Friday Night High School Football Scoring Desk – October 30, 2015

Update # 8 – 10:20 PM

Our Game One of the Week – Page at Dudley – RE-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio (Stream 1) with Andy Durham and Dennis White. Listen on the Internet or at the Stadium on 97.7 FM.
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Page (8-2) – 7
Dudley (9-1) – 35

Northeast Guilford (1-9) – 0
Western Alamance (8-2) – 47

High Point Andrews (9-1) – 50
Wheatmore (4-6) – 7

Southern Guilford (9-2) – 28
Ledford (7-3) – 14

Southeast Guilford (8-2) – 7
Grimsley (2-8) – 0

Smith (1-9) – 0
Southern Alamance (5-5) – 13

Glenn (4-6) – 23
High Point Central (5-5) – 27

Southwest Guilford (4-6) – 21
Northwest Guilford (7-3) – 20

McMichael (2-8) – 7
Northern Guilford (7-3) – 49

Eastern Guilford (4-6) – 7
Eastern Alamance (8-2) – 35

Western Guilford (2-8) – 7
Asheboro (8-2) – 62

North Raleigh Christian (3-7) – 2
High Point Christian (8-1) – 41

Reidsville (7-3) – 31
Bartlett Yancey (5-4) – 6

Morehead – 45
Burlington Williams – 15

Thursday Final
Ragsdale (1-9) – 14
East Forsyth (10-0) – 48

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  1. So I was wrong, the Panthers got my boys. Good job Dudley…Page just couldn’t capitalize on their opportunities…. This loss would have been more bearable if not for that announcer guy … Dude is wild man! I was tryna swallow the loss but dat dude was the worst! He like da dude who throw dirt on your eyes and talks about your mama after he whips you! I would prolly love him if I was a Dudley fan tho… Ps: y page ain’t run da ball more… Ps ps: I hope 10 is all right, young dude reminds me of Mike Tolbert

  2. Yea overall the game was close until the 4th quarter, respect to Dudley, now time for Page to focus and look forward to the state playoffs

  3. Bartlett Yancey 0 0 6 0 — 6
    Reidsville 7 17 7 0 — 31

    Reidsville – TD – Christian Goins 3 run (Brad Green kick)
    Reidsville – TD – Goins 12 run (Green kick)
    Reidsville – TD – Tanner Wllson 3 run (Green kick)
    Reidsville – FG – Brad Green 42 field goal
    BY – TD – Brandon Lipscomb 12 pass from Donielle Totten (pass failed)
    Reidsville TD – Wilson 5 run (Green kick)

    Reidsville 7-3, 4-0
    Bartlett Yancey 5-4, 2-2

  4. Disappointed in Page also. Three personal fouls in a row in the 4th quarter.The coach should have done SOMETHING about that

  5. Pirates could not handle pressure starting with opening kick off fumble to numerous dropped passes and the big fumbled punt return. You have to play much better than that to beat Dudley.

  6. The Dudley PA announcer is abit too patronizing to our opponents for my tastes getting his rocks off when the other team makes big plays, smh!! But a win’s a win, I guess.

  7. Kudos to Dudley. Great team, great coach, great program. Page could not get out of the way of themselves. Too many turnovers. Will Jones may be a good QB down the road.

    But the PA announcer at Dudley is over the top. Since when is a PA guy allowed to talk smack? It’s an embarrassment. Dudley should know better.

  8. Dudley wins but the tackiness of the announcer leaves much (tact and decorum) to the imagination. It simply personifies the stereotype that school tries so hard to diminish. Great job to the Panther players, though! Still….a Page Pirate for life!

  9. The PA announcer at Dudley is a good man….He is Dudley through and through and that is what the home announcer is supposed to be….The home man is supposed to be a homer…He does very good work and he loves his Panthers and his Panthers love him…He has been at it nearly 20 years and he grows on you if you attend a lot of Dudley games and have been attending them for a long time…”Panther Time” is almost a credo on the East side of town the fans live for it…

    Dudley had a good night and it is their time to shine and they deserve the stage for this evening with the big win….

    Page will bounce back and with Will Jones and Hendon Hooker both being just juniors, they series will switch over to Page’s Marion Kirby Stadium next season and the excitement should be huge again…..Both of these teams/schools are going to be good for a while to come.

