Friday Night Finish and a few surprises this evening:Top Ten Countdown

The games that got my attention were:
1)The High Point Central win over Northwest Guilford….The Bison defeat NWG at Northwest and that sort of changes the last meeting of the season with East Forsyth at Northwest…HP Central moved Geoffrey Wall to QB last week and it looks like that move is paying off for Central….
2)Southeast Guilford and Smith and that 28-25 final…SEG wins it, but I never dreamed this game would be that close, although the Smith JV’s defeated SEG on Thursday night 24-14….Smith has showed signs of improvement this year and the Golden Eagles just took the SEG Falcons to the wire….Hoping that SEG will get the chance to be back home for this first time in 2015 next Friday night as they are set to host the Southern Alamance Patriots…
3)Ragsdale falling at Southwest Guilford….I felt the Tigers had a great chance to go in and take one from the SWG Cowboys tonight, but my feeling is, if Jaren Rainey was back full steam for SWG, that makes the Cowboys and totally different team….Rainey can run and Rainey can pass….He is the dual threat dream and he must have made a nightmare out of Ragsdale’s trip to High Point and ‘The Corral’ this evening…
4)I was surprised that the Grimsley Whirlie fans did not fill up their side over at Marion Kirby Stadium this eveing…When the game was played at Grimsley, the Page fans turned out in droves….Page seemed to enjoy the setting at their place and they made the most out of a great opportunity to host the Page-Grimsley game on this Friday night and Rusty Lee and his staff did a super job of having everything laid out and all seemed to run real smooth at Page tonight….
5)I continue to be surprised by Diondre Overton from Page….He might be just as good at DB as he is at wide receiver….This kid can play on both sides of the ball and he took a cheap shot in the end of his touchdown run tonight and he did not deserve that junk….
6)Was pleasantly surprised with the Southern Guilford over Asheboro 21-7 score….Was expecting maybe a 6 point game or something even closer….Great job Storm to go on the road and get that clear-cut “W” in Asheboro and give the Blue Comets just their second loss of the season….
7)Was surprised that Northeast Guilford didn’t have more for Burlington Williams tonight and I thought NEG had a very good chance to pull of the upset in this game, down in Burlington….Rams needed that one to hit that #2 spot in the win column and this was a chance/shot that seems to gone by the wayside…
8)I would not be surprised if C.J. Freeman run for well over 100 yards and scored at least 3 touchdowns tonight in the Northern Guilford Nighthawks victory over Eastern Guilford…It is time for Caleb Freeman to start stepping up and to lead his team on strong direct route into the 3-AA playoffs…Coach Johnny Roscoe hit career win #298 tonight and win #300 is just around the corner and you can what you will, but 300 careers wins is very impressive, I don’t care where you are from and who you have been playing….10 wins a year for 30 years and you are there and just over 7 wins a season for 40 years will get you there and this would not be an easy task….
9)A good surprise with Hendon Hooker at 7 TD’s and loads of yards tonight in the Dudley Panthers win over Southern Alamance and the Panthers got the shutout, which is a great reward for the defense…..On Hooker’s night he threw for 317 yards for 6 TD’s and added another TD on a 42-yard rush. That Hooker-Jones Battle/Page-Dudley Battle is looking pretty for two from tonight at Dudley….
10)I will try and get some more stats and numbers to add to our list that have started now and will continue on with stats and numbers in our upcoming Saturday Morning Rewind and I am surprised that I am finished with the Friday Night Finish and it is only 11:43……


  1. First time in forever that southwest beat ragsdale. I figured this would be the year to do it. I don’t think Norwood had ever lost to them. Time to start a new streak next year.

  2. Ok, fantastic SWG, you squeaked out one against a terrible Ragsdale team. Next week, you will know who you truly are. Yes you are playing the best team in the area. East Forsyth will have 42 on you before halftime next week. Remember who coaches your defense……look at how bad EF has beaten you the past 5 seasons. The QB there will be shut down like every other QB that has faced the EF defense. If any of you out there have seen this East Forsyth football team this season, you would have a pretty hard time convensing me otherwise. Not even you Andy Durham, can dispute how good this EF football team is.

  3. Andy, you talked about what happened for everyone but for NG you talked about what should happen. I guess you and outgrew will effectually come to understand that Feehan is not the only played they have. they have a team and not just stars this year v and when he does not have a great game others step up. Not a word about their 35 – 7 win tonight or who scored. actually don’t think cj scored tonight.

  4. Funny when Northern Fans are mad cause they aint getting props for beating Eastern Guilford. WOW!!!! CONGRATS NORTHERN FANS FOR BEATING A TEAM YOU SHOULD’VE BEAT BY 50

  5. Say what, did that loss to Southwest really sting that bad tonight? Let them celebrate, it’s the first time since Southwest has beaten Ragsdale since 1997, and there’s something to be said for that, even if it was against a “terrible Ragsdale team” I personally disagree that this year’s Ragsdale team is terrible. I think that if they would actually throw the ball, targeting Boykins and Bryce Craig more, and didn’t give the ball to Drayton on every play, they’d have a lot more wins. Let Southwest enjoy their win. We all know that East is going to beat them. No need to be a sore loser and attack someone who is happy about beating their rivals for the first time in 18 years

  6. NG does have others but I have always seen Freeman as the leader both vocally and with his work on the field in recent seasons…Take nothing away from Timmons, Maynard, Simmons, Moser and the others they do their job too, but you always have to have a firestarter and Freeman has been that and I hope they can keep the fire going….

    What they need now are results and those will lead to more ‘W’s….

  7. I’m really looking forward to two weeks from now when Dudley meets those Page Pirates, to determine the conference title. Going to be a great game!

  8. Wyatt, First off yes SWG should enjoy that win. Yes Ragsdale IS terrible this season. Finally, Southwest may not finish last for once. I am not a sore loser, I don’t pull for Ragsdale. I live in SWG district, and have had kids graduate from there. The reality of it all is, and this I the opinion of others that I have spoke with as well.

    *****We appreciate your readership, but we want to stay away from bashing and blasting the coaches…Wyatt is a writer for our site and was just giving his opinions/insight and we appreciate yours as well, but we want to work to support the coaches and the job they are working to do with their teams and schools…Ragsdale is having a rough year and we support them in their effort to get it turned around and for this week, SWG is the better team and look at what HP Central did, the conference could get very interesting the rest of the way and with the exception of East Forsyth, there could be some real battles for post season opportunities….*****

  9. Looks like someone had their feelings hurt by SW or maybe it’s something personal against the DC. They did just beat a rival school that they had lost to for almost 20 years. Let the kids have fun and enjoy it! That senior class at SW will be able to say they beat Ragsdale now for the rest of their life! As for East Forsyth we all know they’re a different animal. But this weekend the SW Fans need to enjoy the big win and strap them up and see what happens next week! Good Luck and way to go SWG!

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