Friday Night High School Football Scoring Desk – September 4, 2015

Update # 11 – 11:20 PM (All Finals)

Game of the Week #1 – Northwest at Northern – Catch the Re-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio Channel 1 with Andy Durham and Dennis White. List on the Internet.

Game of the Week #2 – Ragsdale at Northeast – Catch the Re-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio Channel 2 with Kris Walser and Coach Steel. List on the Internet.

Final Double Overtime
Ragsdale (1-2) – 48
Northeast Guilford (0-3) – 42

High Point Central (1-2) – 27
Page (3-0) – 51

Northwest Guilford (2-1) – 13
Northern Guilford (1-1) – 21

Davie County (0-3) – 14
Dudley (3-0) – 56

Southeast Guilford (3-0) – 10
Southern Guilford (1-2) – 0

Smith (1-2) – 41
Western Guilford (0-3) – 39

Ledford (2-1) – 14
Southwest Guilford (1-2) – 7

Eastern Guilford (2-1) – 17
Raleigh Broughton (0-3) – 13

Raleigh Ravenscroft (2-1) – 6
High Point Andrews (1-1) – 24

Wake Christian (2-1) – 12
High Point Christian (2-1) – 35

Final – Start Delayed
Bishop McGuinness (1-2) – 34
Alleghany (0-3) – 22

Final – Start Delayed
West Forsyth – 21
East Forsyth – 24

Final – Start Delayed
Atkins – 0
Glenn – 55

North Davidson – 31
Asheboro – 7

McMichael – 43
Martinsville – 36

Reidsville – 31
Morehead – 21

Rockingham County – 41
Eastern Randolph – 24

Western Alamance – 0
Matthews Butler – 45

Cummings – 21
Williams – 24

Cameron Union Pines – 25
Providence Grove – 14

Final – Start Delayed
Randleman – 0
Lexington – 45

Southwestern Randolph – 37
Wheatmore – 36

Eastern Alamance – 41
Southern Alamance – 7

Thursday Final
Grimsley – 44
Raleigh Athens Drive – 7

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  1. Mixed emotions after seeing Northwest lose- disappointed for the players but happy to see Rolfes get beaten especially after the way he treated aft years seniors – he destroyed last years team to set an example for this year and so it is good to see him lose!!

  2. Would have loved to see Northwest Guilford hang on to beat the Northern Guilford Transcripts. They needed to be paid back for the onside kick last year. I guess Page had to whip up on them enough for NW, too.

  3. Page wins 51-27 over High Point Central, moves to 3-0 on the season and records another 50+ point game.

  4. Why are you mad at Rolfes? Just because he benched kids that skipped school? What do you think Dave Doeren, Larry Fedora, Clawson and Cutcliff would’ve done? Last year the “superstar” northern players skipped practice to go see the Virginia Tech-Miami game. That’s the difference between the 2 programs. Shows Rolfes actually wants to run a clean respectable program unlike the one he came from.

  5. Good to see Northern getting back on track with the win over NW. These boys really showed determination hanging in till the end.

  6. To big payback… Go call your big brother to do what you can’t do….the best team won, call names ask you want you have to live with the sour taste of this loss for another 12 months, maybe you drink some vinegar to get the taste of cleats out your mouth…

  7. Rolfes will have NW relevant in the near future. The kids who decided to skip school ruined the team last year! But hey that mentality is what hes teying to remove from NW and institute responsibility!!! They just need to get rid of some of those parents that cant buy in. They are almost gone. Game plan was good. Just missed on some key plays. Rolfes is my man!!! NW will be fine.

  8. I witnessed the game last night at Northern. All I heard from others was this was Northwest chance to best the Nighthawks. Roscoe made adjustments in 2nd half and put a number on NW. Give credit where it’s due he made adjustments and jut absolutely out coached Coach R. GREAT HIGH SCHOOL GAME

  9. Shut Up

    Did the best team win last week smart guy? When Page ran you out of the stadium and your boys resorted to cheap shots and punches? I only wish Page scored 60 on you. NW beating you would have been great but sorry dude no sour grapes here. Only the sweet taste of you arrogant Northern fans’ tears after the worst loss in your cheating fraudulent history.

