New News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll and things stay the same up near the top of the ten

Dudley, East Forsyth and Page remain the three teams at the top of the Top Ten Totem Poll this week at….

Coming in from Joe Sirera, J.P. Mundy and selected area coaches, CLICK HERE and the move will take you to this week’s Poll and you see some movement around #4 and with last Friday night’s 16-9 score, that may have spearheaded/precipitated the movement here and below…..There you go, now go hit the poll and we will more of the polls coming your way, later on today and throughout the week….

Also we have moved this schedule post over to this current post in an effort to make to more accessible for you…And to keep it up top…

Games that are on the slate/plate for this week:
Northern Guilford(2-1) at Reidsville(3-1) 7:30pm

Friday games at with 7:30 kickoffs:
East Forsyth(4-0) at Grimsley(2-2)
Page(4-0) at WS Reagan(3-1)
Dudley(4-0) at Pine Forest(2-2)
West Forsyth(2-2) at High Point Central(2-2)
Northeast Guilford(0-4) at Eastern Guilford(2-1)
Southern Guilford(2-2) at Ragsdale(1-3)
Southern Alamance(1-3) at Southwest Guilford(2-2)
High Point Andrews(2-1) at Burlington Cummings(0-4)
Orange(4-0) at Western Guilford(0-4)
High Point Christian Academy(3-1) at Concord First Assembly(2-1)
Bishop McGuinness(1-3) at South Stokes(0-4)

Northwest Guilford(OPEN)
Southeast Guilford(OPEN)


  1. What’s going on with Sierra and the bias against Northern Guilford. How in the world can he put NW above Northern. Northern beat NW a week ago, NW barley beats SE with an anemic offensive show, while Northern throttles Williams 47-7. Northern’s defense has allowed one touchdown in the last 2 games. Also in his helmet sticker segment on Saturday, no mention of CJ Freeman – 16 carries for 176 yards and 3 touchdowns clearly one of the best of the night

  2. @Nighthawk fan: Thanks for checking out the News & Record’s HSXtra Football Top 10.

    It’s mostly a coaches’ poll, but I vote in it, too, as does the News & Record’s J.P. Mundy. I voted Northern (No. 4) one spot ahead of Northwest (No. 5) based on head-to-head. J.P. Mundy voted the same way.

    Northwest is ranked just ahead of Northern because your own coach voted Northwest No. 5 and Northern No. 9. The difference between No. 4 and No. 5 in the poll was two points, and the difference between the teams on Coach Roscoe’s ballot was four points.

    There was no mention of C.J. Freeman in the Helmet Stickers section of Sunday’s HSXtra Football Playbook because no one from Northern provided stats or any information from the game other than the score. When we don’t send a reporter to a lot of games, that’s all we get.

    We have limited resources to cover games and we ask teams whose games we can’t attend to help us by emailing or calling in their information immediately after the game. If you or someone reliable representing Northern can provide accurate stats and highlights to us immediately after games that we don’t cover with a reporter, we would welcome your assistance.

  3. We had the C.J. Freeman and Tucker Hord Northern numbers up here on Saturday, but we were fortunate to get them sent to us by way of text from LA Logan over at the Northwest Observer and also from Josh Williams at the Janesh Report….

    We caught a break and were able to break those numbers in, on the Saturday posts….

  4. @Joe Sierra and @Nighthawk fan:

    I would bet anything that Roscoe voted that way to keep NG low in the poll and to keep his team fighting with a chip on their shoulder. Roscoe doesn’t give a rats a about polls or Joe Sierra or Andy Durham and rest assured that he tells his team that the last thing that they need to be reading is any of the vitriolic garbage from the Sat morn QB’s and haters that fill these message boards. All he cares about is getting to the playoffs. He made a believer out of me in how he turned their defense around and shut us down. Love him or hate him…he doesn’t care one bit. Promise.

  5. NWG Fan – you are absolutley right, he does not look at polls or message boards. And I am a believer too.

  6. We appreciate Coach Roscoe and all the coaches who vote in the News & Record’s HSXtra Football Top 10. The rankings aren’t perfect, but they are much better because of the coaches’ input.

  7. Several assistant football coaches have told me in the past that they read this site on a regular basis and it might have been more of the assistant coaches than the head coaches, but Coach Roscoe told me in the past that he read the web site every morning and it might have been more while he was in his off year back down in South Carolina…A good way to keep up with how the teams in this area are doing…

    I agree the message boards can get out of hand and you need to find some sites that work for you…

    My everyday regulars include the News and Record, and the Charlotte Observer…The HS OT at WRAL gives you good Triangle insides and Langston Wertz Jr. at the Observer is usually on it in Charlotte…

    Many times we are on the same page with the N&R and often times they have material before we have found it and they are a good resource…

    Twitter seems to be the way more and more readers are going, but I can’t seem to get my habits following twitter as much as I should….Quick bits of info and it is all moving fast…

    On the weekends I hit all of the above sites plus go toward the HP Enterprise, WS Journal and the Burlington Times-News as well…Follow them all on-line. Rare to read an actual paper any more…The Asheboro Courier-Tribune will have an overlapping game or two with our Guilford County teams, so they can also become an option…

    Seems like you have to utilize these resources these days or you are going be left in the dark….

    The info sites can give you news and info you may not find elsewhere…It pays to look around and it is good to have multiple outlets….

    People are reading and people tend to talk and voice their opinions and the hope for every day is that things will not get out of hand and that everyone will learn to co-exist and to respect each other’s opinions…

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