    Should make for even more fun when you have Hooker and Jones in their senior seasons…

    I don’t think the PA man, Skip, said anything bad about Page, he was pumping up his own team Dudley and there is nothing wrong with that…Everybody knew this was “The Game” going in Dudley took the victory, so they deserve a little time to celebrate…

    Page will rebound and the Page fans have reason to be very proud of their team and their coaches, they do a great job and Page just fell to better team on this night and sometimes that is how it goes and you have to take it, learn from it and get better….

    Great crowd and great night for football at Tarpley Stadium and I just wish the game could have been a little closer late…Dudley took charge, but that halftime score, at 13-7 was anybody’s ball game, Dudley seized control of the second half they would not relent….You play that intense, relentless football and you can make some good things happen and Dudley did….

    Hats off to both teams for a hard fought game tonight and to all of the fans that turned out, good atmosphere at Tarpley Stadium for this “Game of the Year” candidate and it sure was going, what a week or two or three of hype for this game we had…

    Let’s keep digging and loving our football and local sports and the kids and coaches that make it happen…

    Also please remember #10 Ezra Perkins, the young man from Dudley that was injured and had to be carted off the field tonight….

    Good night on this post and the Friday Night Finish is yet to come and how about that SWG win over NWG???? 21-20 Cowboys and that is a wild one there, as SWG defeats both Ragsdale and Northwest in the same season….I could see it in basketball, but in football too?????

  10. Good game overall,but Page had the nerves early and at key moments in the game. Dudley’s Defense did not disappoint, especially when they figured out that Page QB was only going to throw to #14 Overton.

    I think the Perkins kid from Dudley who was key in this game tweaked his ankle.I’m glad it was not his knee!

    Oh and by the way, Dudley can pass the ball!

  11. What was the SE score? Got two sources saying 50-7. Got two other saying 7-0? Was Ruben Davis pre game speech to Grimsley a diff? Thanks.

    Vegas Mike

  12. I wonder if Western is Missing Mr.Taylor because he is proving that he is one of the best QB in the area

  13. What was up with Page running onto the field right before the National Anthem, Smh. As for the announcer, I don’t recall him taking any verbal shots at your Pirates unless you’re referring to the “shut the front door defense” comments. Gee whizz, he actually complimented you on the scoring drive.

  14. I told you after Page lost to East Forsyth that they wasn’t as close to East as every Page fan kept saying. If not for East turning the ball over and committing so many penalties along with a few bad calls by their coaches East should have won by almost 20. No doubt that Page is a good team but not as good as everyone over at Page wants you to believe. Please quit talking about that Catch cause he was out of bounds! HAHAHAHA!!!! D-Boyz in the House!!!!!!

  15. Nothing is more annoying than that Page announcer saying ARRRRRR every time they complete a pass or get a first down. Quit being so sensitive you got your butts kicked end of story!!!

  16. I can’t believe what I witnessed tonight off NW School Rd. We made SW look like a Championship program.

  17. Can we all just admit that NWG sucks. I mean that school is cursed or something. All that talent…Guess JP Mundy will have to become an East Forsyth fan now.

  18. Something needs to change with the SE offense. If you only score 7 points on Grimsley you need to re-evaluate what you’re doing on offense. Maybe adopt the forward pass? but…good job with the shutout SE

  19. Why is it that Page doesn’t have to follow the uniform rule that the rest of the NCHSAA has to follow. Every game they wear all Red uniforms. The rule book says that away teams have to wear white jerseys.

  20. What talent at NW Guilford? How many D-1 players or D-1/AA players have NWG put out in the last 20 years? I use to say that NW had the best coaching staff in the state cause they always won 9 and 10 games and won a share of the conference title with zero big time players.

  21. Dudley played a great game, but Page took themselves out of the game. D-boyz really if you think East Forsyth turnovers made the Page game close ,what about Page turnovers against Dudley, and no one that i know is still talking about the East game but YOU. Hats off to both teams, it was a good game until the 4th quarter, Page just fell apart.

  22. Wow funny to say Page isn’t that good…Page as a great team Dudley was just the better team last night. We try to give Dudley props and y’all still try to trash talk. The score was 13 to 7 for the longest and then Page fell apart. It’s still Red Death tho.

  23. As the guy who started the initial talk about the Dudley PA announcer, I read Andy Durhams comment this morning and was like…okay, okay, I see your point, (Andys a good fair dude by the way, always respectful and kind), but then i thought about the game and was like…naaaahhh lol, love Andy, but I respectfully stand on my initial post.

