Piedmont Triad 4-A All-Conference Football Team for 2015:Coach of the Year Todd Willert (EF) and Eric Rainey (SWG)/Chrishon Springs(EF) and Christian Beal(EF) Players of the Year

Final Regular Season Standings	           Conference Record	Overall Record
1  East Forsyth High School	           5-0	                11-0
2  Southwest Guilford High School	   3-2	                5-6
2  HP Central High School	           3-2	                5-6
4  Northwest Guilford High School	   2-3	                7-4
4  Glenn High School	                   2-3	                5-6
6  Ragsdale High School	                   0-5	                1-10

All-Conference Team- Defense School
1 Braxton Boykin Ragsdale
2 Sirod Cook East Forsyth
3 Dominic Booe East Forsyth
4 Tim Fiore East Forsyth
5 Madison Cone East Forsyth
6 Brandon Tate East Forsyth
7 Cameron Lischke (Kicker of the Year) East Forsyth
8 Colton Weeks Southwest Guilford
9 Mantriel Reaves Southwest Guilford
10 Emmanuel Dines Southwest Guilford
11 Jaquan Nelson High Point Central
12 John Oxce High Point Central
13 Terell Mackall High Point Central
14 Bryan Maynard High Point Central
15 Daquezz Welch High Point Central
16 Tristan Kilgannon Northwest Guilford
17 Randon Lee Northwest Guilford
18 Justin Stone Northwest Guilford
19 Monte Travis Glenn
20 Elizjah Jennings Glenn
21 Rickei Counts Glenn
22 Chetney Taylor Ragsdale
Chrishon Springs East Forsyth Defensive Player of the Year

All-Conference Team- Offense School
1 Noah Smith East Forsyth
2 Caleb Main East Forsyth
3 Tyjuan Hazel East Forsyth
4 Nique Martin East Forsyth
5 Zach Kellum East Forsyth
6 Jaren Rainey Southwest Guilford
7 Jeremiah Brown Southwest Guilford
8 Geoffrey Wall High Point Central
9 Chavis Little High Point Central
10 Mike Eanes High Point Central
11 Savon McCauley High Point Central
12 Clayton Howell High Point Central
13 Jared Braiman Northwest Guilford
14 Austin Scott Northwest Guilford
15 Thomas Hennigan Northwest Guilford
16 Stephon Brown Glenn
17 DJ Miller Glenn
18 Trey Smith Glenn
19 Qorticha Glenn Glenn
20 Kier Meredith Glenn
21 Dysaun Razzak Glenn
22 Jarious Drayton Ragsdale
23 Christian Beal East Forsyth Offensive Player of the Year

Coach of the Year
Todd Willert (EF) and Eric Rainey (SWG)


  1. How did Glenn get so many people on all conference and they were horrible this year? Is this thing just a popularity contest? 9 kids from a team that only won 2 conference games and missed the playoffs. If you had so many great players maybe you could’ve won more than 2 games in conference. Sorry but NW should have that many and glenn maybe 4. All conference is a joke. They should do it like college…no need for 4 or 5 QBs. Guess every kid deserves a participating trophy.

  2. Yeah all conference is a joke. These coaches nominate half their team when they only win 2 games.

  3. What’s the criteria for selection? Wins, Team Stats, Individual Stats, coaching prestige or POLITICS!!!

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