Friday Night Scoring Desk – Football Playoffs – December 4, 2015

Update # 12 – 10:30 PM

Our Game One of the Week – Charlotte Catholic at Dudley – RE-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio (Stream 1) with Andy Durham and Dennis White. Listen on the Internet or at the Stadium on 97.7 FM.

#3 Charlotte Catholic (14-0) – 17
#1 Dudley (13-2) – 8

#6 Page (13-2) – 49
#1 Middle Creek (14-1) – 23

#13 Northern Guilford (10-5) – 15
#3 Southern Durham (12-3) – 19

Triad Sports
FINAL – Overtime
#6 Mallard Creek (13-2) – 41
#1 East Forsyth (14-1) – 38

WBAG 1150 AM
#3 Rocky Mount (13-2) – 42
#1 Eastern Alamance (14-1) – 21

#10 Walkertown (9-6) – 23
#4 Mitchell (14-1) – 27

#2 Crest (14-0) – 44
#1 Concord (13-1) – 6

#8 Kings Mountain (12-3) – 7
#2 South Point (13-2) – 29

#2 East Lincoln (14-1) – 6
#1 Monroe (15-0) – 43

#6 Lincolnton (12-3) – 21
#1 Shelby (14-1) – 37

#5 Greenville Rose (12-2) – 28
#2 Wilmington New Hanover (12-3) – 14

#2 Southwest Edgecombe (13-2) – 21
#1 Kinston (15-0) – 22

FINAL Overtime
#4 Clinton (11-3) – 29
#2 Bunn (13-2) – 30

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  1. Page should be up by at least 3-4 touch downs. The penalties are quite outrageous and I bet page has at LEAST 100-200 penalty yards.

  2. Guess Page has to show how it is done in the 336 since Dudley and Northern couldn’t get the job done tonight

  3. 49-23 Pirates. Oh they aren’t for real! They won’t get past the first round! They are overrated!

    To all you naysayers, I have two words(

    PIRATES, B——!!!!!

  4. Northerns season ends tonight. They had a great run despite not having the talent they’ve had in past years. This will likely be Roscoes
    Final Season at NG. Word is the talent next year even worse.

  5. @Fballover I haven’t been following much of the politics this year but I’m well aware of the stigma around the Northern Program, why do you think Roscoe will be gone after this year?

  6. Dudley did not come to play like champs tonight. Two bad snaps on punts gave Catholic 10 pts and two unforced interceptions. Good season you will be back next year!

  7. Yes 336 Page is Guilford county only hope left this year. Dudley really have not played well since the Page game and it bit them tonight against a fairly good Catholic team I’ve seen better. Anyway good luck page next week.

  8. If y’all really wanted to see some football you should have went to Winston and seen mallard creek pullout a overtime win despite the outrageous calls by the refs to keep Forsyth in the game.

  9. Was a good night for the Pirates. My boys started strong and didn’t hold back. Congrats to them! I was really pulling for Northern and Dudley, I really wanted the 336 to have 3 state champions. Even though I’m not the biggest Northern fan (their fans tend to not be nice), I wanted them to do there thing and represent, I respect their coach. I like that kid Hooker and know Frank McCain so I really wanted Dudley to get the dub. Good season guys. Hang your heads high, come back hard next year.

    As for the Pirates… We All In!

  10. WOW, 4 number 1 seeds went down tonight! Eastern Alamance, East Forsyth, Dudley, and Middlecreek. Guys you have to show up!

  11. Rumors has been this will be Roscoes last year. Reported health reasons as well as not being able to”recruit” as in the past the talent level has been dwindling .CB9Z


  13. After a great season the D-Boyz came up short against a very good Charlotte Catholic team that came to play and executed they’re game plan on both sides of the ball.

    Very proud of the boys they never gave up in the game we just did not take advantage of opportunities and CC did.

    Very disappointed and frankly embarrassed by the lack of support from the home crowd tonight. Charlotte Catholics supporters cheered abd supported they’re kids from the time they entered the field until the clock read 0:00. The Tarp was totally dead on the home side.

    Finally congrats to the Page Pirates. You guys have been playing great football for the past month. Hopefully you represent the 336 well in the State Finals next week and bring home the hardware.


  14. And Nighthawk Fan says……..




    Don’t cry because it’s over, Nighthawk Fan.

    Smile because you didn’t get caught.

  15. We NiteHawks had a great season despite coming up short…the page lost was the worst lost in NiteHawks history,lost to Morehead for the first time,and was ranked the highest seed ever under roscoe reign #13….it was definitely a lot of first timers this year but OMG what a ride…4 state titles with or without recruits(lol), but huge shoutout to page and all the area schools in the triad…big shout out to the coaches,parents,and most of the athletes…

  16. Mr. Anwar Alston is present Pirate Alum. Please don’t be one of those traditional Page Punks. Unveil your identity. Chump

  17. Good to see Northern make it this far in playoffs. They hade a difficult season with some early injuries. They really showed heart at the end of the season. Sick of hearing the comments about recruiting here. The football program has been top notch and straight forward since Roscoe started the program. Yes, the basketball program was found using ineligible players their first season. But that was a program led by a con man that should never have been coaching high school basketball. A con man that is facing 27 yrs in prison for securities fraud. These kids just want to play football, but have to listen to the constant rumors of recruiting/cheating. They’re much better men than those who try to tear them down. I congratulate them on a great season. I congratulate Coach Roscoe on reaching 300 wins. Proud to have been a part of the Nighthawk community. Best of luck to Page in the final. Looking forward to next season. Merry Christmas football fans.

  18. You will not see any long faces from the Nighthawk Camp! We are so proud of the way this team and coaches have handled the adversity on and off the field this year. Losing 4 seniors mid season with career ending injuries (key positions). Other injured Nighthawks from the freshman, sophomore, junior class. With Surgeries, hardware, and many other adverse situations, these Nighthawks had the most heart to overcome that we have ever witnessed. Young players grew up fast and grew up well. And the Nighthawk family consisting of parents, band, cheerleaders and fans have been the most amazing support. We are family, we are community, we are Northern! These young men have learned great and valuable lessons this year that will take them very far in life. Hail Northern Guilford! Hail Nighthawks! Well done!

  19. Congratulations to all the teams from the triad, I’m a football fan, and would like to see more teams playing in the state championship. This is to the Dudley fan Dboyz, your team was great this year,but they came up short. Page played better after the loss to Dudley, in other words when Page played dudley they weren’t ready and didn’t practice hard that week,but thanks to dudley it made Page hungry for a title and hopefully next week they will bring one to this area.Go Pirates rrrrrr!!!!!

  20. Was pulling for all area teams! Hate to see NG come up 1 yard short!
    Also hated that Dudley had some turnovers that cost them the game. Shocking to read MC scores on 38 yd pass with 30 secs and then 2pt to tie EF! Pirates came out and jumped Middle Creek early! Pirate defense controlled line and we’re all over the QB and RBs. Special teams killed Pirates and let middle Creek back in game. Pirate O line was dominant and gave Leak holes to run! He would have had 300 yds if not for the refs! They were awful!

  21. To Pirate……not only am I a 25 plus year multi level football official, but a darn proud Page football player father! I VERY seldom make comments on officiated games, but I agree on the officiating in last nights game. Pathetic as I’ve ever seen as a 7 man crew with high school officials. Hope they are not a championship crew for this year!!!

    GO PAGE…….

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