Perkins and Dillard (Greensboro Day School) taking visit to East Carolina this weekend.

from Rick Lewis at the Phenom Hoop Report by way of Twitter:
Rick Lewis ?@Coach_Rick57 Oct 13 Statesville, NC
Jordan Perkins and Will Dillard (Greensboro Day) will be taking an unofficial basketball visit to ECU this weekend.

Who’s that coaching hoops down at East Carolina University these days? Jeff Lebo, right???


  1. Interesting that you only hear about players at the private schools doing stuff such as this in basketball. When was the last time you were hearing about public school players doing the same. Is this something that is pushed harder at the private schools because of the added opportunities with players or just the result of the private schools having talent so much better overall.

  2. Here’s one:

    Jalen Spicer(Northwest Guilford HS) headed to UNCG Spartan Madness on Thursday Night

  3. I agree with the Spicer kid putting one in the win column for the public schools and I could also see his teammate Turner doing the same. However there seems to be few examples that we can find in basketball left in the public schools. I could see Hooker for Dudley (but mostly for football) and I can see future players such as the Langley twins over at SW (but I don’t think they will stay public). The question still remains – is this a function of the private schools having more access? or just the lack of talent left in the public school or even the lack of public school coaches reaching out to college coaches? There is no doubt that GDS, WES and HPC currently have more college players on each of their rosters than the rest of Guilford Co public schools combined. This is true or happening for a reason. I don’t have a kid in those private schools but I am wondering if there is truly a significant benefit at those type of schools that the public schools can’t offer or are not focused on. Any opinions?

  4. It’s plain and simple: If you’re good enough the college coaches will find you. These days you can play for any school (private, public, homeschool), and if you’re good enough they’ll find you!!

    If the Kentucky’s and the Duke’s are not talking to a recruit by at least their junior season, 99 percent of the time he is not good enough.

    It’s time to stop worrying about where you play, etc. Because at the end of the day IF YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH THEY’LL FIND YOU!!

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