High Football Games this week in the area and plenty to talk about and look into

Durham Hillside(1-1) at Dudley(3-0)…Hornets at Panthers and was a big game a few years back and could be a big one again this season with Dudley on the march right now toward big things…Hooker, Young, Gatling, Maynor, Peele and others off to very good starts…

Southeast Guilford(3-0) at Northwest Guilford(2-1)….SEG run game vs. NWG pass game and the defenses will have to take over here…Who will have the stoutest defense on this night? And the answer to that will win the game…So far SEG RB’s Stephen Baldwin and C.J. McThay have proven to be very strong and NWG needs to get Finnie back more involved in their overall offensive scheme and that will take some of the pressure off of QB Jake Smith and WR Thomas Hennigan…WR’s Tre Turner and Cameron Cloud are threats for the NWG offense as well…

Page(3-0) at Ragsdale(1-2)…That big Page offensive line up front with Will Hardin, Nick Mackovic and others has been a plus, plus the Pirates on defense with Leval, Overton and Faison all have very starts has a been a bonus too….Having two solid RB’s in Javon Leake and Micah Gafford also helps…Ragsdale will have to turn loose RB Jarious Drayton and hope he can carry the load for the Tigers…

Smith(1-2) at Southern Guilford(1-2)…Southern has done a very good job of upping their schedule in recent years and by adding teams like Grimsley and Smith, that has allowed SG to become a more diverse football team….Time for Smith to unleash that offense that carried them last week vs. Western Guilford and time for SG to being studying that WG-Smith film real close…SG has a conference game with WG later in the year/season…SG-Smith should make for a good game for both teams….

Western Guilford(0-3) at Southwest Guilford(1-2)…Western roads it over to SWG and in last year’s game between these two teams SWG led early and looked to be in good shape until Doug Henderson game that halftime speech on behalf of the Hornets and that got them turned around Western went on to win the game with a huge second half and some great receptions/catches by Keenan Stevens down the stretch run….Rainey to Brown is still your best bet for SWG and WG likes to go with Kennedy to Sarpy and Sibley….

Burlington Williams(2-1) at Northern Guilford(1-1)…..After the comeback win over NWG, you have to believe that the Nighthawks are ready to go on a roll….C.J. Freeman looked like his old self again and the kid was ready to carry his team on his back in the late stages of the NG-NWG contest, while NG QB Miles Timmons did his part too, keeping the NWG “D” off-guard and off-tackle too with his ability to mix up the run balance between Freeman and Timmons…..

Grimsley(2-1) at High Point Central(1-2)….This might be one of those make-or-break games for the Grimsley Whirlies…Now at (2-1) after the Whirlies win last Thursday at Raleigh Athens Drive, Grimsley has HP Central standing in their way of a (3-1) start to season…Could be a huge victory for Whirlies, as that (3-1) beginning would equal one of their best starts in recent years…Central needs it too, and for the Bison to even their record at (2-2), that would make all things much better over in High Point…..Wall, Little and McLean from HPC will all that Grimsley can handle and if we ever get to see that box score on Grimsley at Athens Drive, that would tell us more on who is leading the Whirlies deeper into these winning ways….Whirlies over Ragsdale 16-10 and topped AT 44-7 and you wrap around the loss to Southern Guilford in there to go with those wins and then you begin to see why this week at HP Central is so big for Grimsley…Can’t say enough how important those early-season wins are, I don’t care who you are playing…..Go into conference play a couple of games over .500 and you have a chance to have a very good season/year….

Rockingham County (1-2) at Northeast Guilford(0-3)….This has to be the “Game of the Year” to this point of the season for the NEG Rams….The Rams are showing abundant signs of improvement, but they have nothing showing on their record to help establish the fact that their squad is really getting better in 2015…The offense has been “off the charts” some weeks and if the Rams can develop that defense to compliment the offense, they will have a chance to be in line to win every week….The Ragsdale game would have really helped if the Rams would have been able to lock down that win…Right now this team needs to learn how to win, in the end, they have to be able to finish and once they win the first one, the others will follow, but it is all about getting that first “W”….It is hard to preach success on the field to your players, unless they have a win or two, to show for their efforts…..

