JV Football Final scores:SG goes to (9-0)/Page moves to (8-0)/NEG tops NG for Rams(6-1)/Falcons slip past Patriots/Bison tame Tigers/WA stops ‘Cats/Dudley(6-1) defeats Grimsley/HPA past ER/NWG win vs. Glenn

Looking for those JV Finals here on this Thursday night….
Southern Guilford 38, Southwestern Randolph 6
Southern Guilford now at (9-0) on the season…
*****Page Dad slipped this one past with Page 35, Smith 6
Page now at 8-0 on the year for 2015…Good job Page Dad on bringing that score our way…..*****
Northeast Guilford 26, Northern Guilford 8
NEG now at (6-1 overall/5-1 conference) and first win over NG since 2008…
Southeast Guilford 40, Southern Alamance 38
High Point Central 44, Ragsdale 21
Western Alamance 38, Eastern Guilford 6
Dudley 58, Grimsley 20
Dudley should be at (6-1) in the season..
High Point Andrews 16, Eastern Randolph 8
East Forsyth 28, Southwest Guilford 0
EF now (6-2) and SWG(5-3)…
Northwest Guilford 27, Glenn 18

Western Guilford (OFF)


  1. I guess GCS is a complete Joke after all. The way they let those two kids Quit Football at NW Guilford and Transfer to Northern to play because they weren’t good enough to beat out the starters on offense is complete B. I guess it’s open enrollment for the entire county now! Take you kid where ever you want People! If he can’t start or if the school has a bad record just transfer him out after week 3 and get a rental home in another district move a couch a mattress and a TV and your Good to Go! Who cares if its 2 miles up the road and you could basically still drive to the same school. If that doesn’t work play the Race Card that always makes people in GCS fold like a piece of paper. Way to go Guilford County instead of standing up for whats right you let parents transfer kids left and right cause y’all don’t have the Balls to stand up to anyone. Better yet you let them transfer to Northern Guilford! I guess cause they’re down this year its a Non Issue! Ok Andy…Now you can go ahead and take this down cause I know you will sensor it but the Truth is the Truth and I guess in this PC world we live in no one can handle the truth. To make it even better these kids post pictures all over Twitter basically letting everyone know they got away with the crime! 4 Schools to play Football in 3 Years! All you Northern fans can come on and say cry a river…

  2. Joke: what’s the big deal? Were those young men to sit the bench due to politics? They did not break any rules. If they had, then the county would have punished the two young men. They did not attend NWG. They attend a school that permits them to play at their recent school.

  3. Joke: If you’re going to rant and rave about something you don’t have the details about, and insult the man who spends countless hours running this site, promoting high school sports and student athletes, you should learn how to use correct grammar! Your lack of use of correct punctuation and grammar shows that you’re truly the Joke and not GCS. To bring up using race to get what you want from GCS officials, is disgusting. Andy should take your ignorant post down. Did it hurt you any that those kids transferred? What’s the big deal if they can go somewhere that they’ll play, instead of sitting on the bench due to politics, or better people at that position. I don’t understand why you’re so bitter. It just makes you look ignorant to go on a rant like that, and insult Andy, who is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and does so much for middle/high school sports and student athletes in this area. Get a life

  4. Really Joke?? Not funny. It is clear you have no clue what you are talking about. Bottom line, parents can and do have the right to transfer kids to any school they want, even it means picking up and moving to that location. There is no clause that does not allow them to join in and play on any sports team they want to play on at the new school. I would like ask you, how have the transfers in any real way benefited Northern to this point? Great kids who are welcomed to a fighting team who has faced tons of adversity this year but refuses to be shaken. True champions on and off the field. Andy is a class act and we appreciate all he does for the love of the sports, the kids on the teams and our community.

  5. It will take a little while to process this, but I come here today feeling pretty good about the fact that we have had a good season overall and it is sure leaving us in a hurry…2015 nearly gone for football…

    Hard to comment about Guilford County decisions that we do not really know anything about other than the results and I am not sure what all goes into these decisions…

    There has to be some criteria that the County is using in making these decisions, but not sure what that is…

    It is good to see kids still get the chance to play football and I’m not sure just how much they are effecting the outcome of the games they are now playing in….

    But the point is still about playing, we will have to leave that in the county’s hands and that is their call and we won’t change that here…

    Need to work on some of our key posts for today and will come back and review this one more later…

    Calls to county office might be a good way to go if this really has you upset to the degree that you are showing here….

    This post was all about the JV Football scores and feel good when we can get just about every final in here from Thursday night’s games and that is a positive and we are looking for positives…

  6. Not to take up for Joke, Really Joke! Not Funny, Teddy Roe or any of the others.

    But a serious question why did the Ragsdale qb have to sit out a year? But yet the NWG and NG transfer kids play in same season. It does not seem equitable.

    Andy, I love the site keep up the good work. I check the site about 10 times a night during a Friday night while at a game. Just love to keep up with scores in other games in the area.

  7. Central Davidson does not have a jv team this year. So Western jv was off last night.

    Southern Guilford jv was able to pull in Bartlett Yancey jv on an open night to make up for the lack of a game when varsity played Central D.

    I have also heard most of the Chapel Hill/Carrboro schools do not have jv squads.

  8. Carrboro’s varsity squad could not field a team last week because they had too many injuries…..

  9. Probably a good time to put the brakes on this concert and let our concert-goers take a break and get ready for the games tonight….

    I hope we can continue to put out a positive product and help some kids along the way..

    This all remains a work- in- progress and a case in-study…

    We all need to choose our words carefully, because we have to live in this cyberworld together….

    Still very proud of those JV teams and the good work they turned in last night….

    Check out our Pee Wees, Mites and Midget Football News, playoffs start next Monday….

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