High School Basketball Tonight for (1/8/16)

*****from Thursday:Asheboro girls 56, High Point Central 27….Asheboro boys 77, High Point Central 54*****

Greensboro Day School boys(18-3) vs. High Point Christian Academy(14-2) at Guilford College 7:30pm
Page boys(5-5/1-0) at Grimsley(8-4/1-0) 7:30pm
Vandalia Christian School boys(14-6/3-0) at Alamance Christian School(11=2/3-0) 6pm
Southwest Guilford boys(14-0) at Glenn(4-9) 7:30pm
Central Davidson girls(8-5/3-0) at Southern Guilford(10-4/3-0) 6pm
*****We put some of our bigger games at the top of our list and we will list all of the games below….We will be broadcasting the Page at Grimsley games tonight here at GreensboroSports Radio with the girls game Page at Grimsley at 6pm and the boys game to follow, here at GreensboroSports Radio…
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All games for this evening:
Page girls(8-4/1-0) at Grimsley(3-8/0-1) 6pm
Northwest Guilford girls(12-0) at Ragsdale(3-10) 6pm
Northwest Guilford boys(9-2) at Ragsdale(9-4) 7:30pm
Southeast Guilford girls(11-3/0-1) at Smith(6-9/0-1) 6pm
Southeast Guilford boys(3-11/0-1) at Smith(6-9/0-1)
Dudley girls5-6/1-0) at Southern Alamance(7-4/1-0) 6pm
Dudley boys(7-3/1-0) at Southern Alamance(4-7/0-1) 7:30pm
Southwest Guilford girls(10-4) at Glenn(9-5) 6pm
Northern Guilford girls(10-5/5-2) at Morehead(5-8/1-6) 6pm
Northern Guilford boys(9-6/5-2) at Morehead(3-8/1-5) 7:30pm
Eastern Alamance girls(13-0/7-0) at Northeast Guilford girls(7-7/3-4) 6pm
Eastern Alamance boys(11-0/7-0) at Northeast Guilford(4-9/2-5)….Can anybody stop these Eastern Alamance Eagles, the girls and the boys both still Undefeated…..
Rockingham County girls(13-2/6-1) at Eastern Guilford(9-4/4-3) 6:30pm
Rockingham County boys(5-10/1-5) at Eastern Guilford(9-4/5-2) 8pm
Western Guilford girls(2-12/0-3) at North Forsyth(2-12/0-3) 6pm
Western Guilford boys(6-8/1-2) at North Forsyth(10-5/2-1) 7:30pm
Central Davidson boys(6-7/2-1) at Southern Guilford(8-6/2-1) 7:30pm
High Point Central girls(1-10) at East Forsyth(7-5) 6pm
High Point Central boys(7-5) at East Forsyth(5-7) 7:30pm
High Point Andrews girls(8-5/1-0) at Providence Grove(4-8) 6pm
High Point Andrews boys(4-9/0-1) at Providence Grove(4-8) 7:30pm
Greensboro Day School girls(6-7) vs. High Point Christian Academy(0-3) 6pm at Guilford College’ Ragan Brown Field House
Carolina Friends girls(0-6/0-3) at Caldwell Academy(9-3/4-1) 5:30pm
Carolina Friends boys(2-7/1-3) at Caldwell Academy(2-9/0-4) 7pm
Vandalia Christian School girls(5-5/1-2) at Alamance Christian School(6-7/1-2) 3pm
Salem Baptist boys(5-14/2-5) at Westchester Country Day(9-7/4-1) 7pm

Wesleyan Christian Academy(OFF)
New Garden Friends School(OFF)

*****If we missed somebody or left a team/teams off of the list, let us know….We can edit throughout the day….*****


  1. Heard that northeast girls beat Eastern Alamance girls tonight. Andy, can you find out.

  2. GDS wins by 1. Great game. Huge crowd. College type atmosphere. Bam is a beast and HPCA played well. GDS just runs their stuff and doesn’t get rattled. They get at it defensively and they don’t back down from anyone. I love the way they play the passing lanes. Newman played a great game. Can’t wait for the rematch.

  3. Ahhh another enjoyable Page Grimsley basketball game. This beat down is becoming a weekly event.

  4. It’s amazing how Guards at HPCA can play in ACC when they can’t even score against soph high school players. The big guy is prob one of best high school players I ever seen. But bottom line Freddy J just had his guys prepared.

  5. Yess! Northeast Girls beat Eastern Alamance these score 47-41. Nichelle Jeffries finished with 24pts.

  6. By far the GDS game was decided on coaching – the ability for GDS coach to run a sufficient offense and a tough defense. HPCA has more talent than anyone around – but they lack the basketball IQ coming from the bench. There is no way I lose that game with my All American not touching the ball. Its a shame they go out and get all that talent and cant coach it. It was obvious HPCA coaches were out manned. I’m sure most would agree.

  7. It’s all about X’s and O’s! HPCA has more talent on paper but there was no adjustments and poor schemes ALL night.

  8. HPC did not lose because of coaching. They lost because their players missed too many shots and made careless turnovers. Those players need to consider what is a good shot when you have plenty of time on the clock. I am sure HPC is a much better 3 pt shooting team than what occurred tonight but when it’s not falling you need to do something different.

  9. Yes HPCA missed too many shots. But when I get back doored with lay ups over and over again you would think you would counter with a change of defense. There was no motion in HP offense- a lot of standing around. GDS there players are moving and setting picks on every offensive series. There were way too many possessions for HP that Bam don’t touch ball. How can you go down floor and the ball not at least touch his hands makes no sense. Were all great coaches from sideline – but sometimes you have to call out the obvious

  10. Who are the coaches on Freddie’ bench? The one guy Freddy must trust because I see him calling out defenses and offenses. Freddy has done this for 30 years just win season after season. I always hear the excuse they have 5th year starters. The team that played tonight has ZERO SENIORS. Watch out Greensboro

  11. Accountability, obviously you are in denial or were not at the game. It’s funny how these private school ” recruiters and AD’s” can coach a lick! Freddy know he’s coaching against YMCA Hot Hoops coaches…g

  12. HPC CommunityCollege needs to get real coaches. HC needs to hire real coaches and leave those kids at home. Once that happens they will flourish.

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