Graham Sporting Goods Middle School Football Today Finals(10/21/15):Winners lining up with Aycock, Jamestown, Northern, Hairston, Mendenhall, Jackson, Welborne and ?????

Looking for the load and hoping you can send it our way….
Aycock 14, Kiser 12
Jamestown 28, Southwest Guilford 0…JMS undefeated and on a 15-game win streak….
*****Jamestown(5-0) vs. Mendenhall(5-0) next week at Jamestown….*****
Northern Guilford 26, Northwest Guilford 0
Halftime:NG 18, NWG 0…#5 for Northern very strong on the run today….Lots of fumbles and Northern recovered the majority of them…#52 for Northern took a fumble back all the way for a Nighthawk TD on a 36-yard return…
Hairston won today by Forfeit over Penn Griffin….

from Tuesday:Mendenhall 34, Northeast Guilford 20…Welborne 26, Lincoln 6…Jackson 26, Guilford 16

Eastern Guilford at Southern Guilford 5pm at Siler Stadium
Southeast Guilford at Kernodle 6pm
Ferndale and Allen???