    No hate though, honestly! After the game, I was the main guy laughing about how annoying I thought dude was, and I was the first to say, man, I would love this guy as a Panther fan, (that’s my weird way of acknowledging that he’s an effective trash talker for the Panthers)…

    So yes, he said nothing personal or ugly, he was just really good at cleanly being sarcastic and over the top about his team (shrugs) nothing illegal, just extra. I remember thinking, this is stuff announcers say in movies lol!

    All in all that PA says stuff no other PA says, and guess what!? It’s effective and annoying, I see why they like him. So like I said before, it’s like we were in a dog fight, it ended with Dudley punching us in the face. As we were trying to come to grips that we got beat down, one of the Dudley boys (the announcer) started talking some good smack! Bad enough that our jaw is swollen, now this dude gotta keep talking unnecessarily, which made it all worse. That’s how I see it in my head at least…
    Respect to Dudley, Page all day tho. Much love to Andy

  24. Both teams played hard and clean football. I think they are great teams. Page made a few big mistakes in the game, otherwise I feel this game would have been decided in the last few minutes as a lot of us expected. I’m a big time Dudley fan, just being real. Also , sometimes the announcer is annoying to me….LOL!! Hope both squads make deep runs in the playoffs.

  25. Page fans show their affluent and privilege in losses. Every time Dudley has a nice run or time in the pocket, Page fans yell, “its a hold.” Three straight face masks from the DL, yet Page fans found some way to blame Dudley and the refs. Pirate fans gloat and make the most obscene comments, but when Dudley went ahead with the 4th QTR scores, they left early.

    This site and the News & Record subtly cheered for the affluent and privileged team. The tones of some online articles/blogs expressed subjectivity toward the Friday night game. Dudley has not yielded many 2nd half scores this season. Now pay close attention Page Stans; the key component of the sentence is “many.” I think 3 teams have scored on Dudley in the second half, and Page was the third.

    Well, Metro 4A Champions 3 Years in the Row..1 official loss in 3 seasons , and that one is questionable….

  26. Teddy Roe-page hasn’t been a school with an affluent student population since the 80’s. Have you looked in the stands during a game in the last 25 years? The Irving Park families send their kids to GDS, Caldwell, Bishop, or some out of state boarding schools. Page is a predominantly black school like Dudley. Has been for years.

  27. Those 3 straight face mask penalties against Page in the 4th quarter was not cool , one led to Perkins injury. Shaking my head about the PA comments.This is not a college or NFL announcer , High School PA announcers should be a part of the Friday night atmosphere

  28. LOL at Page fans. If you lose in a close game it is the refs. If you lose big you complain about the PA man. I agree with the earlier post that no one around is more annoying than the Page PA guy “Arrrrggggg”. He needs to learn some new material from the Dudley Dude.

    Good luck Dudley as usual you will be the only Metro Team with a chance to get by round 1 of the playoffs. Hopefully you learned your lesson about keeping your nose clean this year. You have the talent.

  29. By the way Andy can we get the SEG Grimsley score fixed? We lost but not by that much. Dang refs!! 🙂

  30. Congrats to the Dudley Panthers on the win. Reading the News & Record this morning would leave me to believe that Dudley had little to do with winning the game. They basically attributed the win SOLEY to mistakes made by Page as opposed to Dudley being the better team. Physically using their talents, whether it be the skill of the QB, the quickness of the receivers, the power of the backs or the excellence of the defense…. DUDLEY IS THE BETTER TEAM. They in no way credited them in that way. Saying that the score was not an indication of how the game went…. Clearly it was. If not, the score would’ve reflected a more evenly matched team like when Page played EF. Dudley would beat EF too. Coach Davis & his staff deserve more credit than you all have given them credit for. It would be nice for them to be appreciated.

  31. Lots of thoughts and now memories of last night’s game and we have to remember that we all have the luxury of being able to sit back and talk about it after the game is over and we don’t have to go back out there and go to work on Monday and the coaches, many of them, go right back to work today/Saturday….

    Sometimes the hype of the game is bigger than the game itself and we have seen that in more Super Bowls than we can recall from over the years…The “hype” of this game was huge and it was a good event for the communities surrounding the cross-town rivals….

    Fun to watch those young men battle last night and like said earlier, Part Two will kick in next season over at Page with both Hooker and Jones still around for another sparring session…

    These games get you thinking about all kinds of things and how important the player roles are….SWG has really stepped up big with the development of their QB Jaren Rainey…HP Central has really come together with the insertion of Geoffrey Wall into the QB spot for the Bison…That is such a key role for the teams….If you have a sound QB and then come right at the opposing team with a sound running game then you are in business…

    The players will be running in the dark in some places at the end of practice on Monday afternoon, trying to lock down, find or steal a spot in the playoffs….

