Looking ahead toward some of those big High School Football Games for this week

Games are really flying by and moving fast with only 4 weeks left/remaining on the regular season schedule…Some the action coming up this week already….All games based on MaxPreps schedules and games will kickoff at 7:30pm….

Southern Guilford(6-2) at Asheboro(6-1)
Grimsley(2-5) at Page(6-1)
Dudley(6-1) at Southern Alamance(4-3)
Southeast Guilford(5-2) at Smith(1-6)
High Point Central(2-5) at Northwest Guilford(6-1)
Eastern Guilford(4-3) at Northern Guilford(4-3)
Ragsdale(1-6) at Southwest Guilford(2-5)
Northeast Guilford(1-6) at Burlington Williams(3-5)
Randleman(3-3) at High Point Andrews(6-1)
Bishop McGuinness(3-5) at Mounty Airy(5-2)
Southlake Christian(0-2) at High Point Christian Academy(5-1)

Western Guilford(1-7) OPEN


  1. Maxprep is wrong . HPCA plays at home. It’s HPCA Homecoming. HPCA has some athletes. Taylor, Hendley, Smith, Fischvogt and others.

  2. From what I can tell those High Point Christian players that were mentioned are very good players and could play for most of our high schools around here….Some have in the past and kids like Taylor and Tyeren Melton from HPCA have been putting up some very impressive numbers, no matter who the competion is and they(HPCA) beat Bishop McGuinness if I am not mistaken and Bishop is at (3-5)…Not sure if that (0-2) from Southlake is their complete record, MaxPreps may behind a game or two on them…

    There was a time when there were a lot more private schools playing HS football with Greensboro Day, Kerwin Christian, Woodland Christian and there was a school named Emerywood/Eastwood or something in that neighborhood all playing football back in the 70’s and on into the 80’s but have been gone for a good while…And I think that one school was Edgewood from over in and around Winston-Salem and Kernersville…

    I think you have to commend High Point Christian for keeping the private school football going..It gives kids a chance to play and you don’t have many teams to play here in the Triad, with most of the privates being down around the Charlotte area with Charlotte Christian, Charlotte Latin, Providence Day and others…Bishop is private, but they are playing the NCHSAA schedule and the same for Cardinal Gibbons and Charlotte Catholic, with both Catholic and Gibbons now 4-A schools….

  3. HPCA needs to get in with the NCHSAA and become a member school the way Charlotte Catholic is and start playing some real teams in the Triad area. I would like to see them play smaller schools like HP Andrews, Reidsville and then we could see how good they really are.

  4. Look out for the Vikings! We are sitting at 6-1 right now and with another Homol at QB this team is clicking right now.

  5. The culture of refereeing has reached epic proportions of lunacy. I won’t be surprised if some upsets occur at the expense of miscues by the striped shirts.

    This is the best blog in the county. Sometimes I think it’s Greensboro Page’s blog featuring other teams from around the triad area.

  6. The refereeing has really been bad this season I agree. Our team had a field goal block this season and the ref’s placed the ball where it hit the ground. That’s crazy. Also, we have been told the tie goes to the offense on a ball held by both offense and defense.

  7. Let’s NOT give folks any ideas with local privates and high school football considering the level of play in basketball between the local publics.

  8. Whoa, Mr Roe don’t be so upset if u want to leave a comment for the school you represent then you’re more than welcome to do so,me like most who come to this website enjoy reading about the talent around the triad not only PAGE, anyway enough of that I would like to see Reidsville play a school around here besides northern how bout Grimsley, Page,Dudley and before anyone says anything negative their definitely a powerhouse in football

  9. Nah, This use to be full of Northern Guilford fans but they all went into hiding now that they’ve found out that Johnny Roscoe is an average coach when he has Normal kids from Summerfield and not 4 D-1 kids playing 3A Football every year. Better hope he doesn’t retire soon Northern fans cause when he does all you’ll have is Summerfield kids. You’ll still get back up players who get mad at the coaches at NW and their parents will move them to Northern. You’ll look like a smaller version of NW Guilford. Now NW will continue to get better cause they have gotten pretty good at getting transfers in the off-season. Guess if you can’t beat em Join em right Vikings? Haha!

    The Man, The Myth, The Legend! Just Sayin!

  10. We have a perfectly good site here to prop up schools and talk positive about kids and coach yet there are still some ignorant dads that want to live through their kids because they never were the athlete their kids are. I will talk positively about my son and his teammates. I’m a proud dad of son who plays linebacker and fullback for the HPCA Cougars.

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