Friday Night High School Football Scoring Desk – September 18, 2015

Update # 9 – 11:07 PM – Good Night

Our Game One of the Week – Southern Guilford at Ragsdale – Re-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio (Stream 1) with Andy Durham and Dennis White. Listen on the Internet or at the Stadium on 97.7 FM.
Our Game Two of the Week – Northeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford – Re-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio (Stream 2) with Kris Walser and Coach Steele. Listen on the Internet or at the Stadium on 97.7 FM.

Southern Guilford (3-2) – 21
Ragsdale (1-4) – 17

Northeast Guilford (0-5) – 16
Eastern Guilford (3-1) – 22

East Forsyth (5-0) – 43
Grimsley (2-3) – 0

Page (5-0) – 56
WS Reagan (3-2) – 50

Dudley (5-0) – 47
Pine Forest (2-3) – 7

West Forsyth (3-2) – 45
High Point Central (2-3) – 13

Southern Alamance (2-3) – 21
Southwest Guilford (2-3) – 14

High Point Andrews (3-1) – 36
Burlington Cummings (0-5) – 10

Orange (5-0) – 51
Western Guilford (0-5) – 7

High Point Christian Academy (4-1) – 28
Concord First Assembly (2-2) – 9

Bishop McGuinness (2-3) – 40
South Stokes (0-5) – 13

Reynolds – 7
Glenn – 42

East Davidson – 10
Wheatmore – 19

Mt. Tabor – 47
North Forsyth – 13

Western Alamance – 44
Burlington Williams – 0

Eastern Alamnce – 31
Morehead – 13

Teams Not In Action This Week
Northwest Guilford(Open)
Southeast Guilford(Open)

Thursday Final
Northern Guilford 13
Reidsville 10

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  1. Page is up 27-21 after a blocked PAT

    Reports saying Javon Leake looks injured but he has scored 3 TDs already.

  2. PAGE leads Reagan 35-21. Great defense to stop Reagan, and after a sloppy two first plays by Page, Will Jones throws a perfect 33 yard pass to Polite for the TD. 2-point conversion is good.

  3. Even though we won, I am very disappointed in Easterns performance tonight against Northeast. No one’s head has in the right place and there seemed to be a lack of motivation from the coaching staff besides when the players made an outstanding play. I’m not on the sidelines myself, but this is just a spectator and long term Wildcat fan’s opinion.

  4. Andy- Thanks for the article on the former Page Pirates. I shared the link and it was good to know that you guys are still following them. Again, thanks!

  5. Another big win for Page, now have to focus on Easy Forsyth next week, if they get pass EF I’m looking forward to the Page/Dudley game

  6. Grimsley was flat out dominated by East Forsyth. Once #1 Beal for East took the opening offensive play something like 80 yards for a TD we pack it in. I know EF is a special team but they are really good when we dont fight at all.

  7. Looks like Page offense and defense fell asleep before the game was over. Page and East Forsyth both undefeated looking forward to next week game. Let’s Go Pirates!

  8. I was there and Reagan’s offense is pretty dang good! They had Page on the ropes…If they had a defense they could be a top team in the State.

  9. Thought yall was gonna need a WIN? Oh yeah you do you 0-5! Get in the win column we’ll listen then. Comical!

  10. I have been involved in high school athletics for 20 plus years…I would be honored to have Tommy Norwood coach my sons!

  11. To Concerned….. You speak with no idea of what you speaking of. You’re busted on your lie. Coach Norwoods son DID participate ALL 4 YEARS he was at Ragsdale. He stood on the sideline helping and learning his fathers coaching style and professionalism. All the while you sat idle in the stands demeaning this great man and coach. His son was/is a student coaching assistant at App. From the officials stand point, I’ve know him for 25 years. A great coach, an even better man.

  12. I can’t even imagine someone would come on here stating it’s time for a man like Coach Norwood to move on. The man had a much better showing in the playoff game with Charlotte Vance last season than many other local programs with better records and gets the most out of the crop of players he has available. There’s a school up on the northern part of the county that would LOVE to have their longtime winning coach back right about now. Be careful about what you ask for….

  13. Anyone who criticizes Coach Norwood has just plain lost their mind. He is a wonderful coach. High School football relies on experienced players and studs to win and some years you just don’t have those two coincide. ragsdale should be fine for the future. Maybe if you have been a Ragsdale parent for the past 10 years it’s time for you to take a hike. These coaches put too much time and get paid far too little for people like you to attack their ability and family. If you don’t like a decision then by all means comment on it but otherwise shut up. I’m glad there have been posts defending Tommy and I call for all of Ragsdale Nation to stand up for the doubters who tear down rather than build up.

  14. To all the NW players and new coaches who like to call us old NW players out in the News and Record week after week saying New Breed or whatever the heck it is. Saying we were slack and didn’t work hard and all. How bout win some Conference Championships first! Me and my teammates won 3 in 4 years! Our old breed hung banners! Do us a favor quit talking crap about the foundation that was built. So Far all that swag hasn’t hung a banner so until you do Shut up and just play football! Y’all know it’s possible to be your own team without crapping on the history week after week everytime you get asked a question by a reporter!!

  15. Just got back in here and saw what concerned had to say…I am concerned about concerned…

    Coach Tommy Norwood’s record speaks for itself and for right now, current day, Ragsdale is not getting the players they used to get…Some of the numbers are down and all the way down to the Jamestown youth programs there is need for a rebuild…

    Some of the Ragsdale fans are restless, but don’t blame it on Coach Norwood…I have followed him since back when he was with Southeast and the man has come a long way and he is one of the best influences that we have coaching today…

    His son was on the sidelines all four years in high school and he chose to be a coach and not a player and he paid his dues and he has been a graduate assistant on the college level at Appalachian…

    Coach Norwood’s son knows the game better than I do and I feel like I know it pretty good and could play it pretty well, but I can’t coach it…Coaching and playing are two different things…

    Some football men are coach-ready and some are playing ready and Coach Norwood and his son can only coach what they have to work with and the program is down…

    It is not their fault…They don’t draw up the districts, they take who they have to work and go with it…

    The QB spot is going through a major re-build…

    You better be thankful for Coach Norwood and his family…What they have done at Ragsdale has been servitude…They have served that community…

    You might get a new coach in there in the future, but I bet you won’t see them there for the time that Coach Tommy Norwood has spent there in Jamestown…

    Coaches are more than coaches, they are teachers too and they must teach your kids to be ready to face the other team/side on Friday night and also teach your kids to be ready to go to work in their life after football….

    Coach Tommy Norwood is a part of Guilford County high school football history and he has been there for your children and that still means a lot today….

    We need to get away from this kind of crazy talk that might hurt our coaches….

    When you join the army, you support the Commander-in-Chief….

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