6th Annual Northwest Holiday Shootout Sponsored by Novant Health:NWG girls vs. Dudley TONIGHT at 6pm

6th Annual Northwest Holiday Shootout Sponsored by Novant Health
Boy’s and Girl’s High School Basketball TODAYy/December 17th at Northwest Guilford High School….

Dec 17 (Main)
4:30 pm Davidson Day vs. North Rowan
6:00 pm Dudley vs. Northwest (Girls)
7:30 pm Calvary vs. Northwest

Dec 17 (Aux)
4:30 pm GDS vs. North Rowan (Girls)
6:00 pm Independence vs. Queensland
7:30 pm Independence vs. HP Wesleyan (Girls)

Team listed Second will be Home Team and will wear White.


  1. Total domination by NW!!!

    Cayla King – 16
    Savannah Neas – 14
    Hayley Barber – 11
    Toni Tucker – 9
    Morgan Pointer – 7
    Liz Kitely – 6
    Bria Gibbs -4

    Dudley no match, hopefully the ever annoying panther fan who always seems to call out NW was there, wonder what the excuses will be??

  2. It got real quiet in that gym on the visitors side at about the end of the first quarter. Maybe now these ladies will get the respect they deserve. It’s time for this city to stand behind this special group, watch them play and see what all the hype is about. It’s worth the cost of a ticket.

  3. This isnt the Dudley from 5 years ago. It’s no secret that the coach over there has run that program into the ground. When I saw this match up I wasn’t excited. Dudley needs to go in a new direction. I saw them play against Hillside and they looked really bad. I was thoroughly disappointed.

  4. If given the time, Coach McNeil will make this team at Dudley very good again…NWG is one of our state’s elite teams, let’s wait and see how Dudley does vs. Southwest Guilford next Tuesday night at Dudley…SWG at Page tomorrow night and that will be another good indicator on how the Piedmont Triad 4-A and the Metro 4-A match up…No need to be down on Dudley and Coach McNeil, they will be back up….

  5. As a Panther fan and father of a Dudley Women’s Basketball Player, I would first like to congratulate NW on a great performance. The young ladies of NW deserve to be given all the credit in the world. However, for those who want to bash Dudley and the coach I think its laughable.
    They have won more than 100 games in the last five years and will right the ship this year. They play perhaps one of the toughest schedules in the State in the Non Conference which gets them ready for the conference season.
    Furthermore, for those who bash the coach, he is one of the best player development coaches in the area. This is evidenced by the number of young ladies that have come through the program during his 5 years who have gotten college scholarships and done well in college.
    And While we may not always agree with Coach McNeil’s philosophy most of the critics couldn’t coach their way out of a paper bag if they had a team. So instead of criticizing him support the program in word and in deed. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL. GOD BLESS!!

  6. Let’s face it. Dudley does not have the horse to run with that they have had in years past. There was a time when Dudley had a better bench than the average starting line up for other teams. Those days are long gone. There are very, very, very few teams for boys or girls in the area that anyone would call a great team. The NW girls are one of the few left. Dudley will have a good season. NW (if healthy) will have an excellent season.

  7. I hear you @walterjohnson but I base my opinion(which is purely my opinion) off of team and program accomplishment. Not individual player accomplishment. But since you brought it up, over the past six years let’s look at the players that have come through that Dudley program that I can remember. Maize, the Rouse sisters, Goins, Abraham, Curry, (the tall girl Carter I can’t remember her first name), Davis (the 3 point shooter), Jackson, also not to mention the players who were there to transfer out of the program. All of these college basketball players, many of them on the same team at one point or another, not to mention Harrison, and Morris who are there now. Playing a tough non conference schedule (which I will agree with). The Dudley Panthers have not made it past the 2nd round of the state tournament since the first year the new coaching staff took over. Often times losing to less talented but better coached teams in the playoffs and in conference. Again this is an opinion, but the opinion of an informed basketball enthusiast. My daughter played in guilford county back when the Dudley panthers were 3A and them and Northeast Guilford would battle year end and out and I have been keeping up with the girls and boys side of the county since then. But I remember when the Lady Panthers would walk into a gym and teams would fear them!! Now not so much. Not the same fear, not the same swagger. I hope the panthers return to prominence, I really do. I just don’t think it will be under the current leadership. No bashing just my opinion which I am entitled to give.

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