High School Wrestling Tonight with a Big Battle at the Big Gym over at Smith High School

It is looking to be a “Battle of the Unbeatens” tonight over at Smith High School, as the Ben L. Smith Golden Eagles(16-0) host the Southeast Guilford Falcons, also Unbeaten, record not available by MaxPreps…

Big Battle at the Big Gym at Smith High School tonight, at 7pm….Not sure which weight class they will start/begin with and they may have some preliminary matches….Smith has some holes in some of their weight classes and the Eagles may have to give up some points tonight…..Could be an even match up-and-down their lineups, but the forfeitures may make a difference in the final outcome, because when you are dealt those hands/cards, you are behind going in and you have a lot of ground to make and lot of catching up to do….

Southeast has been a traditional powerhouse over the years and Smith is the new kid on the mat/block and this is the up-and-coming high school wrestling team in our area and all of the coaches around the Triad have been very impressed with the work of Smith, on and off of the mat…A very disciplined and well-mannered/trained team are these Smith Golden Eagles….

Good luck to both teams tonight and luck of the draw will determine who/which weight class goes first, when get started at 7pm this evening in the Big Gym at Smith High School….


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