The Janesh Report:Josh Williams looks at Northwest Guilford vs. Western Guilford plus Top Teams/Top Players

I know the Lord is doing something special with this area. I can feel it. So many stars are emerging right in our backyard. I’m thankful to be apart of something powerful.

Our Recruiting Seminar, October 23rd (K – 8 athletes) and October 24th (9 – 12), is picking up some good traction. This seminar is designed for every athlete without a scholarship. Our goal is to educate about the college recruiting process while also focusing on an athlete’s transition into the real world. Parents are encouraged to come. We will discuss the recruiting process and where each age group currently stands in the recruiting process. We will have all types of people there giving testimonies of their experiences. That’s just one aspect. We are also bringing in a few recruiting companies to give their input on the process.

Our goal is to make sure these kids, all of them, get access to proper recruiting knowledge. We don’t want to make people pay for knowledge that should be available for everybody. We are putting this on for free because we have encountered way too many families asking for discounts for our events and services. This means there are people who would love access to these basic things, they just don’t have the money. Long story short, we want each and every kid to get guidance on the most pivotal times of their life. So if you or your son haven’t yet earned a scholarship, come out to this and expand your vision for reality. We all have options and our job is make them visible for our athletes.

Your high school coach has been previously contacted about attending the event. If you have any further questions:
(919) 943-2572
October 23rd and 24th
Greensboro, N.C.

Friday Night Recap

We visited the Northwest Guilford vs Western Guilford game this past Friday night. I’ll go ahead and lay this out there, this Western Guilford team is young. Those boys have fight and they wanted it bad. I could tell. I saw something in them that I haven’t seen in a while. They were the underdogs, hungry, and had nothing to lose. Northwest just had too much for them. Western is building up some talented kids. With only a few seniors to lead them, they are greatness in it’s first stage. Although the score didn’t show it, those boys have something special.

Thomas Hennigan and Kyle Finne were just too much. I saw Hennigan go up over a defender and moss him. I did not expect to see that style of play at Northwest but he came with it. I haven’t heard much recruiting information about him but I’m sure that will change if he continues to make plays like he did Friday. I look forward to watching the Hudl update of him after Friday’s game. Like I said, you could tell Northwest has a few seasoned guys. Finnie, a shifty running back, will also need to be on every team’s radar. I hadn’t heard of this kid before tonight. I sure do know his name now after Friday. Now I came to actually watch my little buddy Cam Cloud. During the week I was actually talking with his father, Haywood Cloud, about Cam and I can’t express how much I am amazed by those two. Cam’s father is at every function Cam has. Sometimes he is more excited than the calm and collected Cam Cloud. But Haywood has been through a lot for his son and this summer they received harvest the fruits of their labor. After years of hitting the recruiting circuit as a middle school athlete, Cam received an offer from The University of Virginia. Cam is only in the 9th grade. He had a quiet night but he is definitely a threat at all times.

Top Teams:
1. Dudley (48 – 7 over Ragsdale)
2. Eastern Alamance (34 – 0 over Cummings)
3. Western Alamance (52 – 21 over Southern Alamance)
4. East Forsyth (49 – 0 over Reynolds)
5. Northwest Guilford (66 – 25 over Western Guilford)

Top Players:
1. Jeremiah Brown (Southwest Guilford) 126 receiving
2. Connell Young (Dudley) 146 and 2 TD’s
3. Madison Cone (East Forsyth) INT
4. Christian Beal (East Forsyth) 136 on 11 carries

Top Underexposed Performances:
1. Thomas Hennigan (Northwest Guilford) (No Stats)
2. Kyle Finnie (Northwest Guilford) (No Stats)
3. Javon Leake (Page) 107 and 2 TD’s
4. Stephen Baldwin (Southeast Guilford) 177 (473 in two games)

I just want to take the time to thank this guy Andy Durham. He doesn’t have to provide a quality media channel for this area but he chooses to and he does an amazing job. Keep up the good work Andy.

– Janesh


  1. Considering Page wasn’t a preseason Top 5 team in most polls and the Top 5 teams there haven’t lost I’d say NO. Page will continue to rise up in most polls as long as they keep winning. You don’t go from the bottom of the Polls to the Top by beating a weak Davie team and a 3A school.

  2. The Week-2 – Power Rankings

    1. Mallard Creek (2-0)
    2. Vance (2-0)
    3. Scotland (2-0)
    4. Dudley (2-0)
    5. Butler (1-1)
    6. Wake Forest (2-0)
    7. East Forsyth (2-0)
    8. Page (2-0)
    9. Hillside (1-0)
    10. Richmond (2-0)

  3. Hi all! Page’s success has been noted. They did shock a lot of people with the win over NG. When making these early polls, we are looking at past history as well. Page has not been a powerhouse in the past. Now, with that being said, we will keep an eye on them. The teams we have in our top 5 currently are powerhouses. If one of them goes down, then we will make a decision about which local (Triad) team deserves that spot.

    Thank you for the comments!!!

    – Josh Williams

  4. Page is a pretty good Football team ok….But I’m telling you the Northern team they beat Friday is not the Northern of the Past. This Northern team is what it really looks like when you don’t have 2-4 big time players move in. They are just a regular 3A school now. I don’t know why everyone is so shocked Page won. Page is loaded with talent and depth Northern lost all their talent and play most of their guys both ways!

  5. Just Sayin’ why the Page hate? No one is claiming they are the best team in the state. But after dropping their first 7 games last year, they have gotten off to a great start. As for Northern, well, that’s what happens when you play kids who, you know, LIVE IN THE SCHOOL’S DISTRICT.

  6. The “recruiting” issue is played out. For 30 years I have heard that accusation about various teams……especially the ones that win. Let’s give Page credit for the win and know that Northern will improve for game 2 and the balance of the season.

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