We will have the Page-Mallard Creek game for you here at the site on Saturday:Kickoff set for 12:05pm

Pre-game with our broadcast partner Dennis White set for 11:30am from Raleigh’s Carter-Finley Stadium on Saturday with Page(13-2) vs. Mallard Creek(13-2) for the NCHSAA 4-AA Football Title….

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Page-Mallard Creek on Saturday at 11:30am with Dennis White and Don Moore back at the Scoreboard at GreensboroSports.com….

Keep it on GreensboroSports Radio for the game on Saturday….

We have done 14 previous championship game since 2000 and we have gone (8-0) over the last 8 contests…We were (0-6) there for quite a few years and then our teams exploded….

See you Saturday in Raleigh and be sure to tune in for the game here at the site….


  1. Not looking good 35-0 at half…..James Summers better be in that locker room with the words of advice….DAMN!! And another fumble….

  2. The Championship game was played last week in Kernersville. If Page would’ve went West they would not of been in the Championship game.

  3. So is Mallard Creek that good or was Page just that bad? It was alot alot fumbles after big plays in the 1st half

  4. MC is not unstoppable like in years past East Forsyth was 38 seconds away from beating them. Page didn’t even show up today. Playing on Saturday morning may of had some effect on them

  5. Special teams cost Pirates again! Opening kickoff was run back close to 60 yards before Kiser saved TD and knocked runner OB. Set the tone early. 2 or 3 fumbles on kickoff returns gave MC great field position and easy TDs. Going down early threw Pirates out of their game plan and just fell apart. 6-7 turnovers for game. Just awful performance by Pirates. Eventho they were blown out, They had a great season! Proud of the Pirates!

  6. Wow, I did not have Page winning this game but, I did not expect bthem to get dominated either. Regardless what time the game is played vyou have to be ready to go. I can’t sugar coat bthis one guys. This was embarrassing and not the way bto end a good season.

  7. In all my years of watching high school state championship games, I’ve never seen a player win offensive MVP from the losing team while finishing with negative yardage. He scrambled and passed for lost of yards in some series, but 3 INTs & loss of yardage rushing can yield an MVP.

    This is not a scathing critique of the MVP from the losing team, but it does reflect other external factors.

  8. Some of the turnovers was just simply good plays or the pass rush of mc. I don’t think much would change if they played on a Friday so stop the excuses

  9. Page had a good year as did the other teams around the Triad. Just couldn’t overcome the size and speed of Mallard Creek. Pirates, come join everyone else on the couch and everyone get healthy for next season!

  10. @teddy roe James Smith from Mallard Creek was the MVP per all newspaper sources & TV reports. I think you missed something

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