Former Grimsley Whirlie D.J. Reader will leave the Clemson Tigers football team for a while

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*****Talked to some Grimsley folks tonight and they told me that had been in conversation with DJ today and he has not left the team…He is still with the team and he will be back playing again in a couple of games, as soon as he gets some personal matters worked…DJ will back, at least that is the word I got tonight from some Grimsley people that know D.J. Reader well….***** From the “for what it’s worth department”, wishes D.J Reader a speedy return to the Clemson Tigers’ football team…..

Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney announced TODAY/Tuesday that senior defensive tackle D.J. Reader will be away from the Clemson football team for a period of time. Reader was listed as a starting tackle on the preseason depth chart.

“D.J. Reader has decided to step away from football for a while,” said Swinney. “He has some personal issues he has to deal with at this time. We are not sure when he will return. We will support him any way we can. This is no different than a player being lost for a period of time due to injury.”

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  1. D.J. Reader is a veteran for the Clemson Tigers having played in 38 games over the last three years.

    That’s a lot of games with you figure a college team plays right at 11 games per season and make it 12 with three bowl games and 12 x’s 3 is 36 and two more games would give you nearly a 12 game season and with then with the bowl games you would have 39 games and if D..J. had played in 38 of 39 games, that’s a whole lot of games, right?????

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