    That home team issue caught me with one more closing thought as we shift to the college games for the day, when you go on the road the home team can say as you step into their stadium, “You’re in the house, you’re in the Panthers’/Pirates’/Storm’s/Falcons’/Eagles’/Whirlies’/Bison’/Vikings’/Cowboys’/Nighthawks’/Wildcats/Etc./Etc./Etc. HOUSE….You get the point/picture, it is a little bit different when you are in the other guy’s house/houses….

    It kind has us bringing in that word that gets tossed out there more these days, the word entitlement…There really is some sense of entitlement for the home team, but I do agree, you have to be careful with it and you can’t go overboard with it, but what came home to roost yesterday from the home teams was all in good football fun, so we can take what we learned on Friday and now use it in the college games today…

    Yes, take what we learned on Friday and now use it in the college games today…Do I have some folks with me on that one????? We are all riding into town together as we try and take this bus to a higher/better level….We are thinking and learning together…

    Support those kids and coaches and this might be a prophetic thought, without them right now, we don’t have anything to talk about and there would be no news to share here…

    Thank-you football players and your coaches on this Saturday morning and would leave this as our Saturday Morning Rewind, but we still have to hit the assembly line for that one…

    Have we hit some good notes and points, I do hope so…


    *****Thought for the Day:
    We are thinking and learning together…*****

  32. Working on that SEG-Grimsley score right now…

    Good thing we have the News and Record and our other outlets, it gives us all more to talk about and we want to be the leaders in words in print, at least at this site and that is why I have so long-worded recently and when mess up and have to go back and re-write and re-word, then I really get long-winded and long-worded…

    By the way, how are the Friday Football Fever and the FOX 8 Friday Football Frenzy shows going this season/year????Is Brian Formica still in the area at WXII 12???

  33. The fix is in on SEG-Grimsley and I wonder where that 50-7 score came in from….Might have been a flitter from over at Twitter…

  34. As I read the News and Record blog on the Page and Dudley game, I too thought it was not Dudley’s talent and coaching that led to the victory. Twenty-first century journalism is nothing more than blogging with degrees. Second, Page’s fans are the most annoying individuals in my life; they are the most delusional. When Page loses, they perceive it as frigging genocide on the inhabitants of Northern Greensboro. Losing is oppressive to them. I have witnessed this since 2011. “Ah man, we are losing, so everyone hates our children.” The logic possessed when a Lewis, Mendenhall or Page loses is pervasive and asinine.

    Dudley will prevail next Friday over Snitching, I meant Southeast Guilford. Metro 4A champs 3 in a row.

    *Please stop mentioning Coach Marion Kirby. He was not Bill Walsh of high school coaching. Majority of his athletes did not live in the district. The entire Rouson and Patterson family lived on the “other side” of Phillips Ave, the Dudley side.

    I bet some folks woke up sick this morning on Elm Street.

  35. Northwest was considered one of the best teams in the Guilford County. If I truly believed every single blog/journalistic perspective from the fans who write the blogs, I mean articles, I would have thought that Page would win the States and NWG would be in the finals against them.

  36. Page demographics:

    Black 43%
    White 40%
    Total minority representation 60%
    Male 50%
    Female 50%
    Economically disadvantaged 46%

    *Source: US News & World Report 2015 data

    Page HS is a far cry from the white affluent school it was in the 80’s. The only affluent neighborhood that feeds Page’s district is Irving Park. You would be hard pressed to find many kids who live in Irving Park who attend Page HS today. They are in private schools.

  37. Ok listen! Page is a really good squad. They make plays and last night, they didn’t make many of them. Dudley’s preparation showed. Page ran their favorite plays with little success. The counter (which is hard to stop) was ineffective mostly. Leak had troubles getting to the outside and the passing game was so so. Dudley’s offense took advantage of one on one match ups and dominated the line of scrimmage with punishing runs. Page did make mistakes but that’s not what lost them the game. Dudley made their fair share of mistakes (not converting on 3rd downs on botched assignments)

    On another note, Page wore red jerseys away! Then they came out on Dudleys side of the field taunting before the game. After that, there shouldn’t be any talks of an announcer after that. It’s like picking a fight with someone and then they beat you up and you ridicule the person on the side laughing. Page will make noise in the playoffs (hope they bring a title home) They will not see another defense like they saw last night.

