New News and Record High School Basketball Polls for area Boys and Girls

High Point Christian Academy, Greensboro Day School and Southwest Guilford have locked down the top three spots in the Boy’s Poll and you can see the entire Top Ten from Joe Sirera, J.P. Mundy and the area coaches when you CLICK HERE….

Check out the Girl’s Top Ten with Northwest Guilford at the #1 spot, while Southeast Guilford and Rockingham County are all tied up in the #2 position/spot….From the News and Record and their High School Sports XTRA with Joe Sirera, J.P. Mundy and area coaches and you can see all of the Top Ten for the young ladies when you CLICK HERE….


  1. How is it that both Dudley and Page beat Nothern Girls. They have lost 4 out of the last 5 games they’ve played, but they remain ranked higher than teams with better records.

    Are they still considered the elite team in the area, behind NW?

  2. The Northern girls have been without their best player sophomore Elise Cunane for 4-5 games. Shes been sitting with a bad case of plantar fasciitis. She is a 6’3″ sophomore and one of the best players in the state. She was averaging 22 points and 14 rebounds per game before getting hurt ..

  3. Rankings are arbitrary and the ones from the News and Record are always sillier than most. Heck they don’t have Bishop McGuinness ranked because their record is low from playing a brutal schedule without their center who signed with Dartmouth, but even without her they clobbered SW Guilford up 22 before putting in subs and still winning double digits. And SW Guilford is ranked 6th in the poll. I would not worry about rankings put together by one or two guys who cover high school sports beat. I doubt the coaches worry about it much.

  4. Just to clarify on the rankings, the polls are just that: polls. J.P. Mundy and I each submit a top 10, and anywhere from three to five coaches depending on the week also give us their top 10 in each of the polls (boys and girls).

    You’d be surprised at some of the top 10s we get from coaches, but they’ve often seen more teams than we have because they’re scouting when their teams aren’t playing. We appreciate their input, and their votes count just as much as my vote or J.P.’s vote.

    You also might be surprised at which coaches never vote even though we’ve asked them to participate.

    But as one commenter said, the rankings are just for discussion. The teams will sort it all out on the court in February.

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