High Point Andrews(1-1) at Reidsville(3-0)…..Reidsville seems to be getting everybody’s best game these days, but the Rams of Reidsville still have not been knocked off of their perch in 2015….Two weeks ago, it was Rockingham County thinking that they could take down the “Team of Teague”(Jimmy), and then last week Morehead gave Reidsville their best shot and the Panthers came away disappointed….Now this week, will the HP Red Raiders be High Appointed or disappointed, when they back down Highway 29, on their way back from “Teague’s Title Town”(Reidsville)….Not many 3-A or even 4-A teams can hang with Teague’s Teams and now here comes a fellow 2-A team into town, trying to take down Teague….This has all the makings of an Old West Shootout, so we shall see how things are lined up after the dust settles up their on Teague Street in Reidsville…Sometimes when you are leaving Rockingham County and driving back down Highway 29 and headed South, there can be a good feeling and sometimes not…Sometimes you are just glad to get back home….But without a win, home will not be home for Coach McCoy and his Red Raiders from HPA….

High Point Christian (2-1) at Bishop McGuinness (1-2)…..I don’t have any clues on Bishop, but for HPCA it seems the top play is when you send the ball from QB De’Shaun Taylor to WR Dre Davis…Top play is when you go to Dre….This could be the day that HPCA gets away with it….A win here would be real nice for HPCA, as it would have them beating a team that plays on the public school level and that always helps the private schools and the Christian schools in particular, in their quest to be relevant on the high school football fields in the Triad and across the state…This has all the makings of a game that could help HPCA turn a new corner in the history of the program and loss by Bishop would hurt them more than losing would hurt HPCA…More at stake right here for Bishop than for HPCA…If HPCA can win this one, it should open the door for them playing more public/NCHSAA schools/programs…Why not schools like Wheatmore or Trinity….

*****Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but it seems like the Lexington Yellowjackets have begun the 2015 season by creating a real buzz in and around Davidson County…The Jackets have covered up their early opponents to the tune of (3-0) start and I have not seen Lexington get out of the blocks like this in long, long time…Coach Chuck Henderson, (Doug’s son) has these kids believing and they are receiving some good benefits and rewards from their (3-0) start to the season….Lexington is now relevant on the high school gridiron again…Have seen the kids from down around High Rock Lake come out like this since back in the days of “Super Joe” McIntosh…..Henderson seems to have a handle on what’s happening in Lexington….*****


  1. Heard some realignment rumors. Southeast, Southwest, Ragsdale, Dudley, Smith and NG in one 3A conference. Page, Grimsley, NW, HOC, EF and Glenn in a 4A conf. Anyone know anything?

  2. Adul Adams from D.C. Has transferred to Hillside is looking to give Dudley a hard time.The Michigan St. Commit also has offers from Bama,the U,Va tech,Maryland,Ecu,wake,Hawaii,B.C.,Florida,Georgia,ND,Pitt,and many others.

  3. Hillside talk on Dudley at the WRAL SportsFan HS OT site asn both Durham Hillside Hornets and the Dudley Panthers head into the game on Friday night at Dudley…

    PICK 6 SEP 9, 9:58 A.M.
    Hillside was the only team to run for over 100 yards against Dudley(2014), and they played the game without their starting RB. Dudley is much bigger in the interior this year, and they have 3 very good lb’s. HHS passing game will be key once again, they need to throw to setup the run, if they can they’ll bounce back and upset the top ten ranked Panthers. Tough decisions need to be made in order to improve the passing game. HHS has some great QB talent The junior has the strongest arm, however the sophomore is the most accurate. Also the senoir free safety is a heck of an athlete but with him being new it seems like there are chemistry and communication issues with the other DB’s. Perhaps move him to WR and slide in your projected starter before the transfer. That way you give the QB another proven WR target. Bottom line this team has too much talent not make noise in the playoffs, and I would hate too see the inability to move chains through the air hinder this team in November.

  4. Word is a couple players at NW thought it would be a good idea to quit and transfer to Northern Guilford after the loss Friday. Even if they move they can’t play this year right? I thought once you started at a school you can’t transfer even if you move for that season? The County better stop them from playing! If not they might as well have an open transfer policy and let schools start recruiting openly. BTW one of these kids will be at his 4th High School in 3 years! Thats complete Bu*l S***!

  5. Oh no…they’re already on the roster! They may be starters by next week. Funny how you don’t have a problem with them transferring to NW, but you do with them coming to Northern….PSSSSST!!!!!

  6. Actually its funny that one kid has transferred to 4 High Schools in 3 seasons and the County hasn’t stepped in and said no more cause its very obvious that those transfers are all about sports and not school oh and BTW still isn’t good enough to start at any of them….but I guess all those coaches are dumb and it’s all their fault.

  7. Actually it was only one kid who transferred to NW. He was all hype and couldn’t beat out the starter at RB so now he quit and rented a house in Northern’s District. His cousin went with him who has been at NW since his freshman year cause he couldn’t beat out kids at receiver. Yes he has been at 4 High Schools in 3 years Rockingham, Reidsville, NW, and now Northern in the same season. Guess his Dad has figured out how to work the system pretty well.

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