Carolina Panthers home for the NFC Playoffs and who do they play and when do they meet???

The Carolina Panthers will play their first playoff game on Sunday January 17 at 1:05pm…The Panthers will be hosting either Seattle, Green Bay or Washington at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte….Panthers with home-field advantage for the playoffs, but they will have to get past that Round One playoff first and that Seattle Seahawks matchup does not look like a piece-of-cake….That might be the team I would least want to be facing from the NFC at this current stage of the season….Panthers #1, Seattle #6, Green Bay #5, Washington #4, Minnesota #3 and Arizona #2….Here’s hoping the Panthers don’t see Seattle and Russell Wilson in Charlotte, on January 17……


After completing the 2015-16 season with a record of 15-1 – the NFL’s best – The Carolina Panthers get a bye in the first round of the NFC playoffs, and then will play at 1:05 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 17. The game will be televised by Fox.

The Panthers opponent will be the lowest-seeded team remaining in the NFC playoffs after the NFC’s wild card games are played next Sunday. If Seattle, the No. 6 seed, defeats Minnesota (No. 3), then the Panthers will play the Seahawks. But if Minnesota wins, the Panthers would play the winner of the Green Bay (No. 5) vs. Washington (No. 4) game.

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One thought on “Carolina Panthers home for the NFC Playoffs and who do they play and when do they meet???

  1. Here is what Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer is saying about the Carolina Panthers possibly meeting the Seattle Seahawks and it much like what we saying up above….

    *******Think you’ve got a Sunday off, Panthers fans? Think again.********

    It’s time for you to re-familiarize yourself with Teddy Bridgewater, Adrian Peterson, Captain Munnerlyn and the younger Kalil brother. Because on Sunday afternoon, you should be rooting hard for the Minnesota Vikings to beat Seattle.

    If the Seahawks win – and although seeded lower and on the road, they are favored over the Vikings by nearly a touchdown – they come to Charlotte to play Carolina on Jan. 17 at 1:05 p.m.

    If the Vikings win, Carolina will instead play Sunday’s Green Bay-Washington winner in that game.

    The Panthers have beaten all three of the possible opponents in their first playoff game, but they had the most difficult time with Seattle. To play the NFC team that has been to back-to-back Super Bowls isn’t much of a reward for a 15-1 Carolina team that was the class of the NFL’s regular season.

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