Graham Sporting Goods High School Football for (9/17/15) with JV’s and One Varsity team on the field(NG wins up in Reidsville with Wade, CJ and Moser on the spot late)

Check-in by way of Twitter FINAL:NG 13, Reidsville 10
Game Report from Joe Sirera at the N&R CLICK HERE.
Hunter Wade recovers a Reidsville fumble for Northern, CJ Freeman scores the TD and then Ford Moser(son of Stafford Moser and Deborah Proehl and nephew of Ricky Proehl) intercepts a late Reidsville Rams pass to preserve the win for NG…Second INT in as many games for the freshman Moser, who we highlighted here at the site last Saturday afternoon….Big road win for Northern Guilford….
Southern Alamance 30, Southwest Guilford 20..
Page 35, Ragsdale 34…Was listed as HP Central vs. Page(here at site), but I’m thinking Ragsdale was due in at Page tonight….
Eastern Guilford 19, Northeast Guilford 14
Dudley 36 Pine Forest 0

Reidsville up 10-7 late at Reidsville over Northern Guilford from Joe Sirera N&R and then we get Northern Guilford has taken a lead of 14-10 on a TD run by C.J. Freeman with just a couple of minutes left in the game…Late score from Brian Hall WFMY NEWS 2 Sports..

Any news on Northern Guilford and Reidsville(Varsity) and what about those JV game???

Let’s Roll….Broncos-Chiefs(NFL) tied 14-14 at the half…Final:Denver 31, Kansas City 24


  1. Whats a joke is the fact that a kid can play to his 4th High School in 3 years! I get transferring once if there was something serious that went down. but he was at NW Guilford quit and Transferred to Northern just to play Football. If the State is dumb enough to think it was about education they are all fools. Its sad that nobody in the county or state will put a stop to this madness! How do you let a kid transfer and play at 4 different High Schools in 3 years? Then let him quit half way though the season and play for another team in the same county. Guilford County Schools AD is a joke and Northern just keeps getting away with whatever they want. Way to set an example GCS!

  2. Hey Reidsville Fan,
    Just curious about your ramble. How did that scenario you mentioned determine any impact to last night’s game results? Respect for Reidsville. Go Nighthawks!

  3. Curious said,

    Hey Reidsville Fan,
    Just curious about your ramble. How did that scenario you mentioned determine any impact to last night’s game results? Respect for Reidsville. Go Nighthawks!


  4. I think Reidsville Fan has a valid point. How is a kid able to be on a roster for one school, transfer after two games in a season, and play for another?

    This is a kid that used to play for Reidsville, transferred to Northwest Guilford, practice & workout with them all summer, after two games, dad/kid gets mad because NWG would not play him until their trainers cleared his dislocated elbow injury, and goes to Northern mid-season so he could play and recognized by college scouts.

    I do not know how well he played in that game, I was not there. He could have made an impact? If he would have stayed at Reidsville, would he have helped stopped CJ? Who knows, but either way, looks like a good hard fought game by both teams, congrats Northern!

  5. I don’t think Reidsville fan said he made a impact, he was just wondering how that happened.I’m sure what happened is within the rules, that’s a good get for northern when he’s able to play.

  6. Fact is that the kid has transferred to 4 schools in 3 years and quit from what I’m hearing cause NW played him on defense and he couldn’t beat out the RB there. No College in their right mind will offer a player who everytime they come across something that doesn’t go their way they quit and go somewhere else.

    As far as the county goes…they should be ashamed that they let a kid quit on a Friday after a Northern loss and be on the sidelines at Northern Guilford the following Monday. Guess its open enrollment in Guilford county schools! They better not complain at all the next time it happens at Dudley or Page.

  7. I think the kid actually goes to school at the early college at a&t. Maybe that’s he’s able to play for different schools. Regardless, he didn’t do anything noteworthy last night. Don’t see how he could. Takes time to gel in a different system.

  8. It’s not the fact that he did anything noteworthy in the game. It’s the fact that they have played the School System and State for complete Fools and transferred 4 times in 3 years for FOOTBALL!

    Our State and Guilford County is more worried about kicking Dudley out of the playoffs for a JV Player who dressed on two nights over some stupid 8 quarter rule suspending our head coach for game and flat out embarrassing him on top of that! They cause such an uproar that the man almost lost his Job over a JV Player and an meaningless 8 Quarter rule (That JV player didn’t do anything noteworthy last year). Yet they let a kid transfer 4 times in 3 years then on top of that to another school midway through the season in the same school district and play them for complete fools. Guess the rules don’t apply for Johnny Roscoe.

  9. The county should be embarrassed for allowing two kids on the roster at NW to transfer and be eligible to play this season. Total disrespect to NW and it does these kids no good. Something needs to be done to eliminate in-season eligibility for kids who “move” just to play for another team. They should have to wait until 2016 to play football.

  10. Hole up D-Boyz rule…Dudley’s punishment wasn’t just because of an 8 qtr violation. And if memory serves me correctly, NG’s FB team and Coach Roscoe showed big time support for the D-Boyz.

  11. I thought there was a 365 day wait for kids who transfer to play a sport. No one seemed to give a rats @ss when this kid played for NW or the other schools he transferred to but now he is at Northern it becomes such a big deal…that’s BS. What’s the problem anyways, you guys afraid that Roscoe can make this kid a player when your on coaches could not…get a life!!

  12. Appears it is time to put this one in the cooler for a while and let everyone cool off…

    We can all come back later on today and talk about tonight’s games as they unfold and become final…

    And until then, break time….

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