High School Basketball Tonight for our local/area teams

Lots of games tonight in lots of different directions…

Very big game here with Greensboro Day School boys(8-0) at Providence Day(4-2) 6:30pm
Greensboro Day(3-2) girls at Providence Day(4-0) 5pm
Christ School boys(4-3) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(4-1) 6pm
Bartlett Yancey(2-2) girls at Wesleyan Christian Academy(1-3) 5pm
High Point Andrews girls(2-1) at Southwest Guilford(2-1) 6pm
High Point Andrews boys(1-2) at Southwest Guilford(2-0) 7:30pm
Grimsley girls(0-3) at Northern Guilford(2-1) 6pm
Grimsley boys(4-0) at Northern Guilford(2-1) 7:30pm
Northeast Guilford girls(2-1) at Smith(0-3) 6:30pm
Northeast Guilford boys(1-2) at Smith(1-2) 8pm
Western Guilford girls(0-3) at Ragsdale(0-3) 6pm
Western Guilford boys(2-1) at Ragsdale(2-0) 7:30pm
Southeast Guilford girls(1-1) at Asheboro(1-0) 6pm
Southeast Guilford boys(0-2) at Asheboro(1-0) 7:30pm
Southern Guilford girls(1-1) at Trinity(0-4) 6pm
Southern Guilford boys(0-2) at Trinity(3-1) 7:30pm
WS Reynolds girls(0-2) at High Point Central(1-0) 6pm
WS Reynolds boys(2-0) at High Point Central(0-0) 7:30pm
Calvary Baptist girls(1-3) at Caldwell Academy(4-1) 5:30pm
Gospel Light girls(1-3) at Vandalia Christian(1-2) 5:30pm
Gospel Light boys(4-7) at Vandalia Christian(7-6) 7:30pm
Burlington Christian School boys(4-0) at Westchester Country Day(4-1) 7pm
Eastern Randolph at Rockingham County girls at 6pm and boys at 7:30pm
Eastern Guilford at Page PPD…Northwest Guilford OFF, Dudley OFF, Page OFF, Eastern Guilford OFF, High Point Christian Academy OFF, New Garden Friends OFF, McMichael OFF…

*****If we anybody else out there that we are missing, let us know….*****


  1. A big game in late Nov or Dec never judges how good a GDS team is with Freddie Johnson. His teams are always judged on their performance in tournaments and the playoffs after the first 60 days. His teams will always give you their best shots from mid Dec thru late Feb. Freddie is the best game time and mid/late season coach in the state.

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