Friday Night Finish:Believers, Overachievers, Receivers and Kickers

Starting to put our numbers section together and we have to wait on a few more of the newspaper reporters to begin posting their final numbers on the web sites, but have one young man to mention already tonight and his name is Connell Young from Dudley High School…

Here is what we have on Mr. Young:
Cornell Young rushed for 146 yards and two touchdowns for Dudley….I also liked the work of Dudley’s kicker Kenji Patterson tonight/Friday….Patterson was 6 of 6 on Panther PAT kicks and when did this kid come on board…Have never seen him before and I’m sure I have ever seen a Dudley kicker go 6 of 7 before and Patterson goes 6-6…Another good game for Hendon Hooker and his runs are starting to become a part of the Dudley game plan…Nigel Peele on defense was a standout for Dudley and he scored one TD at Ragsdale on a fumble recovery and Zachary Pressley for Dudley took one back 45 yards a fumble recovery return….

I bet Harrison Kiser had a big night kicking the ball for Page and Page has made believers out of a lot of people and Page must be averaging right at 50 points per game over the first two games of the season…Page developing a large amount of believers as one fan mentioned that game with High Point Central should be a very good determiner next week…The Page defense needs to get some credit too, they have stonewalled their first two opponents….

Southwest Guilford played overachiever tonight/Friday beating High Point Andrews 28-21…I got the word last night/Thursday that Andrews was ready to dominate again, but SWG had something else to say about that…Rainey to WR Jeremiah Brown on one of those key receptions…..SWG bounced back with a big/nice win after last week disappointing season-opening loss to WS Reynolds….

Tough loss by Grimsley minus Malik Stimpson, but a very good win for Southern Guilford…Got to get some names and numbers on that one….

Southeast Guilford topped Eastern Guilford and for most of these games, we will have to wait on the posts from the different papers to get us going in the morning….

Headed that way and back on the case then……We should be able to get some good numbers and some key links in here in the morning/later today since it is already 1am…..

*****If anybody has any numbers how about shooting them our way…..*****

Looking on those numbers Zac Ellison from Northwest Guilford was 9-9 on PAT’s and had one field goal…Ellison into the mix and on the charts…..

Ellison(Northwest Guilford HS) 9-9, plus the FG
Patterson(Dudley HS) 6-6
Harrison Kiser(Page HS) 6-6, plus FG

Other key numbers we have been collecting and some are just of the basic manner since have not found many posts on-line at this stage of the game that are providing us with those complete game notes, but here are some of the names at this juncture…

Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford HS) with 3 TD passes and one of those to Jeremiah Brown…Rainey goes 21-31 for 240 yards and the 3 TD’s and also had a two-point conversion run….
Jeremiah Brown(Southwest Guilford HS) with 126 yards on 10 receptions with one TD….SWG beats HP Andrews for the second straight year, after losing to the Red Raiders for 16 consecutive seasons….
C.J. McThay(Southeast Guilford HS) with 3 TD runs for the Falcons..82 yards rushing…
Stephen Baldwin(Southeast Guilford) update now with 196 yards rushing for the SEG Falcons…296 last week and 196 this for Baldwin, new quick math shows 492 yards on the year, through two games for Baldwin….SEG with 390 yards on the ground vs. Eastern Guilford….
Chavis Little(High Point Central) 17 carries, 172 yards….And how many TD’s??? Not sure right yet, but Little and Wall together had a load…
Gerald Simpson(Northeast Guilford HS) went 14-23 for 208 yards through the air and had a passing TD and ran for TD….
Jordan Brown(High Point Andrews) with 2 TD runs….
Rayshawn Knight(Southern Guilford) had a TD pass and a TD run for the Storm…
Harrison Kiser(Page) goes 6-6 and had a FG in the kicking department…
Will Jones(Page) The Pirates’ QB had 2 TD runs and two TD passes to James Ellis II for Page…Jones goes 15-25 for 242 yards…
Javon Leake(Page) with 2 TD runs…Leake with 107 rushing yards, but left the game vs. Northern Guilford with a high ankle sprain….
Bryant Barr(Eastern Guilford) with 2 TD runs for the Wildcats…
Tavaris Best(Southeast Guilford) with a TD pass and a TD run for SEG…
Isaiah Finerty(Eastern Guilford) with 163 yards receiving for the EG Wildcats…

We will be adding in more names as we get more key numbers….
*****A couple of other scores from last night nearby*****
Eastern Alamance 34, Burlington Cummings 0
Western Alamance 52, Southern Alamance 21

*****Season update(2 Games) on stats for Jake Smith and Thomas Hennigan from Northwest Guilford High School:
QB Jake Smith:
36 – 53 for 501 yards, 6 TD and no picks
Has also rushed 12 times for 58 yards (0 TDs), giving him 559 total yards and 6 total TDs.

