When are you “old enough” to get ‘The Call’???

Today’s question of the day is, “When are you old enough to get ‘The Call’???”

from Sunday’s Carolina Panthers-New Orleans Saints’ game with Jonathan Jones from the Charlotte Observer:

The NFL’s vice president of officiating said Monday that referee Ed Hochuli adamantly denies telling Panthers quarterback Cam Newton he was “not old enough” to get a late-hit call in Sunday’s 27-22 win against the New Orleans Saints.

Dean Blandino said on NFL Network that he had talked with Hochuli, one of the league’s most well-known referees, and the veteran official denied uttering those words.

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Not sure how much direct audio Dean Blandino, the NFL’s vice president of officiating has, but it sounds like he is basing a decision on reading lips and now this becomes Cam’s word vs. Ed Hochuli’s word and where do you think this will go now???

Ed Hochuli, one of the league’s most well-known referees vs. 5th-year NFL player, Cam Newton…..

The question does remain out there and makes you wonder, “When are you old enough to get ‘The Call’???”………


  1. Cam doesn’t get calls because of his size and athletic ability. If he was a small guy and got knocked around he would get more calls. It’s different rules for Brady and Manning cause the hits look more violent and aggressive. The NFL refs should treat all QBs the same!

  2. Cam Newton probably needs to let it go. I think I heard he actually has received the MOST calls. Of course, he runs a lot more than most which I am sure has some impact. Don’t mess with the refs. Calling out Hochuli was a mistake no matter what really happened.

  3. A call is a call regardless of who it is for. This ref was being unprofessional and should be deducted for his behavior. A ref should not make up the rules based on their opinion without notice. Football is an extremely tough game and the quarterbacks must be protect or the whole game goes down. Cam did not call the ref out – he simply answered the question the way the ref gave to him. The ref is the one with the problem.

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