Florida Gators’ QB Will Grier(Davidson Day) suspended for the season for PED’s

from Twitter:
BREAKING – Source: Florida QB Will Grier suspended for season after positive PED test.

Grier, from Davidson Day near Charlotte, has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs…Grier has thrown for over 1,200 yards and 10 TD’s this season….

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  1. Have you seen the list of banned substances by the NCAA 77? It is very vague outside of saying anabolic substances…..It also says that anything related to substances on their list is also banned. Here’s a good one For example hydrochlorothiazide is a banned substance by the NCAA and is considered performance enhancing (PEDs doesn’t mean STEROIDS and HGH). That is what most doctors mix with other drugs such as Lisinopril for High Blood Pressure. He tested positive for PEDs. That means it could be one of a million different items the NCAA considers to be Performance Enhancing not Steroids. Half the stuff you can buy over the counter at GNC is banned on the list. If the kid goes in and talks to the guy at the counter and says “Hey I need to bulk up quick” He hooks you up with stuff that is perfectly legal to buy in the US and you could use in High School. Steroids are illegal and I doubt he was shooting up knowing how strict the NCAA is with Drug testing now. Also, why would he do that and risk his entire future? So, with all that being said why should the entire school and every other player have to forfeit every game? If anything the punishment is way too harsh! He should have a 4-6 game suspension for being a first time offender and put on probation for the rest of his college career with triple the random drug screens of other NCAA student athletes. A full 365 for a possible over the counter PED is INSANE! I know what he did was stupid and deserves a punishment but to basically end his college playing career for a possible honest mistake is crazy

  2. “Really” If he wants to buck up he needs to do it the old fashioned way..Pinto Beans, Biscuits, and Barbells. The University of Florida has some of the best facilities in the country, they also do research in body chemical composition…THEY INVENTED GATORADE. There was reason for Will Grier to do what he did. His father should have known what he was doing was not wise.

  3. I agree and I bet that Will agrees that what he did was stupid. I just think that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. 365 days is a little harsh for a possible otc substance. Like I said 4-6 games and probation would be better IMO. I think this could have just killed his entire college career. UF will continue to roll and he may never get another chance. Like I said HE should be punished but I think the suspension is a little bit too much. Especially when you see NFL players get popped their first time and only get 4 games…If he was a repeat offender and it was an anabolic substance that wasn’t OTC I could see the 365 being ok.

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