Duke-Miami football ending might be the craziest ever:Officiating crew suspended Two Games for their efforts or lack there of

CLICK HERE for the play of the centuries…Bigger than when the Cal band hit the field even….Eight laterals and at one time Miami ran the ball up to near mid-field and they threw the ball backwards and went all the way back to their two-yard line, then ran all the way up the left sideline to the end zone with a few cuts along the way….This is crazy, but you are going to feel like watching it again and again and again….

Here is the play and it was like trash and garbage on the field the way this play played out….I never seen anything like this before in my life, have you????? And by trash and garbage, there is no way Miami should have been able to pull that play off, but Miami wins the game, 30-27 over Duke…It was like a game of keep-away and how Miami was able to avoid being tackled, I will never know….It looked like one Hurricanes’ knee was down there had to be some blocks in the back in the piles of all of that humanity that was flying around out there….Call it keep-away, call it hot-potato, call it what you will, but you have to call it CRAZY….

The ACC officiating crew that called this game has been suspended for two games by the ACC league offices….

CLICK HERE to see the play again and this version is coming in from YouTube.com….

from www.wfmynews2.com and the Associated Press:

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) – The Atlantic Coast Conference has suspended the officiating crew that worked the Miami-Duke game for two league games for “a series of errors” on the final play.

The league announced the decision Sunday, about 13 hours after the Hurricanes threw a combined eight laterals before Corn Elder took the last one for the game-ending touchdown that beat Duke 30-27.

In a statement announcing the suspension of the on-field crew, the replay official and the communicator, Commissioner John Swofford said that final play “was not handled appropriately.”

The league says the replay official was wrong in not declaring Miami’s Mark Walton down before he flipped the ball, and the on-field crew should have flagged the Hurricanes for an illegal block in the back.

Final Thoughts from us here at the site and from pretty much everybody outside of Miami, Florida and Chapel Hill, N.C.,
DUKE WAS ROBBED…..Not in broad daylight, but on Halloween Night….

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Another point-of-view from Duke’s head football coach:
“There were holds, there were all kinds of issues in that game that need to be addressed by the (Atlantic Coast) Conference. Not my job,” Duke coach David Cutcliffe said. “You may have questions pop in your mind. Call the ACC. They should have answers.”
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