High School Football Tonight for now

Varsity: Thursday
*****[Eastern Guilford at Morehead 6pm]*****
*****[Northwest Guilford at Reidsville 7pm]*****
*****[Rockingham County at Burlington Williams 7pm]*****
*****[Southern Guilford at Western Guilford 7pm]*****

*****[Southeast Guilford at Ragsdale 7pm]*****
*****[Northeast Guilford at McMichael 7pm]*****
*****[Eastern Alamance at Northern Guilford 7:30pm]*****

JV’s Tonight/Thursday at 7pm, unless we hear of more changes…..
Smith at High Point Andrews
Northern Guilford at Eastern Alamance
Winston-Salem Prep at Bishop McGuinness
High Point Christian at Metrolina Christian

JV Football Finals from Wednesday night:
Final:Northeast Guilford 44, McMichael 18
NEG now (3-1) overall and (2-1) in the Mid-State 3-A Conference…
Southern Alamance 56, Graham 20
SA Patriots are 4-1 on the season

Thursday soccer update from Northwest Guilford HS:
Today’s varsity soccer game vs. High Point Central has been moved to 5:30pm at NWHS.

The JV soccer game with HP Central today has been postponed.

Soccer Update from Ragsdale High School:
Tonight’s Men’s JV and Varsity Soccer games (Ragsdale @ SW Guilford) have been postponed. These games will be made up on Oct. 19 (JV’s @ 5:30PM and Varsity @ 7:00PM)

5 thoughts on “High School Football Tonight for now

  1. On the weather from the Guilford County Schools:

    GCS Leaders:

    Please make sure to use the weather radios assigned to schools and other means to stay on top of the weather the rest of this week and moving into the weekend. The primary concern is heavy rain, which can cause flooding in urban areas as well as power outages from downed trees and tree limbs. See attached information for more details as well as the note below from the County Emergency Management director. Updates will be shared as we receive them, but as weather can change quickly in different parts of the county it’s important that school leaders and building managers stay on top of the conditions in their areas and not wait for/rely on notification from central or regional offices.

  2. Eastern Alamance at Northern Guilford Varsity has been moved to Monday night at 7:30pm…

    Tonight’s JV Football game (SE Guilford @ Ragsdale) has been cancelled.

  3. Is there any question who the starting QB at NW Guilford should be? Big win for the Vikings!

  4. Sounds like both young men played and the team won and what more can you say about that….Team is winning and that is good and the coach knows what is best for HIS team…

    Teams wins with a good team effort and that is all that counts…Turner led the receivers and some nights it goes that way and the team wins and that is all that matters…

  5. I agree Andy that the coach knows whats best. I really think that both QBs played very bad tonight. I just wish that Coach Rolfes would pick one guy and go with him. I know he gives Jake Smith most the reps during the week so why take him out and go to Homol? If you’re going to go with Homol give him the reps during the week then give the kid a shot. I also think its tough for the offense to get in a great Rhythm when you constantly switch QBs.

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