New News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll with new #1 Dudley Panthers/Carolina Preps Top 25 Power Rankings

Dudley #1, East Forsyth #2, Page #3 and Northwest Guilford #4 in the new News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll and you can
CLICK HERE to see how all of the teams stack up for this week from Joe Sirera and JP Mundy on this Monday at the N&R and also with input from some of the area coaches…

CLICK HERE for the Carolina Preps Top 25 Power Rankings from…
(With Dudley, Page, Northwest Guilford, Southeast Guilford and Northern Guilford in this Polls)….


  1. If you’re going to put a Forsyth County team in this Poll okay. But How does Dudley jump East Forsyth in week 2? East destroyed Tabor and Reynolds both 4A schools. I saw in the Winston Paper that Reynolds only gained 21 yards and 2 first downs on Friday. That same Reynolds team beat SW. I would understand Dudley jumping East if Dudley dominated their competition and East struggled a bit but both team should stay the same IMO. Just another reason why most HS Polls are nothing more than a popularity contest and there is no real thought put into the rankings. Dudley beat a very bad Ragsdale team who also lost to Grimsley and a 2A school in Carver. East beat Tabor and a bad RJR team who beat SW Guilford. Sw was a sleeper pick for a lot of people this year and they went out and beat HP Andrews this past week. Come on Man!

  2. @Greensboro Sports Fan: The problem with the N&R poll is it’s mostly coaches voting and, like it or not, most of the coaches haven’t seen the teams they don’t go against. So, yeah, it’s a popularity contest for them. If they don’t like a particular coach or they decide a Guilford County school should be ranked ahead of a Forsyth County school, that’s what you get.

    Polls also are done mainly to get people talking about them, and that’s what we just did, so it worked.

  3. Lol, Dudley loves Dudley that’s all that really matters , if you don’t like us , beat us ????????

  4. Exactly! If its not the coaches polling its nothing more than a popularity contest between two guys and the N&R Poll is nothing more than a joke then. Have some common since if you wanted Dudley there you should have put them there from the get go not two weeks when EFs body of work is just as good if not better. If teams jump another team there needs to be some logic behind it. For example-For Dudley to jump to #1 lets say Dudley beat Ragsdale by 49-7 and East beat RJR 28-14. Then, Dudley should jump East…But when Dudley and East both equally crush their opponent they should remain where they’re at until one team goes one way or the other. That is all…

  5. Dudley is on the minds of every opponent in the Metro 4A. Even Dudley’s critics cannot fathom how the Panthers are ranked number 1. Northern scored on Page’s first string. Ragsdale and Carver scored on Dudley’s reserves. I can’t wait until October.

    People pay this site too much attention.

  6. No, I’m wondering how Dudley jumped East Forsyth in the news and record poll. I didn’t say anything about the Metro conference or hated on Dudley for being ranked #1. East Forsyth looked better than Dudley in their scrimmage and East has blown out two 4A schools that are both 1-1 in RJR and Mt Tabor. Dudley beat Carver 2A school and Ragsdale 0-2 school. East was ranked ahead of Dudley Week 1 in the poll and Dudley jumped them in Week 2 for no reason. This isn’t about Dudley or East its about the POLL!!!

  7. Who cares about East “Forsyth” anyway??? This is Guilford County so they shouldn’t be ranked in the N&R poll at all….just sayin…

  8. The same reason NW and several other Guilford county schools are ranked in the Winston Salem Journal. The piedmont triad conference has teams in both counties.

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