  38. If Page plans on competing for a state title this season they will most certainly see some great defenses similar to last night, maybe even better defenses; think Richmond County and Mallard Creek and certainly East Forsyth. By the way Pirstes, next time be good sports and wear your white jerseys to away games please.

    Page will be fine in postseason.

  39. Face it Page is overrated! They beat up on the weak teams but against Top 25 teams they give up as many points as the other teams want. They beat a weak 3A Northern Guilford Team and everyone was ready to crown this team 2011 all over again. Page needs to get out of that 3-4 Defense because they can’t stop anything in it.

  40. OVERRATED, how many of Pages’have you been to? Page and Dudley are good,both teams have weak opponents. Dudley was just the better team last night, they didn’t turn the ball over,Page fell apart in the fourth quarter, so you have reason to say that they’re overrated bc you might as well say Dudley is overrated to. Both teams have kids that will be playing on Saturday one day.

  41. There were two stories on our website ( last night on the Page-Dudley football game. One was a sidebar by Ryan Bisesi on Page, which is apparently the only story some Dudley fans read, and my game story that was solely about the Dudley Panthers that was posted at 11:57 p.m. In case you missed it, here is the link:

    I saw two very good football teams — one clearly better than the other on Friday night — two passionate fan bases and a great atmosphere at Tarpley Stadium. Both teams will be tough outs in the NCHSAA playoffs.

    Here’s hoping for a quick and full recovery by Dudley RB Ezra Perkins, who was strong all night but especially on his first two carries of the second half. The baton at Dudley was passed from Darius Graves to Connell Young this year and will be passed to Ezra next year.

  42. Only one team has scored on Dudley in the second half all year and that was Davie County that is insane. I told yall Defense wins CHAMPIONSHIPS and Offense sells tickets

  43. Great game Panthers!!!!! What an incredible atmosphere last night at the TARP!!!! Two strong teams with the same record vying for the Metro conference top spot. The young men from Dudley proved that they are the best team with the best coach this year in the Metro.


    The Pirates entered the field before the National Anthem thru a banner that read “PIN THE PANTHERS” on the home team side.

    The Pirates totally burned the Panthers on the pass that ended up being a TD. Nice job by Overton on that sick spin move.

    Dudleys DB dropped 3 potential interceptions

    Page’s receivers dropped several balls for potential long gains.

    Pages QB is less effective when pressured and the D-Boys kept it up all night.

    Dudley averages a missed PAT per game this could be an Achilles heel in tight games.

    Dudley’s kicker muffed a kickoff and had a couple line drive kicks that were very returnable…this could hurt against better teams.

    The News and Record wrote two stories about the game one pro Page the other pro Dudley, who knows why.

    Our PA announcer is very Dudley biased and he should be. However I have never heard anything disrespectful about our opponents come out of the loud speaker. “Shut the front door” is about as animated as he gets.

    All in all a good game with two good programs but the Panthers were the better team hands down.

    Go PANTHERS!!!!!!!!

  44. Anwar ur crazy Rouson stayed on Lamont ct white picket fence so stop the BS Kirby and Smouse were great coaches if not the greatest coaches to come thru here let’s not forget coach Boyers at Dudley

  45. Crazy, I am…the greatest coaches were Kirby & Smouse, those were the 80s. Will you Pirates come into the 21st century. Really, please come into a time where folks don’t wear mullets, scrunches, and LA Gear. I speak to former Kirby players. Ask Otis Jordan how great Kirby is? Ask Shawn Cheek? I could name more players Kirby blackballed, but you’re a Pirates fan, some of the worst and emotional group of fanatics of all times.

  46. Dudleys announcer was disciplined earlier in the season by Guilford county for making a Racist statement over the public address system that was, ” another big stop by the Dudley Chocolate Defence” He said it many times at a couple of games. Skip Alston would have a fit if an all white Guilford County school, had an announcer that said, ” another big stop by the vanilla defense”.

    Both teams have awesome head coaches, accompanied by outstanding staffs. I know most of them on both staffs.

  47. You know it’s bad when the defeated opponent calls foul on the PA announcer without mentioning all the blatant personal fouls from their team. About as nutty as a certain group on the southside catching feelings for never being able to win a conference championship on the field.

  48. Time to take our journey and go retro at this stage of the game and hit the “Big Chill”…We can put this one ice…

    Pretty much everyone had a chance to speak their peace and now it is time to bring peace to the village…

    We have good coaches and teams and we have had good coaches and teams over the years…

    Let’s keep supporting them and make the 336 stand out and wish the best for all of our teams and staff….

    We move on and it was a good game and busy week leading up to that game….

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