Friday Night High School Scoring Desk – October 16, 2015

Update # 10 – 10:16 PM – All Finals – Goodnight

Our Game One of the Week – Grimsley at Page – RE-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio (Stream 1) with Andy Durham and Dennis White. Listen on the Internet or at the Stadium on 97.7 FM.
Our Game Two of the Week – Northeast Guilford at Burlington Williams – RE-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio (Stream 2) with Kris Walser and Coach Steele. Listen on the Internet or at the Stadium on 97.7 FM.

Grimsley (2-6) – 0
Page (7-1) – 42

Southern Guilford (7-2) – 21
Asheboro (6-2) – 7

Dudley (7-1) – 55
Southern Alamance (4-4) – 0

Southeast Guilford (6-2) – 28
Smith (1-7) – 25

High Point Central (3-5) – 21
Northwest Guilford (6-2) – 19

Eastern Guilford (4-4) – 7
Northern Guilford (5-3) – 35

Ragsdale (1-7) – 15
Southwest Guilford (3-5) – 21

Northeast Guilford (1-7) – 0
Burlington Williams (4-5) – 23

Randleman (3-4) – 7
High Point Andrews (7-1) – 34

Bishop McGuinness (3-6) – 0
Mount Airy (6-2) – 48

Southlake Christian (0-3) – 7
High Point Christian Academy (6-1) – 54

Glenn (4-4) – 0
East Forsyth (8-0) – 42

Rockingham County (4-5) – 3
Western Alamance (6-2) – 38

McMichael – 26
Morehead – 47

Reidsville – 15
Burlington Cummings – 7

Western Guilford (OPEN)

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37 thoughts on “Friday Night High School Scoring Desk – October 16, 2015

  1. Heck of a job by Grimsley in the first half. They have intercepted Will Jones twice. Who knows, if Malik Stimpson was in the lineup tonight for the Whirlies this could be a whole different game!

  2. Page 35
    Grimsley 0
    2:25 left in third quarter
    Honeymoon is over for the Whirlies. Page is all business now.

  3. Fourth quarter 10 min left

    Page 42
    Grimsley 0
    Clock is running; slaughter rule in effect

  4. Final score:

    Page 42
    Grimsley 0

    Grimsley held Page scoreless until well into the second quarter. But Page was just too much for them.

  5. I’m a page guy through and through. But the Whirlies came to play tonight. Yeah in the end we were too much for me, but still they didn’t back down. Grimsley fans should be ashamed, they didn’t even fill their bleachers during one of the most hyped games in the nation.You gotta support your boys better than that! I was mad for those Grimsley kids. Smh

  6. Dudley final score was 55-0 over Southern Alamance. Dudley defense did not give up a FIRST DOWN all evening to the patriotson their homecoming. Hendon Hooker had 7 touchdowns tonight. He threw for 317 yards for 6 Tds and added another 42 yard rush.

  7. WOW, the lost to Richmond Co must have gotten Dudley’s attention. The corrected final score is 55-0 Dudley. Southern Alamance never crossed the 50 yard line the entire game. Dudley’s defense did not give up a first down all night, impressive! All the scoring was done by the offense of Dudley which looked like a well oiled machine tonight.

  8. I think Page was overconfident. Obviously Grimsley was not daunted by the Page home stadium or by Page’s black uniforms. I would think the unis fired Grimsley up. Why change uniforms? Kind of dumb and unnecessary. You do the black for a game against a worthy opponent, not a 2 win team that has not scored more than 10 points against you in years. But the Whirlies WERE worthy opponents– for a quarter and a half. But Page this was your wake up call. You start off this poorly against Dudley and it’s YOU who will be on the wrong end of a butt whipping.

  9. Page did not share the proceeds of the game with Grimsley so don’t come over with your hands out next year.

    Sorry about that $7k you wasted on bleachers that didn’t pass inspection. As I said before this game at Page was a huge mistake for both teams.

  10. And you know about the bleachers how, G Fan?

    You sound like a spoiled kid who if he won’t get his way will take his ball and go home.

    And here I’m taking the high road praising Grimsley for a solid effort.

  11. Hey Gfan, you don’t know of what you speak of bud. Bleachers had no problems, maybe that’s why people and band members were sitting in them. Both Varsity and JV beat you badly. Take the loss and deal with it!
    And BTW, the bleachers DID NOT cost $7000. They were rented. Whatever pipeline you get your info from has some serious problems!

  12. To the Page dad, thanks for listening and that was a fun game to be around tonight…Very good halftime interview with Dennis White talking with Page principal Faison…

  13. @ricky Roma- I somewhat understand your sentiment about the black jerseys. But I kinda liked it. It was good for school spirit. The kids/players were rereeeeaaly excited. They had been hoping they could do it all week sonit was for the students I guess.

    I also get what you mean when you say Gfan sounds angry for no reason. Like you, I was complimenting Their boys on their play, but somehow ended up getting dissed why thrtvfdf b

  14. Grimsley came to play…HAHA! No! Page is just not as good as they want everyone to think they are. Page has zero defense this year and when they actually play good teams it shows! They’re a 2nd rd 4AA playoff team at best

  15. The Bigger story besides an overrated rivalry is HP Central beating 6-1 NW Guilford! Big time upset and much needed win for the Bison!

