High School Football Update with Dudley-Charlotte Catholic Tickets ON SALE EARLY/Thursday, Page(James Ellis II) and Northern Guilford(Rainy days and Wednesdays) news too

Tickets on sale at the school/James B. Dudley on Thursday during Lunch and all day on Friday at the school office for Dudley vs. Charlotte Catholic on Friday night, at Tarpley Stadium…..Kickoff is set for 7:30pm so get/purchase your tickets early, to avoid those long lines on Friday night…A very large crowd is expected to be pouring in here from Charlotte, as these two teams met in the West Regional final back in 2013(at Dudley, so Catholic knows how to get here) and the Dudley Panthers stopped the Charlotte Catholic Cougars on 4th-and-two from the seven-yard line of Dudley and if Catholic gets that first down, there is a very good chance that the Cougars hit the end zone, score the game-winning touchdown and Charlotte Catholic ends up being State 4-A Champs instead of Dudley and Elijah Hood was the ball-carrier on the huge play and the Panthers’ defense stopped Hood one-half yard shy of that crucial first down and most long-time Dudley Panther fans say that might have been the biggest play for their defense that season….The season before(2012), Northern Guilford stopped Hood and Charlotte Catholic in the 3-AA Championship Game and as you can see, Charlotte Catholic has not had much success vs. the Guilford County Schools in recent years and they are going to be coming in here Friday night looking for something, so you better get your tickets early, because this game has some history behind it….

The key words on the getting those tickets early from the News and Record on-line:/www.greensboro.com…
Football fans can buy tickets for Dudley’s regional championship football game in advance to avoid the lines Friday night and save $1.
Advance tickets, priced at $7, can be purchased at lunch Thursday and all day Friday at the school office.

Tickets will be $8 at the gate Friday night.

Wide receiver James Ellis II, from Page High School, has received his second offer from Gardner-Webb, according to Diondre Overton(Twitter)…Not sure if the second offer was/is better than the first one, but you can not look a gift-horse/Bulldog in the mouth and you never know, both offers from the Gardner-Webb Bulldogs might just be exactly the same and I bet that they are….Not bad company at Gardner-Webb, Artis Gilmore played basketball there for two years before heading to Jacksonville and James Perry III, also known as Tre Perry and James was a former quarterback at Dudley High School, who became a school and Big South record-setter while at Gardner-Webb and James was a record-setting wide receiver, just like James Ellis, when James ‘Tre’ Perry played football for the Gardner-Webb Bulldogs…So you got James Ellis he is the II and you got James Perry and he is the III and both are wide receivers, from the same hometown….With this type of info, you know we are cooking with gas tonight….James Ellis II with right at 325 yards receiving this season on 25 receptions and 3 TD’s….

A final note and this one is on the Northern Guilford Nighthawks….Northern practiced up at Guilford College both today(Wednesday) and yesterday(Tuesday) on the Quakers’ turf field and it is good to have that turf field to fall back on when the rain has drenched your practice facilities for this week and that has been the case, all over the place this week, with rain on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday….A few weeks back, when rain was also ruling the roost around here, the Page Pirates got a workout in up on the turf field at Guilford College…Last week we had our annual Turkey Bowl Football Game on the natural grass field at Guilford College, and those fields, all of them, do get a good workout and are to put to good use at Guilford College, keeping Mike Merkel and his staff very busy…..Northern Guilford will play their 3-AA East Regional Final Game vs. Southern Durham, at Durham County Stadium on Friday night and I don’t think Durham County Stadium is a turf field, pretty sure that field is natural turf….
Again, Northern vs. Southern(Durham) at Durham County Stadium on Friday night…..

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  1. Just learned that Durham County Stadium does have a turf field…Was thinking of an old stadium, but must be right nice with that Turf Field at Durham County Stadium…Learn something new every day and I like it..

    Was thinking more in terms of the old Memorial Stadium(Greensboro and Charlotte), but this field does host the CIAA Championship game each year…

    Take it to the turf…

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