Football in Focus Tonight at Shane’s Rib Shack with two brothers from the same house playing on different teams facing each other Friday

Two brothers from the same house playing on different teams facing each other Friday….

I just love this matchup…And we will have Amon Harris(Southern Guilford HS) and Nyles Harris(Grimsley High School) in the house with us tonight at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace….

We will get rolling at Shane’s at 6pm with Coach Randy Norris from High Point Andrews giving us the good word on how Andrews will be looking when they meet Southwest Guilford on Friday night….Coach Norris with the HP Andrews skinny and he also knows and has quite a bit of background info on Jaren Rainey, the QB Southwest Guilford and Coach Norris is the cameraman for the Page Pirates and he was with Page last week during the Pirates’ win over the Davie County War Eagles and Coach Norris saw it all and can give us the lowdown on Will Jones, Javon Leake, Miles Faison, Diondre Overton, Jeremy Level, Micah Gafford, Will Hardin, Harrison “The Kicker” Kiser, and other Pirates that stood out last Friday night….Coach Norris has the beat and he will share that with us TONIGHT at the Shane’s Rib Shack…..

And now back to the brothers….Amon Harris with Southern Guilford and Nile Harris with Grimsley and this all due to the different academic offerings at the two schools and this week, their dad Ron “Bug” Harris has had to draw a line down the middle of their house…

It is almost like if back when I was kid my brother would have attended Western Guilford and played for the Hornets and then say, I attended Northwest Guilford and played for the Vikings….Would have made for some great wars and Western would have still killed us….Northwest could have moved in a whole pickup truck load of Western Guilford guys back in that day and I could have been driving the truck and we still would not have defeated Western Guilford…You add me and a few others to Dennis Cole, Jack Southern , Bobby Joyner and the Vikings and WG still wins BIG…That shows you how much that former “Backyard Brawl” has changed….NWG owns Old Oak Ridge Road now….

With the Harris Brothers, they both seem to get along fine, but on Friday night you will have a totally different feeling running through their family….

Split, it will be split right down the middle….Last year when Nile(Grimsley) was a freshman and Amon(Southern) a junior, Southern won the game….The year before, Grimsley won the game….The two teams have split over the past two seasons…Southern and Grimsley are developing a nice rivalry with a little North part of town vs. Southern part of town thrown in for good measure….

If I had to measure Nile, I would say that kid has grown at least three inches taller since we first saw him last Fall…He is now joined in the Whirlie defensive secondary by fellow-sophomore Lance McMillan and Lance is set to join us tonight at Shane’s as well….

The Harris Brothers, we had the Hackett Brothers(Southern Guilford), The Bostic Brothers(Smith High School) and Holt Brothers(Eastern Guilford HS) and now we have the Harris Brothers(Southern Guilford/Grimsley HS)….

High acumen and high IQ on the part of both Harris brothers and they seem to be in it more for the academics than they are for the athletic part of what is going on down at the ole’ schoolhouse….And that is a nice change of approach, not what you normally see these days…

I like what these two Harris Brothers are bringing to the table and their table of contents/periodic table reads like a true tale of Brotherhood, although it is not every day that you see two brothers from the same household playing against each other for different teams on a Friday night….

Tonight we will have that story along with Coach Norris and defensive back Lance McMillan from Grimsley, plus “The Closer” Dennis White will be in the house to give us his high school football breakdown for this upcoming season….

We get going at 6pm at Shane’s with our producer/engineer Don Moore back in the house and be sure to check out the Half a Chicken Dinner up on the menu at Shane’s and it is all coming at you with sides and more for under $10.00….Ribs, Ribs, Ribs, and more Ribs at Shane’s….Get the Rib Sandwich and a side with a drink for a great price and that will make you go home satisfied….Ribs, Chicken of all sorts and types with so many vegetables I don’t have room to mention them all, but here’s a few with Okra, Corn, Baked Potatoes, Potato Salad, Tossed Salad, Baked Beans, the “Best” Green Beans in town, Mac and Cheese and more….

Paul, Troy, Big Mike, Chelsey and Curtis, you have a real team of pros ready to serve you at Shane’s and we will see you there tonight at 6pm on Westover Terrace…..


  1. I’m on the website but I don’t see the game for Northeast vs Central. Will it be posted on the page as soon as the game begins?

  2. Great article! I played football with the father(Ron).He was a great all around athlete.He was a real good TE,kicker,Homerun hitter in baseball and played basketball.More important he was smart & stayed out of trouble during a time when the streets were out of control with the crack epidemic.I’m glad to see that at least one of his boys is a Whirlie!

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