same way and ran their sports programs the same way…

    I wish kids still wanted to stick around and play for the school in their neighborhood, but obviously that is not the case…

    I liked the old neighborhood schools where you grew up wanting to succeed for you local school and play on the same team with kids you grew up with and then go beat all of the neighboring schools…

    Like you say, times have changed and that is evident when you at the difference in Mallard Creek and Independence…

    Mallard Creek will probably crush Butler too, but I just back too and how much fun it was when Page beat Butler and Mallard Creek on back-to-back Friday nights back in 2011…That was some big time stuff right there, but when you have a guy like a James Summers and defense like Page had that year, you can GO all the way and you can beat the teams with the Ferguson brothers and teams with kids like Jalea Duncan and others…

    Page had a whale of team that year and Dudley had a whale of a defense back when they won it all back in 2013….

    Hard to stack with teams like Mallard Creek, but when you have players that come along like Summers, you can do it every 10-15 years or so….

    Guess we will be talking a lot about Mallard Creek this year…

  11. Grimsley’s Defense played a great game. Held the ball most of the game and only allowed Ragsdale to score on a field goal at the end of the first half and then a blocked punt returned for a touchdown. Ragsdale was clearly outplayed for most of the game as their starting QB struggled until replaced. Grimsley did lose starting QB Malik Stimpson to a dislocated left shoulder in tyhe 3rd but managed to hang on.

  12. Heard Stimpson, Bruce Davis, Harris, McMillian and others played well for Grimsley on Saturday night…

  13. Not a lot, but I did find this on MaxPreps West Charlotte site and I think #22 is Stephen Baldwin….

    West Charlotte has athletes as always in the skill positions, but they also have good size on the lines. They don’t have a ton of depth though, and SE Guilford seemed to start wearing them down toward the end of the 1st half.

    – SE Guilford was big and strong, but West Charlotte’s quickness gave them fits for most of the first half and they couldn’t get their run game going consistently. West Charlotte’s defense forced 3 first half turnovers to hold a 6-0 lead for most of the first half.

    – Offensively for West Charlotte they primarily stayed in one formation – 3 WR shotgun split back look. #3 and #33 as the running backs run hard and #3 is a gamebreaker – he scored WC’s first TD off of a counter type of play and once he gets in the open field you aren’t catching him.

    – SE Guilford’s running backs are no slouches either. #22 busted off 2 long TD runs near the end of the first half which switched the momentum big time. They were both off of the same type of play which seemed to be a dive off of their right side, and their line was able to get 2nd level to seal off flow from the backside easily. Definitely an adjustment, as the offensive line was talking a lot about the defensive line stunts of WC giving them issues.

    – West Charlotte’s base defense appears to be a 4-3, however with SE Guilford running a lot of Wing-T looks one of the safeties played closer to the line of scrimmage as a result.

    – West Charlotte’s band was unusually quiet, especially during a big goalline stand in the 1st quarter where their defense did an amazing job keeping SE Guilford out of the endzone from literally the goalline. I guess it’s Week 1 for everyone….

    – If WC can develop a passing game to complement their running backs, they can be dangerous. The same QB is back for this season, however it is a new offense and you can tell they are trying to simplify things early on.

    – As for new head Coach Darren Hart, he will be a good one – correcting issues on the spot, motivating kids on a consistent basis, and having a good scheme defensively will have them in a lot of games.

    – It was a nice tribute for WC to have several signs that say Mo Collins Field, and a banner that we caught in the photos linked below was a nice touch.

    – We left at halftime, but the final score was SEG 42 WC 20, but WC has a lot to look forward to this season and they should continue to come out and support their Lions because I see several victories in the coming weeks.

  14. guys…. there is no open enrollment in Charlotte.

    Meck County has the same rules as Guilford County…

  15. Forms for the current year (2014-15) must be submitted to the student’s home school. Forms for the upcoming school year (2015-16) can be submitted to any CMS school, any CMS Learning Community Office, or the Student Placement Office until May 15, 2015.

    I’d say that’s open enrollment buddy!

  16. There is NO way and I mean NO way that 15 D1 players just so happen to live in the same neighborhood. The kids and parents talk just like LeBron talked to D-Wade and Bosh about teaming up and winning a ring.

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