JV Football Games Tonight for Guilford County(9/24/15) and one Varsity team ready for action

Games for the local Guilford County area for TONIGHT….All kickoffs set for 7pm unless noted otherwise….
Varsity Game tonight set for 7:30pm:Eastern Guilford(3-1) at McMichael(2-3)

JV games unless we learn that this might be endowment weeks for some teams…..
East Forsyth at Page
High Point Central vs. High Point Andrews at Simeon Stadium
Western Alamance at Northern Guilford
Southeast Guilford at Southwest Guilford
Northwest Guilford at Grimsley
Southern Guilford at North Forsyth
Smith at Burlington Cummings
Ledford at Western Guilford
Bishop McGuinness at North Stokes

*****JV’s on Monday night September 28:McMichael at Eastern Guilford 6pm*****

Northeast Guilford(Open)
High Point Christian Academy(Open)


  1. I am going to have to remember to quit flipping SEG in my reverse the JV-Varsity scenario….


  2. @Falcon1 – when is the expected completion date? I think Coach Tyree and Fritz got the raw end of the deal in this! As much as Tyree does for the track community in Guilford County it’s a shame that he was one of the last ones to get his track replaced! It also sucks for Fritz and his boys to have to play all of their games on the road. In tough situations, playing at home in familiar surroundings and in front of the home crowd makes a difference! This situation is absolutely shameful and you don’t have to be a Southeast supporter to see it!

  3. At least S.E.G. is getting renovations. Smith has the worst facilities in G.C.. Sometimes it seems that G.C. forgets that Smith represents G.C.S. also.
    When other schools come to play in Greensboro,I’m sure they can see how some schools are favored over others!!!

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