  16. Also, How bout SW Guilford getting the win over Ragsdale! I know Ragsdale is waaaaaaay down but that’s the first win in 20 years or something….Congrats SW on finally getting a win over your rival.

  17. Here we go again! It seems Page will NEVER be able to satisfy some of you people! Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe them wearing black could’ve been part of the Grimsley/Page game being played at Page after so many years? And to say that they have no defense says A LOT about the teams they’ve defeated. Any who- The Page/Dudley game is going to be all of that and a bag of chips! Cam hardly wait. I’m looking forward to that match up!

  18. Dudley held Southern Alamance to 12 yards of total offense. Speed does not show when football IQs are low. This is an honest assessment not an attack. Southern Alamance has the fastest athlete in the state, yet the team produced 12 yards of total offense.

    October 30th

  19. I guess what I meant to say about the black uniforms is that sometimes it can have an opposite effect on the teams. Sometimes a team tries something new to psyche out the other team but it winds up only motivating them. Of course I could be wrong.

  20. FuseBall, it’s okay to be jealous of Page. We get it a lot. Jealous, pathetic whiners like you only make us stronger. Keep throwing shade, that’s what losers like you always do.

    Page has to get ready for Smith a week from today and not look too far ahead to the Dudley match-up, which will be a great game between two great programs.

    Losers like you, FuseBall, were saying the same thing about Page in 2011 when they ran the table and won the state championship.

  21. It was amazing to see a packed home side at 6:45 well before the 7:30 tip off. Kudos to whirlies for only being down 14-0 at half. You could see during game special teams will be a huge part and it showed with block punt and botched snap to punter. Heck on JV game special teams punter got downed on 1 yard.ine . Need to think take safety for 2 points or get sacked on 1 yard line to give them 6 points. Need to go back to drawing board on all levels of special teams to whirlies.

    Page had a over crowded side and the powers to be should rethink opening up the whole place to all whirlies and pirates.heck plenty of us are split families on both sides of the aisle. Whoever de died this al long time ago should rethink the splitting of stadium.
    In regards to logistics having only a 2 bay concession stand and turning the old concession stand into a merchandise area , not good. Should of had more concessions or maybe in future offer a food truck area behind the band and open it up for all. Concessions is a huge part of money in school coffers and it surely cost a pretty penny to pay for show pros to be there and adding the pay for city police was a huge payment before you make any profit.
    I have a feeling the home game at page will be happening in future and if you want a decent seat on home side you better get there at 6:30 . The Pirates came out for this one.
    Good half by whirlies , good game by Page .

  22. I still don’t understand what’s so special about this particular game. It’s not even competitive and no one outside of the posh Irving Park community even cares. No impact on the 4AA championship race. Grimsley fans are starting not to care as much obviously since they gave up exclusively hosting the game.

  23. Mr. Alston, retaining bitterness and resentment is not good for the health sir. Besides, you graduated from Dudley yes? What has Page done for you, lol

  24. Just observing a little History for you. When Page was built most, if not all of its Students came from Grimsley. Prior to the early 80s the 2 schools shared Jamieson stadium. You have Page grads that are now Grimsley parents and Grimsley grads that are Page parents. It reaches far beyond Irving Park. A lot of the kids from both schools grew up playing rec ball together. If the two schools have a healthy rivalry that brings thousands of dollars a year to each school why is that a bad thing? Do you also realize that while the game was always played at Grimsley there was no exclusive anything. The gate was always split. Now when Grimsley host the game the will get the whole gate without the added expense of renting bleachers etc. It benefits both schools. If you are not a fan of either that’s fine but let us enjoy it. Gfan not sure who your source of info is but you might want to think about finding a new one.

  25. “Mr. Alston said”
    I have no vituperation for anyone. October 30th is a special day for Guilty County, I meant Guilford County football. I wish both teams the best.

    You folks are hilarious.

  26. The only one who cares about this game is Page and Grimsley fans from Irving Park. The fact that Page was only up 14 at Halftime is embarrassing! They have soooo much more talent than Grimsley. Now if Grimsley would actually finish in the top 3 of their conference and win more than 5 games a year people outside of Page and Grimsley may care too. Whats really funny is that Page and Grimsley fans actually think people outside of their community care about that horrible game. What else is funny is that Grimsley has been in rebuild mode for the last 10 years. Everytime you hear a HC talk to the media the are always young and lacking experience. Also, Why pull out the Black uniforms for Grimsley?….they should of saved them for Dudley or an actual big game. Guess they wanted to guarantee an actual win in the new ones.

  27. Seriously? First because you can’t seem to deal with the fact that this game makes a ton of money for both schools, and because no schools in Guilford County come close to this rivalry I wanted to point out that nobody from Grimsley lives in Irving Park and that very few people who do live there attend public schools. I get that you don’t understand how graduates from both schools gather each year to play in a golf tournament that raises thousands for each school, We don’t think anybody outside our communities cares, we don’t need you to care, we don’t care if you care. We have built a rich rivalry that has lasted 57 years.

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