High School Football Tonight with the Varsity teams taking to the fields

We flipped around all of the games from last night and moved everything into this evening’s Varsity locations and let’s all is in order…We will have predictions and a Top Ten up here as the morning moves…All kickoffs set for 7:30pm….Our broadcast team led by Dennis White will be at Ragsdale tonight for Ragsdale vs. Dudley with the pre-game going on the air at 6:45 on GreensboroSports Radio….Be sure to join for the game tonight and stay tuned for the post game wrap up with Dennis White…

Northern Guilford at Page…It might come down to can Page bottle up C.J. Freeman…If C.J. can be stopped NG will need to go to Hord and Maynard as the wideouts from QB Miles Timmons and the Quashie kid is now a power back for NG…Will Jones will lead Page and the Faison kid had a monster game for Page last week at Davie County…Lots of eyes on Diondre Overton for Page at WR…
Dudley at Ragsdale….Hendon Hooker and Connell Young leading the Dudley offense into Jamestown and Simeon Gatling, along with Myles White, Brion Seagraves will lead that defense…Jarius Drayton on offense and Braxton Boykins on defense are the keys for Ragsdale and putting pressure on Hendon Hooker is a must for Ragsdale, but he moves very well on the roll outside of the pocket…
Southeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford….Steven Baldwin big time big for Southeast Guilford last week with 296 yards rushing and C.J. McThay is ready to break it loose for the Falcons too and he gives them multiple threats on the run coming out of the backfield…The Barr kid at QB had a super game for EG last week vs. Southern Guilford and the Wildcats will look to him to do a lot of the same things tonight vs. SEG…SEG must put contain on Barr…You stop Barr, there is good chance that you shut down the Eastern Guilford offense…
Southern Guilford at Grimsley….Hearing Malik Stimpson out and that Grimsley may look toward Bruce Davis to run their offense tonight and with Bruce back there you can expect the Whirlies to open the offense up even more and turn “Bruce loose”….Can SG use the loss of Stimpson to their advantage? Last year the score was something in the area code of 43-8 Southern, but the Storm had Reggie Gallaspy and now it is different Storm….Keep a lookout on the Harris Brothers, Amon for SG and Nile for Grimsley…SG with QB Rayshawn Knight having strong game last week will look toward him again this week and Ron Hunt could well be the man that SG tries to get the ball to, to get it into the end zone..Stimpson to Davis would have been big for Grimsley, but now Grimsley can’t go Davis to Davis…Defense sets the stage here…Grimsley defense gave up 10 points last week and 7 of those came from special teams and SG defense gave up nearly 40 points. It falls on the defenses…
Western Guilford at Northwest Guilford….Western Guilford could be in big trouble, because it appears that the Hornets do not have enough defense to keep up with Northwest Guilford…NWG with Smith at QB and then Hennigan, Finnie, Cloud, Turner and others back there pose big problems for the Hornets….NWG offense plays so well, the Viking defense can just settle in and sort out the opposing team’s offense….Sift and settle and that will settle it….
Southwest Guilford at High Point Andrews….Jaren Rainey and Jeremiah Brown hookup/connection is the key for SWG and from what we are hearing about HP Andrews, the Red Raiders are loaded with the Cherry kid back at RB and plenty more to go with him and a line that is as big as Andrews has had in recent years….Andrews has become a strong favorite in this game from what our insiders were telling us last evening at the Shane’s Rib Shack…
Lee County at Smith….I really don’t like Smith’s chances here with Lee County coming in led Burton Cates, the longtime coach at Eastern Randolph and his offensive coordinator Jeff Smouse, who was the head coach at Grimsley for many years…Smith QB Tyrell Dumpson needs and must have time back there at QB to run the offense and last week he had to spend too much time picking himself up off of the ground vs. Northwest Guilford…
High Point Christian Academy at Ravenscroft…The two names I know from HPCA are DeShaun Taylor and Tyren Melton and I am in the process of learning more….
Trinity at Bishop McGuinness…I will plead the Fifth on this game…Don’t anything about either team, but am willing to learn….

Other games going on around us this evening and you might want to keep a watch out on some of theseā€¦.
Rockingham County at Reidsville
Southern Alamance at Western Alamance
Eastern Alamance at Burlington Cummings
WS Reagan at Glenn
WS Reynolds at East Forsyth
Asheboro at Wheatmore
Southwestern Randolph at Randleman

*****Thursday night:High Point Central 51, Northeast Guilford 20….NEG led this game 20-14 in the first half and I told somebody to look out for Chavis Little and Geoffry Wall and they tore it up in the game for the HP Central Bison…*****

Predictions and Top Ten coming….

Top Ten from the Guilford County Schools
2)Northern Guilford(0-0)
4)Northwest Guilford(1-0)
5)Southeast Guilford(1-0)
6)High Point Andrews(0-0)
8)Eastern Guilford(1-0)
9)High Point Central(1-1)
10)Southern Guilford(0-1)

Predictions from the Carolina Varsity at www.carolinavarsity.com
(Carolina Varsity made these predictions prior to the season.)

Dudley over Ragsdale 35-8…Going in and coming out, what happens with Hooker will show you this game outcome….
Southern Guilford over Grimsley 45-10….This game should be much closer than this…It comes down to Rayshawn Knight from SG and Bruce Davis from Grimsley…It never comes to just one man, but those two kids are the key….
Northern Guilford over Page 34-15….This could be a six-point or two-point game…Northern has had Page’ number most years, but this could be different….C.J. Freeman and Will Jones big factors.
Lee County over Smith 18-3…Not sure Smith gets a field goal, but the closeness of the game could be close…Smith may get more than the FG, just not looking for them to kick a FG…Lee County put 51 points on the board last week…
Southeast Guilford over Eastern Guilford 35-17…SEG is capable of doing this….
Northwest Guilford over Western Guilford 49-0….Might be close, this was the score last week when WG fell to Morehead…
High Point Andrews over Southwest Guilford 25-21…This game might not be this tight…Andrews may have more from what we have been hearing….


  1. HPCA has a few really good defensive players. You have Drew Smith 10th grade D line and LB, Tiimmy Fischvogt senior LB and Austin Hendley Junior DE.

  2. Learning the names…I think I saw that Fischvogt kid on the HPCA baseball team….

    Thanks for sending…

    It is amazing the number of names that we go through in a week, but this supposed to be like school, since we are dealing with schools, right?

  3. Really interested in the outcome of this game. Is Page back? Is Northern a state contender once again? So many questions will be answered tonight! Then we get Northern NW Guilford next week in what is probably the nastiest rivalry in the area.

  4. Myles White is a player to watch, whether on offense as WR or defense as CB. He is now in an environment to showcase his athletism.

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