High School ADM’s(Average Daily Memberships/attendances) are in/out

Here are the attendance numbers/ADM’s that they(the NCHSAA) will use in setting up the high school football playoff brackets this coming Saturday, just one day after the high school football regular season is complete….All regular season action ends on Friday night and all records must be turned in so they(NCHSAA) can begin the seeding process and finalize it by late Saturday morning/early Saturday afternoon…

Here we go with the 4-A Numbers to kick things off:
Top Five ADM’s
1)South Mecklenburg- 2,970
2)Ardrey Kell- 2914
3)Myers Park- 2907
4)Raleigh Enloe- 2825
5)Raleigh Broughton- 2670

Northwest Guilford- 2,178
Page- 2117
Grimsley- 1804
High Point Central- 1674
Ragsdale- 1660
Southwest Guilford- 1640
Smith- 1564
Duldey- 1509
Southeast Guilford- 1489

1)Corinth Holders- 1,761

Northern Guilford- 1,430
Western Guilford- 1427
Eastern Guilford- 1262
Southern Guilford- 1201
Northeast Guilford- 1189

1)Northside Jacksonville- 1.160

High Point Andrews- 990

1)Walkertown- 778

Bishop McGuinness- 446

*****Check out all of the ADM numbers when you CLICK HERE from NCPreps.com…*****

5 thoughts on “High School ADM’s(Average Daily Memberships/attendances) are in/out

  1. ADM numbers are the biggest fudging you will ever know.High Point Andrews has about 724 kids in the building to get funding they add all kids districted to go but not there. Andrews has close to 100,roughly 25 per grade class that were dropouts then close to 100 that transferred to Central, Southwest and Ragsdale after the first ten days of school using choice plan. Welbourne the feeder school is so empty it rented empty hallways to other schools. Football team has 21 jv football players go figure. 990 is a economically political lie.

  2. NC desperately needs 5 classification levels. There is far to big a discrepancy between the largest and smallest 4A schools. In no way can a school with 1400 less kids consistently compete with these huge high schools in Charlotte/Raleigh…..

  3. Raider fan where you get that information? I know your not going to say on here. Just wondering. And does it matter, the football team over their is pretty darn good they can compete with anybody big A or small A. So whats your point?

  4. Sounds like Andrews has some pretty good numbers and they are doing great with the football players and numbers that they have….

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