Your Chances Of Making It In The Pro’s

Hat tip to NEG’s Coach Chris Suggs on the Chance Of Making It To The NFL. There is a picture on the Internet from a California school with the following facts:


High School Football Players     1,086,627
High School Football Seniors       310,465
NCAA (college)Football Players      70,147
NCAA Freshmen playing Football      20,042
Percentage of HS players to NCAA         6.5%
NCAA Seniors playing Football       15,588
Players Scouted by the NFL           6,500
Invited to Combine                     350
Players drafted by NFL                 256
Rookies making a Team                  300
Percentage of players NCAA to NFL        1.6%
NFL players reaching Year 4            150
2014 NFL Minimum Salary           $420,000
Income After Taxes (est.)         $252,000

If you are lucky enough to be one of the 6.5% to become a NCC football player, and one of the 1.5% of THAT group to make it to the NFL, you will be lucky to get THREE years out of it. At a minimum salary, you wont make enough to live for the rest of your life.

What’s going to provide for you and your family after football is over?
Your college education!

It is the same for other sports as well.

The NCAA released a NCAA Pro Sports Study in 2013 for all major sports.

Use your sports talents to get an education, it is a good play.