  10. Guess what youreanidiot NW was very relevant in 2010, 2011, and especially in 2013 when they beat Page, and Richmond and finished in the top 10 of the entire State in the 4AA. They returned most of that 2013 team in 2014 and was bounced in the first rd under the new staff. So what the heck are you talking about NW being relevant in the near future? You sound like NW was a rebuilding job.

  11. Wow! Page and their fans are excited cause they can beat a 3A team. See if your’re still talking like that after you meet them DBoyz

  12. Big pay back…more like big cry baby…wah wah wah..we can’t best you so I will talk about what somebody else can do to you cause we not good enough to do it ourselves wah wah wah…ng just punched those boys in the mouth all second half and there was no strategy that could do anything about it…Nothing fancy just straight smash mouth… Your team cant score 60 on northern middle let alone any varsity…Oh sorry I forgot you best up on poor young western and had the audacity to think you were good! The arrogance of some folks!

  13. You guys sound like 6 year olds!! It’s still early, everyone calm down. Dudley and Page seem like the teams to beat. Most of the teams left will fight for that 3 spot (currently SE in my book) and seem to be even. Good luck and stay safe. Deep breaths everyone.

  14. Mallard Creek went down the ole SC drain last night. GOOD. Now them trolls can stop coming here telling me how great they think they are.

  15. The comments here are sad to see! These are high school kids playing a game! The negative comments are the reason why teams end up with poor reputations. Let the kids play the coaches coach and the fans cheer! There is no room for criticism of 15-18 year old kids! They should use this time to mature and become the responsible adults they are destined to be. Hopefully they will not spend their time bad mouthing others on websites when they grow up. Maybe some of you need to grow up also! Report the positive things of your teams and stop the childish criticism!

  16. hey for being a good coach – maybe you should ask yourself then why did other Sport coaches not do the same thing at other skips days obviously not a school policy is it!!!. Then why is there hardly any of the original coaches left. And finally the coach had no respect for any of the seniors last year – it was not his team!!! so as I said sorry to see the NW players lose last night but for Rolfes – happy to see you get beaten

  17. Hey Shut Up,

    You don’t strike me as especially bright, so I’ll try to type slow so you can read it.

    Page couldn’t score 60 on Northern Middle? Seriously are you really that stupid? Page finally took their foot off the gas last week against the Northern Guilford Zip Codes. If Coach Gillespie wanted 60, he would have had it. Page’s offensive line was blowing Northern off the ball five yards at a time. They couldn’t stop Pirate’s rushing attack even after Leake went out with an injury. It was so bad that Northern had to start throwing punches, cheap shots and should have been ejected for starting a fight. We Pirate fans know what smash mouth football is; we saw it all night last Friday.

  18. It’s amazing how much life comes to this site once high school football gets rolling……by the way, NEG needs to get Tommy Pursely on the phone stat!!

  19. We work on it every week…No need to be going after players and coaches…..Need to find more positives and we had Will Jones leaving the game last night with injury for Page on another one of our posts and we got the info from the High Point Enterprise on-line…

    We stay on it and enjoy covering the games and following the games more when the fans/adults behave…

    The coaches call is the call and we will keep on backing them up…If the coach decides to discipline a player, the that is on the player and team from the coach…

    The coaches and players put a lot into this game and they deserve your support…

    What happened last year should not be brought into play for this year…Different year and many different kids too…

    The key is show some respect for your teams, coaches and your players…

    How you treat and show respect will determine what kind of respect and attitude you see coming back your way…

    All have a good day and it may be that we have to start putting a 10am cap on this Friday Night Report…

    People are going to be reading this to the tune of several thousand people, so keep in mind what you are saying and posting, it can have short-term and I hope not, but possibly long-term effects as well…

    Say some good things, it is good to boost and promote athletes in a positive manner and we will try and do the same here….

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