Friday Night Finish:Just two Unbeatens, Two Winless teams and Dudley playing Complete Football with All-American candidate Isaiah Little

There only two Unbeaten teams left in Guilford County after 4 weeks of the season and that would be the Dudley Panthers(4-0) and the Page Pirates(4-0)…

We have two teams that have yet to win a game in Western Guilford(0-4) and Northeast Guilford(0-4)…NEG came very close tonight to posting a victory over Rockingham County…Last we heard the final was RC 28, NEG 27..Southwest Guilford was one of the few teams that Western Guilford beat last year and the Cowboys got the best of the Hornets tonight/Friday…

Southeast Guilford fell from the ranks of the Unbeaten tonight with the Falcons’ loss to the Northwest Guilford Vikings…NWG now at (3-1) and SEG at (3-1)…Final score I had on that game was NWG 16, SEG 9…Low-scoring game, but a win for NWG none the less and the Vikings have to feel good being in the win column….

The top teams in the county have to be rolling like 1)Dudley, 2)Page, 3)Northern Guilford, 4)Northwest Guilford, 5)Southeast Guilford….That’s got to be your Top Five right there…And what about the Red Raiders of High Point Andrews going up to Reidsville and coming back a winner….Heard it was something like 44-3 for the final and where in the world did that come from…

High Point Andrews might be ready to get in that Top Five, bur they can’t be ranked ahead of Southwest Guilford since the Cowboys beat HPA…High Point Central evened their record at (2-2) and the Bison might be coming into their own as conference time approaches….HP Central now at (2-2) and Grimsley at (2-2)…It looks like it is becoming a two-horse race in the county….Eastern Guilford and Southern Guilford may be ready to jump into that mix with EG at (2-1) and SG now at (2-2)…..

It is going to be hard to pull away and it is going to be hard to pull against Dudley and Page….Page has a very tough game coming up next week at WS Reagan….Dudley had their hands full with Durham Hillside tonight, but the Panthers played a complete game and Connell Young ran like a man possessed….Young might just be the top RB in the county….C.J. is really good at Northern and he been getting come great looks, but it looks like Syracuse might be getting a steal when Connell Young suits up for the Orangemen in 2016…This kid can catch, he can and he can catch and then run and he won’t go down….Young is the toughest back to bring down in the county….

I was at the Dudley-Hillside game tonight and the HHS Hornets gave Dudley a good test/challenge…But, Dudley was there to respond and the Panthers responded and they passed their test with flying colors…You have to be impressed with hard those Panther kids play with Young, Hooker, Maynor, Perkins, Gilmore, Person-Boyd and that’s just on the offensive side of the ball…Those linemen and LB’s and then there’s quartet of four of the top DB’s in the state with Simeon Gatling, Brion Seagraves, Franklin McCain and Myles White…Some very impressive numbers from all of those young men and they play like men….

But the one I think we need to load up and hit the bandwagon on is Isaiah Little….He’s the BMOC, big man on campus and he’s the Big Man on the Panthers too…Small is a big man at 6/6/348 and we need to nominate this fellow for the high school All-American team…

Let’s make Isaiah Little an All-American….He is near perfect for the role as an All-American offensive lineman….Little is big in the 6’6/348 mold and he is already as big as most the NFL players on the O-line…He plays for a team that has only lost 2 or three game in the 3 or four years and he has been a very LARGE part of this team’s success…

It would be great for our town to have an All-American high school football player and Little could and should be that man….Some may say he is not even the best player on his Dudley team, but that is not the point….The point is he one of the best and by far one of the biggest players in the land at his position…

Little seems like the perfect All-American candidate to me….Think about this and see if you are interested in joining me/helping me on this campaign…We had Brock Stadnik(Western Guilford HS) as one of our top linemen from Guilford County that got some nice acclaim a few years back and so did D.J. Reader(Grimsley HS), but nobody made All-American to my recollection and Little could be our man….

Join me as we try and get Isaiah Little on some of the high school All-American teams…It would be great for Dudley and great for the city of Greensboro to get this kid on that team…It would almost be like Greensboro becoming and All-American city, but Isaiah Little would be our Big All-American….

What do you think?

Are we headed down another “rabbit trail”, or is it time to get Isaiah Little the All-American status that he deserves….

Shoot us a few comments and thoughts on this project and we may need to give it some more thought, but it is time to get to work on this 2015 high school football season project….

Again, Little has the size, 6’6/348 and plays on a team that very rarely loses and this all about recognition and this could be a big deal for the Little man….

Isaiah Little for high football All-American, an idea whose time has come…..


  1. Andy – I agree that Little would be a great candidate for the All-American team and hopefully he can gain some interest. Just wondering about a kid on the Hillside team that just stood out. If Little is 6’6″, then this Hillside kid must have been 6’9″ or 6’10”. Do you or someone else know anything about this kid. I was just shocked at this kids size.

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