WR Thomas Hennigan:
14 catches, for 194 yards and 4 TD….
He also has 86 kick return yards, one of which was returned for a TD and one pass interception, giving him 280 all purpose yards and 5 TD’s and 1 Interception.*****


  1. Kenji Patterson was 6-6. he didn’t miss any extra points last night. The one extra point that wasn’t successful was because of a bad snap and Jaydon Maynor who is the holder picked it up and ran it. Kenji did an excellent job for the panthers.

  2. Let’s not forget the Northwest Vikings kicker, Zac Elison. He went 9 for 9 on PAT’s and 1 for 1 on FG’s with a NW win over Western, 66-25.

  3. Witness true on Patterson…I must still be in a state of shock with those six kicks…

    Dudley was 6 of 7 and Patterson was 6-6…

    Dudley had gone for two-point conversions in the game at Carver mostly with Maynor and Young doing the duties…

    Looked like it might have been a bad snap or missed handle on the hold on the one Dudley miss last night/Friday….

    Looks like a new era for Dudley football with Patterson back there as the kicker and Myles White did a good job on the punts too…Good distance and good hang time…

    We will make the adjustments and get Elison in there…Northwest is lucky/fortunate to have that kid on board…

    We had a 9-9 and a 6-6 and I still need to see how “Kiser the Kicker” from Page did and others too for that matter…Sometimes I get this tunnel vision going and I must get focused and reach for all horizons…

    We need the “feet of a deer” so we don’t slip up or fall down…..

    We got/have some work to do…

  4. Doomp, Doomp, Doomp, another bites the Dust! Once again it’s on, the

    Dudley Panthers roll to another victory 48-7. Jayden Maynor a.k.a.

    Jayrock took one for the distance that was called back at the start. It

    almost seemed as if the officials were taking sides for the first half

    of the game, I’m just saying. Isaiah Little and the great offensive

    line parted defenders like Moses parted the Red Sea, friday night.

    Connell Young, a.k.a. AP, once again lead the attack for the running

    game, seeming unstoppable. Ezra P. had defenders seeing stars, bulldozing them over for a second week. They were complimented by Adrian Chapman who carried the ball for several yards as well. Hendon Hooker took it easy on them with the long bomb air attack friday night although Brandon Person-Boyd, a.k.a. The Glove, took one in for about 50 yards. Jayrock also took one the distance down to the redzone. But with the high powered running game and the “Legion of Boom” making ears ring, they didn’t really need it. Holding another team to only one score, the Legion of Boom is definitely a force to be reckoned with this season. He could be in the early running for kicker of the year! My man Kenji Patterson went for a perfect 6 out of 6. He is a significant piece to the puzzle of this great Dudley Panther team. The Dudley Panthers roll on and don’t seem to be looking back. Well if you don’t know, now you know.

  5. The best comment on that last comment might be “No Comment”.

    But, based on prior experience you have to/need to be careful….It is not good business to run somebody in the ground…

    It is sort of like saying to guy who broke up the fight, “Why did you break up the fight, it was just getting good?”

    Sometimes things need to be stopped before they get out of hand and for the best welfare of all involved…

  6. Good stuff Andy,

    Everyone loves what you’re doing for our HS players in this area. God bless!

  7. Northeast Guilford QB Gerald Simpson went 14-23 for 208 and a passing TD and ran TD in from the 6 against High Point Central

  8. I had seen some sources one TD to James from Jones and some sources two….Thanks for the send and the heavy coverage on Overton must be opening things up for Will Jones to James Ellis II and others…

    Thanks again for the send…

  9. Thought I would put this here because I couldn’t find the original thread.

    To the person who keeps coming on here saying Coach Rolfes should have hired Coach Beal as the DC just go away trying to stir stuff up. Coach Rolfes made a great hire with Coach Bryant Miller (NW new DC). He’s an amazing person and an great defensive coach. I’ve been around the program a long time and IMO Coach Beal is a great position coach but wasn’t really ready to be a DC. He didn’t like that so he left for East Forsyth. End of Story now move on with your life.

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