JV Football Tonight with 10/15/15 Finals before and after 10pm:Southern Guilford Storm and Page Pirates still Unbeaten

Full Guilford County lineup of scores…+++++
Here’s the first one for you:
Page 50,Grimsley 6
Page now (6-0) and Grimsley (0-7)….
Dudley 30, Southern Alamance 26
Dudley(5-1) and Southern Alamance(5-2)….Turned out to an outstanding game…
Smith 24 Southeast Guilford 14
Forgive me for sounding like a crazy man, but this Smith-SEG score, really gets my attention in a hurry…SEG now (2-4) and not sure about the Smith record, but looks like the Golden Eagles might be coming on….Smith Golden Eagles coming on to the tune of a (4-3) record right now and moving up…
Northeast Guilford 38, Burlington Williams 22
NEG now at (6-1) on the season…
Southern Guilford 38, Asheboro 14
Southern Guilford now (8-0)
Southwest Guilford 14, Ragsdale 12
SWG now at (6-1) in 2015…Ragsdale falls to (2-4)…
High Point Andrews 26, Randleman 12
This win sends HP Andrews to (4-3) for the year….
Eastern Guilford 22, Northern Guilford 6
Eastern Guilford Wildcats now at (4-2) on the season…
Northwest Guilford 21, High Point Central 14
Northwest Guilford now at (4-2) this season….
Western Guilford(OPEN)
*****Looking for more and still searching….*****

Here’s what we are missing/looking for…..
Mount Airy at Bishop McGuinness
High Point Christian Academy at Southlake Christian


  1. Good effort tonight by both teams. For the most part Dudley dominated this game but, turned the ball over 5 times. Ball security young men! Dudley left at least 3 TDs on the field tonight. All 3 were in the red zone.


  3. On another note Dudley’s Soccer team has beaten Southern Alamance twice this week. Monday in a 3-2 makeup home game that went to OT, and last night with a 4-nil win in Graham.

    Dudley won 0 games last year and not many the year before that. They have a new coach who seems to be turning things around.

    Go Panthers!!!!!!!!!

  4. Coaching change hahahaha Grimsley has gone through more coaching changes in the past 15 years than any other school in the area. Ok from 2000-2015 Grimsley has had 7 coaches. Stewart, Cannt remeber who was after stewart, Shuping, Saunders, Samek, Corio, now Neal. All of the ones before Neal were run off or left because of the Cluster that was Grimsley. Grimsley even had Mike Springston as assistant AD and ran him off. So there is your Greensboro High history lesson from 2000-2015. You might want to keep Neal because he might be the only guy who really wants and can put up with the crap of the Grimsley job

  5. High Point Andrews soccer team is 6-4-2 and 3-1 in conference good for second right now. Finished next to last place last year have 2 new Coaches seems to be turning things around from last year. Go Raiders!!!!!!!

  6. Coach Neal is the man for the job right and now and they have had some crazy bad luck with injuries over the past couple of seasons, especially at quarterback, starter lost for the year again this year and the backup out as well and that doesn’t make your job any easier…

    Got to roll up your sleeves and keep on rolling, when you lose your key players there is not much else you can do except fire off the line and move forward…

    Much easier on us to just sit back and talk about it, the coaches have to deal with it on a daily basis and Coach Neal will deal and he will be coaching football for many years to come because he is dedicated to the cause and he is not in it for the glory or he would have been down the road and gone a long time before this…Got to stay with and stick with your troops….A lot of the same thing has happened over at Ragsdale with young players and inexperience and the Tigers have only won one game this season and a few years back they were averaging 12 wins a year over a three-year span…True coaches and true leaders stick with cause and sometimes you have to make changes and adjust and then you move ahead when times get tough and the that is when the real tests begin….Hang in and stick with the men and the women for that matter that are leading you…

    It also makes you appreciate the good years when the happen and never take the time of success for granted…There were times when Dudley and Page both were struggling but they got it all together and look how far the Northwest Guilford program has come over the years….

    We have seen the ups and the downs and by this stage of the year many fans are wishing back toward the first day of August and they would like to start all over again…We saw Dudley and Page both on the same scrimmage field back in August and just look how far both of those teams have come…Teams like Western and Northeast Guilford are just glad to be getting their first wins of the season and here we are in mid-October…

    This has sort of been like a preamble or dissertation, but just a few more thoughts on this Friday morning and I will leave them here and try and go get those games listed…

    Much of what we are doing is observing the whole layout of the teams and looking for and waiting for what the final product will be in November….

    Carry on, but stick with your teams…And again it is easy for all us to sit back and observe and talk at length about it, but the coaches and the players have to go out and lay it on the line every day and then do it for real, every Friday night….

  7. “HPA SAID said,

    HPA SAID said,

    High Point Andrews soccer team is 6-4-2 and 3-1 in conference good for second right now. Finished next to last place last year have 2 new Coaches seems to be turning things around from last year. Go Raiders!!!!!!!

    That’s funny because our new coach is the old coach from Andrews. Guess that’s the trash and treasure rule. While i can say that I don’t agree with his coaching style and methods (screaming at the top of his lungs berating players on the field) He has instilled a winning philosophy on the pitch. Something they haven’t had in years.

    GO PANTHERS!!!!!

  8. Good to get that positive news about High Point Andrews and the Red Raiders’ soccer team…Congrats to Mr. Derek Anderson his coaches and the program…Wanted to call AD Anderson, Coach Anderson, but he is Athletic Director Anderson now and doing a good job with that HPA athletic program….

  9. Good news on that Dudley soccer pitch too…Sounds like they are turning things around and I still remember the days back when Coach Craig Kabatchnik was there and the dedication he showed to that Panther soccer program was mind-boggling…Good to hear things are on the upswing with several of our area teams…

  10. Antispin

    You missed a coach! Darrell Force

    Neal (2013-2015) (10-20)
    Coiro (2010-2012) (8-24)
    Samek (2009) (3-8)
    Saunders (2007-2008) (15-9)
    Shuping (2003-2006) (34-8)
    Force (2001-2002) (6-17)
    Stewart (1999-2000) (9-12-1)
    Smouse (1984-1998) (95-80-1)

  11. What gets me is that Smouse left and continued to coach and do well, Stewart I think was a HC for Tabor and went to the state title game, Shuping left and did a great job at Providence Grove, Saunders left and is in PA somewhere, Samek Left had some success at SW Randolph, Corio went back to NJ. Thing is they have had some good coaches come through and I think that they got one in there now. Grimsley has passed it’s athletic prime perhaps

  12. Let the Grimsley Coach do his Job ! You will never have a strong program by changing coaches like you do pants!!

  13. 2018 Zeke Rush & 2018 Nigel Fitzgerald are two really big play-makers on Dudley JV, can’t wait to see what their future holds next year

  14. What Grimsley needs is former NEG HC Tommy Pursley or former NWG head coach Joe Woodruff. They need a coach that would put them in a triple option or Wing T and build and actual system. I know Pursley is up in the Mountains coaching but what ever happened to Coach Woodruff? He took NW from the basement to the top of their conference after years of losing.

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